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New Stuffz (pics)

Added: Wednesday, September 11th 2019 at 9:01am by Zoey-Mae
Related Tags: art, artists, watercolor

Nothing is more exciting to an artist than new art supplies! Even more so when you get them cheap. I got a new brush... been looking for one of these for some time. It is a stiff (hog's hair type) of brush that is just the right size and shape for what I like to paint.

I also got a art pad by Canson. They make wonderful paper and are the distributers of Arches (the really good stuff.)

I have never used a spiral pad before and this one is of mixed media (cause I might do something crazy new LOL) It's 5.5x8.5 in. so it can travel with it. Gotta Love JoAnn's coupon app! :)

I don't think I have ever mentioned this before but I have a mini memory book that I paint in. Everytime I do something new I make a mini of it in my book. The book is 1.5x2.5 in. so its very small and the paper is thin. Which makes for a challenge sometims but its fun.

Now for some pics...

The Mission's Window

Above is my 1st painting in my new pad notebook :) 

I also bought a new Fat Quarter of fabric... hehehe :)

I thought I showed great restraint at the store. If I had a million dollars I'd by all of JoAnn's and Blick's store content. I'm sure they's give me a bulk discount ROFLOL 

Ok so one can dream right? And artists tend to dream a LOT LOL at least this one does.

Been toying with the idea of doing a "Pour" wonder if I can set it up to do it on paper instead of canvas? hmmmm....

I think I have hit my limit on Dan what's his name that I get emails from. He is trying to sell an e book on watercolor painting and I have been getting his "helpful hints" in my email. Which for a while was ok.

But I think he has run out of ideas because he keeps posting up stuff to inspire you and help you from some other guy that I've never heard of that is older than dirt and all that guy painted in was oils... which is a lot different that watercolors.

I get emails from Winsor-Newton and even though they send you a huge sampling of stuff they have vidios that are wonderful and their products are good (expensive but good) And for some reason I find them so much more inspiring.

I hope you all have an AAD kinda day (Awesome Art Day) LOL 

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Thank you!!!! :)

I like it all... {#dancing6.gif}

Thank you very much!!!! :)

Very nice Sis. Zoey-Mae. You can always unscribe to the email. Bro. Doc

Thank you!!! I proabby will unsubscribe. I was really hoping that it would get better but by now I kinda doubt it. :) 

Somethings are not always as they seem. Bro. Doc

This is soo true! 

I don't known if your like me, you get enough stuff in email. Lot of it belongs in spam. So I just unscribe, because some of it I never asked for. Bro. Doc

Very nice indeed!

Thank you very much!!!! Hope you have an awesome day! :)

Enjoy the rest of your day also  :)

Congratulations Zoey for superb presentations. All a real pleasure to thoroughly enjoy.

Wow! Thank you very much!!! And thanks for stoping by :)

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