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stormed out

Added: Tuesday, June 21st 2022 at 7:05am by Zoey-Mae
Category: About Me
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So I've been away for a little while. We had a tiwister come through our area and our power was out for a time. And since we have a well that meant no water or toilet.

Not fun! But ours came back on after a day... some have been out over a week and some are still out.

No trees down in our yard but some places had it really bad. Was glad I retired because the tornado dropped just south of Cracker Barrel where I worked. Ripped up a lot of trees at Mohican State Park, and parts of it was closed for a while. Some of the trails are still being worked on.

On the brighter side we had a nice Father's day for my husband and son in-law. The weather for that was beautiful! Had a nice cook out in the backyard and the kids played, eat a fun lunch and made somores. We have a nice fire ring and we plan on working to make it more useable later on.

Hope you are all doing well with the weather. Will chat more later. Have a great day!

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Good Morning Sis. Zoey-Mae, my cousin had the power off a few times and he has well. So he got a generator to run the well, and he is never without water. Because where he is it takes about 4 days to get power, and he has one for electric also. That might work for you for the water at least. Hope you are doing well besides that problem you had.? Bro. Doc

Yes, all problems are gone and I'm fine. Our house is really well made. For the 1st in years, I was in a house during a severe storm and the windows didn't rattle with the thunder. I had no idea it was storming that bad, till I looked out the window. 

Good Morning Sis. Zoey-Mae, what I have learned about homes made in your time period and mine 1958 they were built better, and they didn't have rattling Windows unless the putty in the window was worn out.

I am happy that you have a nice home to live your golden years, and enjoy and not have to pay rent, just the up keep, taxes, homeowner insurance and things like that. Bro. Doc

The taxes and insurance (at a fixed rate) is included in the morgage. So that makes it easy 🙂

And yes, you're right, everything was built better than. Pride of workmanship, pride of ownership. 

That's why we love this house. I guess I'm old fashioned, I love a house that looks like a home and a church with stuff like stained glass and doesn't look like a warehouse lol.


Good Morning Sis. Zoey-Mae, that must be something only your state or one of the few that have all that into one mortage payment.

Here you pay property tax to the County, and Home Owners insurance to a Company. I use GEICO because I get a better break when the car and house insurance is under the same insurance.

We have about a half block down the street where houses were built in the 70's and 80's and they are not built as good as mine built in 1958.

There are lots of Assemblies that do not have stainglass windows because they cost so much anymore.

When our building was built in 1930 those that had the building could not afford those kind of windows. There is a special kind of material that you can buy and cover the windows to look like stainglass. Someone before we got the building did it, and it has been on the windows at least I am told 50 yrs.

Our building was built with a steeple for a bell, and we still have one up there.

Before we had a live in fire department, they use to also ring the bell to summon the firemen for a fire.

But I personally think a Religious Building (Assembly) should look like an Assembly, not the way they look now. Bro. Doc

It is common here in Ohio to have everything figured into the morgage payment. And we made it really easy on our selves getting into our home. We have a financial advisor through our bank for free. He handles all of our retirement funds. Our bank has its own broker and she had a friend who she works with who is a real estate agent. And because we were willing to work with all of them together, they found us the home of our dreams at a price we could afford and worked with the sellers to get it to a price the bank was happy to finance. 

I think a lot of has to do with the type of bank you go through. Some banks focus their interests towards Corporations and others towards the private sector lol. That makes a huge difference on how the treat their customers and what they offer them for services.

It sure works different there. My parts had the house payments one place, the home owners insurance another, and the tax payment yearly too the County.

I wonder which is cheaper, yours or what people do here.

Since I don't have any house payments, all I know is what the home owners insurance and the taxes are. Bro. Doc

Well, all I know is when we rented we paid rent all the utilities and renters insurance, here we have no water bill and one payment that covers all but utilities and it's about $300.00 cheaper each month. It's about location, timing of the market and a whole lot of prayer.☺️

I had never heard of the way you do it.

Here if your buying a home, you make a house payment one place. Homeowners insurance to an insurance company, water & garbage to the city, and electric to a company that does that.

Since I don't have to pay pay a house payment don't have to be concerned with that.

So I wonder how the Realtor gets his share every month for selling you the house? Bro. Doc

Oh my goodness!  Glad you are ok, and able to enjoy a nice Father's Day.   I was still sick on Father's Day, so we had to cancel our plans. 

Yes we are all fine thanks! So sorry to hear that you were sick. I hope you're feeling better now!

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