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New Project/ New Art

Added: Saturday, May 7th 2022 at 8:52am by Zoey-Mae
Related Tags: windows, art

Our new house has something awesome, a very large picture window in the living room and it has a vertical row of 4 window panes on either side of it, that kind of mimick shutters. 

I just happen to have two very beautiful stained glass pane that I want to hang in those panes but that leaves me with 6 other panes to fill. \

Now I have a couple of small suncatchers hiding out in a box somewhere in our packing nightmare in the garage that I have yet to find. And upon looking on line, I have yet to find something even close to what I want in a price range I can afford.

So, I'm think about getting some cheap frames from the dollar store and try my hand at painting/staining a couple. 

I also thought about getting some glue and sea glass and maybe doing a glass mosaic and see how that goes.

This is a new area of art for me and I'm sure my painting skills will come in handy but, I want it to look nice not "kids arts and crafts" like if ya know what I mean. 

Two of the bottom most panes I thought about hanging strands of my beaded curtain jewlry. But again this is in the front of my house. It has to look really good before I go at it. LOL

This is in the planning stages so will see what happens. I got my one stained glass pane from Cracker Barrel, it would be Soooo nice if they would get some more in. Then I could use my discount before I retire lol. (I'm really gonna miss that discount) 

Please mention any ideas you my have in the comment section below and we will chat more later! :)

User Comments

We love stained glass!

Awesome! one is done and I have two to go. 

Will try and get some pictures soon. 

Sounds like an interesting project!  It'll be fun to see what you end up doing. 

One is a "welcome sign" I went to Hobby Lobby and got some supplies.

I got this stick on mirror that is just tht right size that says Welcome. I also got a bag of glass "gems". Those are precut and polished pieces of colored glass.

The one i got has greens and yellows, in the shape of small triangles.  I made them into ferns along the bottom of the pane and uses some others around the top. Not too bad for a 1st try. lol


I've considered using modpodge and colored tissue paper for a stained glass effect, finished with polyurethane to protect it when done.

I've done that before with decorating a box for my scrapbook. Works great on cardboard, be intersting to see what its like on glass. 

I might try that will thinned clear glue just so I know it will try without any hase. :) 

That's all modpodge seems to be anyway, thinned elmers glue.  But even if just doing the inside of a window it will have to be protected from moisture and condensation somehow.

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