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New Major Project

Added: Thursday, August 4th 2022 at 10:12am by Zoey-Mae
Related Tags: bath, painting, building

When we bought our home back in Dec of this year, we knew there was a few little tweeks that it was gonna need. 

The most important and expensive one was a bathroom remodel. We have only one bathroom and it had a deep soaker tub. Which I would have loved about 20 some years ago but now its like hard for me to get into and near impossible for my husband to use.

And who paints a bathroom Duck Tape Grey? YIKES! So, I found a company that specailizes in refitting bathrooms to make them safe and easy to use. 

I may have mentioned this before when I was planning on painting. The painting got put on hold till we got the tub replaced with a walk in shower. 

Good News- We had planned on them coming to do the remodel on Aug 17th but they had an opening yesterday so they came out yesterday and started. That was demo day.

Talk about LOUD lol. today is not much better but now they are puttin in the new stuff and they hope to be done today too. Which means, as soon as they are done I can start painting. Which will take another couple of days. 

I have to prime it 1st in white and then its gonna get (spoiler alert) a soft orange sherbet color! Its really pretty and lite and will look great with the new surround.

So, pictures. I have a few so far...

This is the Before shot. And yup, I think the tub was original to the house LOL the flooring was new and the sink counter top was newer.

and this is what it looks like as of end of day yesterday...

The Tub is history! This young guy has the muscule of Atlas - he hiked that whole thing out of the house by him self! In fact he has done all the work by himself. 

The nice part is that they do all the work and it is guaranteed for life- right down to the last nut, bolt and shower head!

And Yes I will have pics when its all done! I can't wait for it to be done.  I got a new mirror that tips so you can see in it easier - a floating shelf and all kinds of white shabby sheek useable decor! 



User Comments

Where I live to sell a house it must have a bathtub, so if a walk in shower is put in, it must be replaced with a tub if you only have one bathroom.

At least my place has two bathrooms and one has a walk in shower and the other a tub.

Both need to be remodeled as does the kitchen. I've should have done it all 18 years ago when I moved in, now I could care less how it all looks. 

Plus 18 years ago I would have gotten my monies worth by now for what it would have cost. Now it would be even higher, and I don't see myself living here another 20 years to enjoy any remodel.

Good luck with yours.

If you decide that you want to do an easy kitchen makeover, if you're thinking of sell at some point, here are a couple of ideas.. 


Change the cupboard knobs. Give it a good clean and paint or just paint the cupboards. 

Change the light fixture. If it's a bathroom, same and get the towel racks ect, to match. 

Change the curtains. Any or all of these can give a room a lift. I rented for over 40 yrs and was very limited to what I was aloud to do and who wants to sock $$s into something not urs? Lol 

Good luck with urs too 🙂






Yes last Dec you got the house 2021 and in 4 month or almost you will have it one year. Did Bathfitters come and do your bathroom tub. Maybe not, because bathfitter can replace a new tub over the old one with splash board attached. They did it too all the Duplexes where I lived before. It takes them one day to replace and it looks great and you would never know they fit a bathtube over the old one. And you get it in 5 different colors. All the duplexes were a pale yellow as the bathroom was a med. yellow. Glad you got it done. Gray is not such a bad color for a bathroom, if it was Military gray and paint that will last forever, and then you could have used white drapes and shower curtain or rsed, or blue. Bro. Doc

We had a company that rips it all out to the studs and puts in new walls, plumbing for the fixtures and it is guaranteed for life. 

The sink and toilet are new and so is the floor, so they stay. And if ur a guy, or in ur 20's grey is ok but not in my bathroom lol and I put up with apartment eggshell for toooo many years. It's getting some seriously pretty color lol

Bathfitters can do that too. I am happy with my 1958 bathroom, It still has the original toilet, rtub and sink and counter with the draws and the linen cabinet. My bathroom is two shades of blue.

I hope the husband loves the colors for your bathroom.? Bro. Doc

by the way the bath tub is a 1958. I have on that looks just like it. I wish I had room for a claw bath tub there is lots of room in it. Bro, Doc

He loves it. He helped pick it out! :)

Ok! While it maybe a nice color for some, I would have trouble wanted it here. I don't know lol, what you do with a person like me.

Nice thing about my countertop in my bathroom it is long and I have two cupboards under , a draw on the left and 3 big draws on the right side. The whole countertop is 5 ft long. 

But as long as you both like the colors for the bathroom that is GREAT!! Bro. Doc

Everyone has there own taste in colors, thats why God makes rainbows in many colors and not just one :)

This is very true. But I am into just plain colors.

This is why living room, dinning room and hall way are light tan. And when they were repainted last year they were paintd the same color, because I saved because I didn't have to epaint the ceiling.

It is nice that we all like different colors because it would be boring if we all liked the same color. bro. Doc

Plain colors? What in the world are Plain colors? 

I know Primary, Secondary, Pastel, Neon, Metalic, Glitter and Glow in the Dark. 

I'm an Artist what is are these Plain Colors of which you speak? {#artist.gif}{#rofl.gif}

lol, red, white,m blue, green, yellow. Or should I have said solid colors lol.  Bro. Doc

Ok the colors you mentioned our Primary colors. All the colors I mentioned are solids since I'm not painting in strips or poke a dot lol

but I get it. You are, to your core an old fashioned traditionalist. And there's nothing wrong with that 🙂


Yes, I understand that. But when I said plain, I was meraning just run of the mill colors,

Yes, I am even called that as a Preacher. lol. Bro. Doc

Soft orange sherbert  :D    You're gonna love it! 

(How's the garden?)

Well... The beds in front look awesome, the garden has 4ft. Weeds. Which will get chopped this fall. I will layer it with garden cloth/ plastic and a thick layer of cardboard. Then come spring mulch and seeds. 

I didn't do anything to it because I did know when the earth had its last Sabbath rest. You get a much better yeild if you do Biblical gardening. Sounds hyper spiritual but really makes a difference.

Well, wouldn't hurt to add autumn compostables

But seems you're on the right track for bounteous gardening

I did that one year in another garden of mine. I planted bush beans and at the end of the season, I turned them under. They pull little out of the soil and when you trim them under there put back a lot of nitrogen and other good stuff. :)



Hi there. :)

I love the orange sherbert idea!  Do you mind if I ask how much this tub to shower remodel will cost?  I need to have it done.

It depends on a lot of things. What things u want or need done. What surround type, size, hardware and who u have do it. We went with Leaf Safety bath. They can give u quotes. 

There are cheaper ways to do. Like a "chuck and a pickup truck" but there is little recourse if they screw it up. Get it all in writing. Don't pay anything more than a down payment or they could take ur money and run.

If they are not licensed forget it. And over see what they do. Watch some of those demo-reno shows on HGTV. You'll learn a lot. 

Our cost covers any possible hidden issues, like if they tear into the floor and it has dry rot. Ours did not. But stuff like that happens and it costs more with other companies. So see what all is covered. What inspections and permits need filed. Ours was a simple tub out shower in so we didn't need that but every county is different. 

Doing your homework will save you on so many levels.

The walk-in shower was much cheaper than a walk in tub. We did not have a door added because it the floor has a lip and we have a bulkhead that is arched we didn't wanna lose. 

To demo that and add a door would have really jacked up the price.

We are talking over 10,00.00 for what we had done. But like I said, it covers Everything forever too.

I think ours was between 12-1300.00

Thank you for that information. 

You're very welcome 😁

That's a beautiful tub. Wish I had it in my house. I LOVE the color but you're right about the walls. Gray! Yuck! But the floor looks like the one we put in our kitchen. Same color and everything. (Ours floats it isn't stuck down to the floor by anything). Does yours?)

Our bathroom floor is tiled and it's stuck on so tight an earthquake couldn't move it lol. 

I'm wondering what is under yours. Never heard of one floating before.

Our new floor is floating over our old floor so if we ever decide to change it all we have to do is roll it up and carry it out like a rug. It fits under the mopboards by about 1/4" and is loose all around so it can move. But I never notice it moving. We bought ours at Home Depot. 

Wow what an interesting idea 😊

I'm so excited for you!  I remember how I felt moving in here, nine years ago, and there's really no describing it.  Can't wait to see the pics of the new shower and the completed bathroom.  I need (errr, make that want) to repaint everything inside here but it will have to wait a bit.  I should have left it white, like it was when I bought it, but I wanted color.  Now I feel like I'm living in a basket of Easter eggs and want to tone it down again, lol!

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