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more memories and another painting

Added: Tuesday, December 3rd 2019 at 6:51am by Zoey-Mae
Related Tags: christmas, watercolor, painting

If you decorate a tree every year at Christmas time then I bet you have some favorite ornaments. I have three. A large blue one with yellow poka-dots. It was the very 1st ornament I put on our tree. I remember my dad saying I could pick out any one that I wanted to and when I found this one- He lifted me up so I could hang it right in the middle of the tree. 

Now before I continue there is something I need to tell you. My family celebrates Christmas not Yule Tide. The tree we have is evergreen as a rememberance of God's ever lasting love for us that He'd send His only son to us on Christmas. 

It has also become a memory tree of all this celebrations through the years with the decorations. 

One small set of glass ornaments came from Germany during WW2. My grandmother had a brother stationed over there during the war and sent her the set as a Christmas present.

Well everyone was breaking up and throwing way all their stuff from Germany because of the war. My grandmother didn't have the heart to because they came from her brother.

And because of her love, I have them today and so does each one of my children.

The next one of my favs. is a pink one that I loved to put on our tree for many years and it was given to me on my Wedding day to put on my 1st tree with my new husband. (we got married on Dec.27,1980)

The last one is the most recent, I was bought new for our 1st tree with all three of my kids. It's purple- one of my fav. colors. 

Pictured below is a painting of all three ornaments.

User Comments

nice picture and beautiful story to go with it

Thank you! nice memories to be sure!

Beautiful painting as are the real balls I'm sure, all to be loved and treasured.

Thank you... well the balls are starting to see age- the blue one most of all but they are treasured and a joy to get out every year. 

It's nice to be able to share them with you and my friends here!

Its a pleasure to see your works of art, as well :)

Beautiful painting, along with fond memories. 

Nice painting.

How sweet!

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