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Things you find and things ya don't

Added: Thursday, June 30th 2022 at 8:27am by Zoey-Mae
Related Tags: china, mysteries

Those who go "antiquing" or as I like to call it- "Junking," often run across things that are intersting in more ways then one.

That's one the main reasons why people go do this, is because its like going on a scavanger hunt- you never know what your gonna find.

It's as fun to me as going to JoAnn's and looking at all the quilting fabric lol (my winter addiction) 

So, when searching for old plates to make my plate flowers I ran across a plate (and bought that second) That made in my home town of Akron, Ohio.

Back in the day, Akron had a wonderful creative life. They were the homes to all the major rubber companies, Blimps, Quaker Oats, O'Neil's Comp.

Ohio seems to have made so many awesome things- Fenton and Fostoria Glass and pottery/china wares. Shenango China was even shipped to the White House for the Roosevelts.

Back to my plate find. I ran across this plate that was made from a company called Citro. It has "guaranteed" 22 K gold lace printed on its edge with a colonial couple dancing in the middle of the plate LOL.

The plate I got for 25 cents is what is known as a "Second." That is because it has a flaw in the gold lace. 

I thought it was odd, growing up in Akron that I had never seen nor heard of Citro before and I did some Googling to find it. The only thing I found were some places like Esty where they were being sold for around 5.00 a plate.  

So, I have  a mystry on my hands. Below, you will see a picture of said plate from this mystrious company and I'll just put it out there- if you know anything about this Citro company- Please leave a comment. I'd love to know more of it. :) Thanks!



User Comments

That is pretty.

Thanks! :)

I see Sis. Zoey-Mae that ebay has thing from this company for sale. Maybe they can tell you something? Bro. Doc

I kinda looked into but they didn't seem to know much either lol

Only thing I learned was that Citro was the last name of a person. Didn't find out much.

I forgot to go to Wikipedia and see if they had any information. 

Lots of this old table plates etc. have dates on them. At least my blue willow does.

It may tell how old it is.

I suppose an antique store that does dishe etc. Might have an answer for you.

Hope you find out something. Bro. Doc

I found lots of places that sell them and I did try Wikipedia and they knew nothing either. lol

If you know the name of place they were made, you might call the local Historial Society, they could have information.

Hope you might find out something. Bro. Doc

Thanks! :)

Your welcome. Bro. Doc

That's a pretty plate. It looks like something my mother would collect. She always seemed to go for those people in hoop skirts and powdered wigs. She even had some porcelain figures like that ... that she picked up in antique shops or second hand stores. 

Some of those porcelain figurines can be worth a lot. The ones from Royale Dalton are worth a lot. 

I am looking for just for a flowery look so I can make them into garden art. :)

But, that being said, I did run across a serving plate that I love and will use as a cake plate. It is by Fenton Glass company. It's a ruffled moon stone hobnail serving plate and it's really pretty. 

Ya never know what ya might find out there!

That's why I have such a hard time passing up yard sales. LOL

lol I love those too. I'm very careful with those when it comes to anything electronic or fabric. Electronic I leave sit and anything that is cloth goes into a sealed bag till I can get it washed. Had a friend of mine found bugs in something she got and she warned me about that. So, I always wash stuff before it comes in the house.

Don't wanna get more than I bargained for lol

Unfortunately, to get rid of something like lice or bedbugs you have to use really HOT water (even if the label says to use cold). And then dry them in a HOT dryer. When we had bedbugs I had to wash my cotton jeans in hot water. That was "fun," LOL, (because jeans ... or anything made of cotton ... tend to SHRINK.) 

oooh yikes! They can be very insidious.

I suppose, with a little stretching of the definition one may correctly call it a junket - since you're now getting a regular gvmt cheque to cover trips and whatever else now....hmmm?  

(I like Hunter-Gathering too)

Junket is the 1st name brand of gelatin... The precursor to Jello lol. But these $s are coming from my dividends from 1/16th of an oil share I have in Texas lol. I inherited it from my Grandfather from 100yrs ago. Lol it doesn't payout much and totally undependable for bills so I use it for my junking habit...oooh maybe I better go back to the word Junket ROFLOL 😆


Very interesting read but nothing about Citro lol.

Intersting side-note, the house where I was raised is where the Emerald Necklace Park system is now. In the valley below our house there was a huge, long strech of land that was nothing but grey clay. Us kids would go hicking down there and bring some clay home in ziplock bags to play with.

Awesome memories. 

Yes, that valley had a ton of memories for us kids. There was a gravel road that ran the length of the gorge, right to the Cuyahoga River that was owned by Ohio Edison. And was the divide between North Hill and Cuyahoga Falls.

It was also a maintenance road for the major powerlines (on telephone poles) for Akron.

And made a great place to hike and play was a kid. My parents property ran clear down to that road too. Our house was build by my grandfather, right into the top edge of that gorge.

Whatever carved out that valley, back in the day, not only left a huge bank of clay but on the other end of that road was a hill made of soft white sand. The rest of the area was trees and over growth. 

Of course now that area is part of a new park system called the Emerald Necklace.

Armed with blankets and sandtoys our moms would take us there to play in the sand, like going to a beach with no water lol. There were old grape vines we would swing on like Tarzan and along the road was a huge wall of blackberrys that came out in late summer that we would pick by the bowls full.

The valley was very jungle like and every kid in our neighborhood loved it. We had nicknames for those places. The sandhill was called Old Baldy and the clay ridge was called Devil's Backbone. lol There was a house build down lower into the gorge bank on one end. And was empty for the longest time. Every kid had a story about that place and it being haunted of course. Probaby started by some parent to keep us kids from going in and getting into trouble.

Well this turn out a lot longer that I planned LOL Thanks for reading my childhood lol

Those are memories to cherish. 

I think so too! :)

Greetings from Lake County, just about an hour north of Akron/Canton.


I know nothing about Citro, though I am an avid plate collector. Mostly I just collect what appeals to me.   Your plate is lovely!

That's what I like to do. I found one the other day that had a small chip on the edge and the edge had gold trim. I went over to the dollar store and got one of those gold paint pens. That fixed it so well you can't even tell!


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