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Added: Monday, May 23rd 2022 at 6:47pm by Zoey-Mae
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So, I've been busy with our new house. still unpacking LOL put its at a steady pace. And I have finished doing some stained glass for my frontroom window panes. They are up and pictures will be coming soon.

I bought my 1st large plant in my life. I got the most beautiful Lilac and planted it in front. Looks awesome! There is a plant in on the corner of the house are and at 1st I thought it was a Magnolia, and then it started to bloom and but after seeing the blooms I thinking it maybe an Azalea or a Rhododendron. 

So, on the inside the house, I have been working on the bathroom. I want to turn my very blue tub into a walk in tub (they have kits for that) but that will have to wait but in the mean time, in this  very narrow bathroom.

I have ripped out a useless cupboard above the toilet and the broken medicine cabinet only to find a huge hole in the wall that was once an inset for a much older medicine cabinet but it was now being used to house wiring for grounded outlet, and the lights.

So, after a thin board and a LOT of spackle, The holes are no more. Now, all I have to do is prep the room for painting. Masking off and covering everything I don't want painted.

The color choices have been a bit of a challenge. My goal in decorating and working on this house is to honor the 1949's age but also brighten and liven it to function in 2022.

Like all this restoring videos I have been watching, you start tearing into stuff, the house starts telling is secrets. The walls have had three colors of paint.

The bathroom has had at least three colors. Blue to match the tub, then orange... as in seriously dark 1960's orange. Then more recently for that more Modern Industrial look, ever shiny Ductape Gray.

I will never get Modern Industrial in a home setting. I took interior design and I get trends and all that but that one is just wrong on so many levels. 

I don't know about you guys but Industrial is not something I want in my bathroom LOL.

So, my looking at several walls of paint chips/swatches whatever ya wanna call um, and having some conversations with my husband... 

I got it narrrowed it down to two. A soft peach and powder blue got samples to slap in the wall and test out. 

I got it picked out and when to the store only to forget the sheet with the paint sample listed on it LOL.

So I just winged it. I got something close and even a I like even better. I'll keep it a secret till I get it all done but here is a couple of pics for fun till then :)

Wanna guess which one I picked?


Well... got have a pciture of the Furbaby! LOL Can she get any sweeter? 

User Comments

Hi Sis. Zoey-Mae, I hope you picked the blue, but I really think you did the yellow.

Where I was before I came back to the home I grew up in, everything in the duplex was yellow, so I am not much of a yellow fan now.

In 1949 they still had really nice bathtub. I am not much of a fan for a walk in tube.

Here I still have the 1958 tub that came with the house. And in fact the whole bathroom is just the way it was in 1958 I mean built, nothing has been changed.

Just paint. 

Take care and have fun. Bro. Doc

The tub kit is because the tub is deep and really hard to step into. My husband is very unstable in his movements because of serious health issues. So instead of ripping it out and replacing it with a shower, it's cheaper and easier to alter the side of the tub. But that is still gona have to wait for a while.

The rest is coming along slowly, tomorrow is my last day of work (retirering) and I'lll have more time to work with it.

The reveal will happen when I get it all done. Thanks!

Sis. Zoey-Mae, do you have a company call Bath Fitters there? When I lived elsewhere before I got the family home. They did all the bath units for the cmplex and I think they may have what you want.

Your not old enough to retire?

I will be 68 in July and still am going strong preaching and teaching and running the Organization.

Retirement is when I can do my work.

I have been in the Ministry 46 yrs and if I live till my Dad's age 88, and still can do the work I was called too. I will have been in the Ministry 66 yrs.

Congrats to you for being able to retire at a young age Sis. Zoey-Mae.

Take care. Bro. Doc

I think we might have a Bath Fitters here but my Godmother from church is a general contractor and she is going to be helping us later this summer.

I turn 62 this Friday- the 27th.  I can take an early retirement and bring more money into our home then while I'm working now.

Plus, because of my husbands health, I want to enjoy as much time with him as I can.

I will, most likely get more active in our church. I belong to a quilters guild group there already and now that I will be free during the week I might join the choir or a lady's group. :) 

Church ministry is something I would never want to retire from either LOL. It's always a blessing and joy to work for the Lord and I know you must feel the same!

When you retire early Sis. Zoey-Mae you will lose momey out of your SSI and it is a lot. 

While all you want to do is good, but can you afford to lose about 500 a month if you retire early?

A woman who is a General Contractor. I know they are licensed at least I think for certify for doing plumbing.

I don't know about your state but here, when you do remodeling everything thing from plumbing to tile to the rest of a bathroom has to have a certified number from say a plumber or one that does tile etc. Maybe their a Certified General Contractor falls in the same field the do here.

I personally think they want a lot of certification that is not necessary.

My Father in the day redid the fuse box and put in one that was switches and not fues.

Hopefully a General Contractor  can do the same they do here and certify most things with their contractors number. Nice you have her.

I really thought Sis. Zoey-Mae you were still in the 50 's for age. And by the time you turn that age I will be 68 and 6 yrs older than you. Bro. Doc

LOL I'm 62 as of May 27th. And I can retire and I have already been approved to collect SSI. In Ohio, you don't loose any money, they just pay it out in slightly smaller amounts so it will last over a longer period of time. I have no intentions of waiting till I'm 70 to apply cause I may not live that long. 

My hours in the last 2 yrs have been very low but on SSI I will be reciveing more $s then what I would be bringing home from work.

I also want to retire to spend time with my husband who is in poor health.

And why would you think just because my Godmother is a female that she would not be a General Contrator? A woman can do any kind of job she wants. This is not 1950 ya know LOL

At this point it's neither here nor there because we have to wait awhile before we can have any of that done any way. 

If I could have waited until I was 65 Sis. Zoe-Mae, I would have not lost 500 dollars a month.

But I was on Disability and still working Ministry. When I hit 62 I was forced to go to SSI retired.

Lost 500 a month. Your income is based on how much you put into the system.

If I had been able to do that I would be getting more.

Again your SSI will be based on how much you put into Social Security.

I am not saying she couldn't but it is rare that a female is a General Contractor. This is what I was trying to say.

Because here in our County we have no women as General Contractors, not because they don't want too be I suppose, but because they never applied or done the testing etc. Bro. Doc

I'll bet you went with the peach color for bathroom. Does it get natural light through a window?  

Have fun unpacking ;)

Now that I got that cupboard out of there, it gets lots of natural light! Prep and priming are next. The reveal will come with pics. 

The unpacking is getting more fun. I will have a yard sale after the unpacking. What don't need or can't fit in the house is going LOL So, its more like sorting now. :)

I vote peach!  I'm with you on the industrial look for a home.   Yuck.  Sounds like you are having a great time making this a home.  Enjoy!

:) Yes, its getting more fun as I go along!

When workers started tearing the old siding off our house (so they could install the new siding) they found a doorway we didn't know was there. And when we tore the old stair treads off to install new ones, we found a perfectly good chisel some workman had probably lost hiding underneath one of them. And then when I was redoing the shelves in the upstairs bathroom, I found a Mercury dime. Yes, it is weird what you'll find when you redo an old house. 

Oh, and I'm so glad things are going so well for you in your new house.

Wow what cool finds! It's funny, after I planted my Lilac out front, I ran across a old picture of the house online and there was a plant much like mine right where I put it Great minds think alike LOL

Thanks! I hope you are enjoying working on you're house too! I think its even more fun when it's close to done and you can start decorating again.

That's what I love most! :)

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