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The last block to be prepped for sewing

Added: Monday, July 8th 2019 at 5:43pm by Zoey-Mae
Related Tags: quilts, quilting

This is the last one to be prepped. The sewing will begin soon.

This is a Bird of Paradise. I was specaily trained in Exotic flowers like this one when I was in the floral biz. :)

It has some detail stitching to do - that is why it has a while taylor's mark on the leave.

User Comments

Love the colors.

Thank you! I found some wonderful pictures on Google to use as a pattern. I think they are pretty too. :)

That looks hard too me. Bro. Doc

This is actually very easy. The straight lines are easier to see then curved ones. And knowing where to sew is a matter of numbering the pieces. You start at the very bottom level and sew each one in order. :)

For one that only sews buttons on things this would be hard. Bro. Doc

This is true! But if u had the right supplies u could learn if u were interested. :) The roses that I'm working on today... Now those are more fiddly. Lots of curves but if its prepared well sewing them later is much easier. :)

Me? I don't have enough time to do something life this Sis. Zoey-Mae. I have a couple of other hobbies and plenty of other things too keep me very busy. I am sure it is easy for those that sew lots. But for one like I said that sew buttons and mend seams or pant lengths, that is all I know. Someone else better than me can do it. And that is you. Bro. Doc

This looks so good.  You nailed this Bird of Paradise down to a tee!  Its going to look so beautiful!

I finished this block yesterday. I used orange thread for the top stitching... :) I had to be very careful sewing because contrasting colors show Everything. But when done right it adds detailing that looks awesome. You're gonna love it! Lol :)

I may just love it more than you do Zoey, lol!

Very nice choice of fabrics

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