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Spaz Tracks

Added: Sunday, February 16th 2020 at 8:59am by Zoey-Mae
Related Tags: animals, photography

So my little chipmunk friend, Spaz, has made an appearance! There is something amusing about his little footprints in the snow...

I put a little piece of a cookie out there the other day and its all gone. lol

He's most likely back inside trying to keep warm.

User Comments

or underneath your kitchen floorboards looking for some more cookies ~ lol


lol Not if he knows what's good for him. I have a cat that would turn him into a "Cat chip cookie" in about three seconds. :)

well he has made it this far so i think he figured that out ~ lol


you're cookies are safe

lol that's ok anyway. I don't mind sharing :) 

Image result for chip and dale gif

LOL I love these guys hehehehe

Maybe Sis Zoey-Mae maybe there is a hole there you don't see because the snow is covering it. Bro. Doc

Maybe! :)

One will not know until the snow melts. Bro. Doc

How sweet!  We fed a little chipmunk today.  He was too shy to stay and get his picture taken.   He grabbed the food and ran!

Thanks! They r very camera shy...And so very fast!



Chipmunks can be adorable. We use to see them all the time up at my paps camp. We had tons of squirrels here but there have been hawks and we haven't been seeing the bunnies or squirrels lately. 

yes, once you get the prey in (like hawks or cats) the little guys go into hiding.

It was a very warm day today in a week full of cold ones and when I went to pick up my grandson for school, I saw a skunk walk across thier front yard. It was a good sized one too. Big fluffly black tail with the also traditional white stripedown it and his back lol.

I just pulled in to a space in front of the house and I was like "Please!! don't spray my car!!" LOL

lol glad he didn't spray you/or the car. Man that will stink for awhile. We've had to run over parts on the road of skunk on highway cause you can't move over (cars) and ugh! stinks forever.

I agree! The stink is nasty stuff lol. 

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