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making the most of ...

Added: Wednesday, November 6th 2019 at 9:37pm by Zoey-Mae
Related Tags: painting

It's on its way. The dreaded white stuff. Or at least that is what they have been telling us for a while. It's hit the Windy City so it is on they way. Hopefully will stay more north. Let's face it- Cleveland and Akron are used to that stuff. I was raised in Akron so I should know LOL.

So I'm making the most of the last of the colors, I saw a Woolybear catipillar and it was very black on each end with not must brown in the middle- mild and short winter...if yu can trust that sorta thing. But it is Ohio. The Lord asked Job if he know where He kept the snows in storage once. That I could answer- in Ohio for at least 5-6 months of the year.

That being said, I have painted yet another fall pic. My Grandson gave me a gift this morning- a pretty brown maple leave. It is always a treasure when a young child gives you a gift. Even if its a dead leaf or a dirty o'ld rock. 

I have been given the honor of being loved by someone who has no money to buy a gift so he gives what he has found from his world. And it will be pressed into my Bible with a note with a date. I feel sorry for my heirs. For when they go through my cedarchest looking for some great thing, they will inherit a very large box of weed flowers leaves and rocks. I hope they love them as much as I do! LOL

Anyway, Here is yet another "playing in the paint" of leaves... 

User Comments

Wow, that is beautiful! I hope the snow misses you too. I just got plowed out this morning from our snow yesterday and the temps are really dropping. Brrr

Thank you very much!!! :) It's that nasty cold rain that has a quiet little tick to it when it hits your car window that tells you its not all rain lol and ya, its getting colder. Oh well, the sooner it gets here the sooner it can leave :)

I would also treasure the leaf. Nice painting   

Thanks! Very much! :) I have a whole yard full of them but this one is awesome! LOL

Nice art work Sis. Zoey-Mae. What is one person's treasure is another person's junk. When children give, they do it from their heart. Bro. Doc

Thank you! and Yes they certainly do! :)

Have a good rest of the day. Bro. Doc

Thank you very  much! Its been a good day hope you have a blessed weekend with the Lord! :)

Good Afternoon Sis. Zoey-Mae, tomorrow will be the fellowship in our Assembly. We will also be honoring our military vets. Sermon will be the second part of Hebrews "Yahvahosha and the Messengers". I am doing a series of sermons on Hebrews. This is the best day of the week. Always glad when it starts at the end of Friday and we have 24 hours of rest, study, worship, singing. Take care and I hope you either do not have snow or very little there. Bro. Doc

Gifts given from a dear child all their own, are the most precious.  Treasure them all.  This painting is beautiful.  I love the colors and the  delicacy of the picture.  One of my favorites <3

Thank you! And I get blessed twiced because I get to share it with you all! :)

you have the best treasures of love

I think so too! Thanks! Hoping you have and awesome day!

O' lovely I really like that. 
O' yes snow... here in PA we had rain/snow mix today but it wasn't bad-mostly rain, as I walked to appointments. Pant legs were soaked, what I get for being shorter with too long of a pant leg lol... but glad no snow on the ground yet. Hope we have a mild winter with very very little snow shoveling. 

Thank you- yea, our weather was like that today too. My daughter has the same trouble with her pants :) same reason too. She is four foot something, not quite 5ft. and her big brother is 6ft. he gets it from my side and she gets it from her dad's LOL :)

I'm 5'5" 1/2 (that 1/2 is important lol)... but my limbs are shorter...my daughter & I are the same height yet she can reach everything & I can't..her legs & arms are long...I must of missed the line when they were handing those out LOL 
My mom will see me & say you need to hem those pants girls..I'm like I know I know... it's a pain & usually breaks a needle in the machine so I just step on them. 

I gety that! I sew a lot and needles breaking means one of two things- either you are pulling the fabric too hard through the machine while sewing or your tention is too tight. A needle that is too thin will do that too as well as one that is already bent on the tip. :)

If you want a easy cheat other than sewing by hand- fold them under and staple them. Then use a marker to color the staples so they don't show.

This will work in a pinch but remove them before you wash so you don't snag the fabrics. I was a seamstress for our highschool and summerstock in college. LOL

Thanks for the tips {#floating.gif}{#thumbs_up.gif} Much appreciated.

Today I cut the fabric & batting to make bowl cozies for my sister's holiday gift. I've tried them 2 other ways and didn't like the thickness (different material inside) so I got the microwave kind of batting and will give this a whirl to see if I like it better. 

i love the autumn leaves you paint them well your sweet grandson has  an eye for colour like you{#artist.gif}

Awww thanks! We have such fun together! :)

Awesome!  I so do enjoy seeing your works.  So very beautiful!

Thank you! Its a joy to share them here. I'm glad if they just brighten a day!:)

Lovely post and artwork. 

Thanks so much! and thanks for stopping by!

I LOVE what you keep in your cedar chest!  My grandson gave me a spotted feather last week.   It was so lovely!  He used to give me rocks every day.   Gosh I miss those days!

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