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Yet another project

Added: Saturday, June 25th 2022 at 11:15pm by Zoey-Mae
Related Tags: painting, kids, grandmother

Today I started yet another project 😀.

My granddaughter loves dolls and since I gave her a cradle to take home, I went back over to my favorite junk store and got a double wide rocking chair 😁 dolly size! 

I told lil'Lizzy that I was gonna paint it. She looks up at me with these killer blue eyes and says "Pink Grammy please paint it Pink!"

So I had to prime it in white and I need more of that but I got plenty of bubble gum pink paint.

I think she'll love it.

I'll post picks up later. 

User Comments

l think she will love it too :-)

Thanks! I started priming it in white and I'm glad I did because its gonna need a second coat. 

I think she's going to love it too. What little girl who loves dolls wouldn't want one? And bubble gum pink sounds like a good choice.

Here's an idea. Why not paint a few small flowers (like you put in your paintings) on the wide part of the backrest? On the arm rests too. Maybe in white or in lavender with some green leaves. 

We are so on the same page LOL I already have a dark pink, red and green paint for that already!

How sweet!!

Thanks! :)

Good Morning Sis. Zoey-Mae, pink?????

So it is double wide, just enough room for the cabbage patch dolls if you remember them?

Have a blessed day. Bro. Doc

I'm guessing two of the larger size ones. Though she dosn't own any of those. She could also add in a few Barbies too lol

Barbies, don't seem to be very cheap. They seem to be pricey by what I see in price.

I guess you could do Raggied Ann & Andy. Which my Sister had. 

But it is nice too have. Bro. Doc

She and I already have some dolls and the Barbies we get are not the collector kind so I can got her one for about 8.00 for her birthday and then we make cloths for them lol

Now, talk about $$$ Raggie Ann and Andy are sold at Cracker Barrel and they are Very expensive because they are Vintage toys now lol So, those won't happen till she is older and its Christmas time :)

They are not hard to make. My Mother made a pair for my sister, and they look very much like the real ones. I don't know if they still have patterns around for them or not?? Bro. Doc

Pink is a great color for a dolly rocker.  Much better than black or scarlet or rainbow....  :D

I agree. My daughter is raising her to be a traditional little girl. They go to a very conservative Baptist church, so they encourage that there also.

And I don't have a problem with that. Little kids don't need to have things complicated at that age so if she wants pink- pink is it is LOL 

I happen to be rather traditional too. If people wanna do something else- that is between them and God, just keep me and mine out of the battle zone. {#basic-laugh.gif}

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