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Hello Dolly w/pics

Added: Friday, January 8th 2021 at 12:28pm by Zoey-Mae
Related Tags: sewing, doll collecting, dolls

So just before Christmas I went into my favorite junk store. The guy there is really nice and never fails to give me a good discount on the junk he is trying to unload. lol And he is over joyed that I have sent family and friends in to unload more of his junk. But you know the old saying is very true...

One person's junk is another person's treasure! And as always he always gives away at least one thing to me at Christmas. This year is was a doll. And I have mentioned before about the value of some of his stuff that He should really take to auction because they are really worth more then his asking price but to him is all just... not worth the time and effort. 

So I take this very pretty dolly home and started doing some research on her. She has a china head and composite limbs and cloth stuffed body. I'm thinking she was made in the 40s lol...

I got to looking at her and she had a makers mark on the back of her neck and found out that she was made by Morimura Brothers in 1920. Yup, she is a 100 yrs old and in wonderful shape.

Somewhere around the late 1980s she got a new dress. I know this because I know the history of sewing machines. Zig Zag machines have been around since the 1840s but the drop away arms didn't happend till 1979. Her colors and fabric suggest the early 1980s. 

She has ball joints at her knees and elbows and she sits in a wicker chair that came with her when I got her but may not have been original to her at the time of 1st sale. And was made in Japan, in 1920.

This is what she looks like:

You can't see it but her eyes are a nice clear blue.

Now this next one I pulled out of my cedar chest and she was given to me by my mom. She was the last doll my grandfather gave her in the 1940s.

She is a Composite doll made with sawdust, glue and paint. lol She is held together with an elastic cord inside hooked on to some wire hooks. I know this because I just had to replace them. I used hair ties that were made the same way as hers and used a old button hook to string them inside. Her eyes are brown and her dress that she is wearing is the one that she had when I got her minus a hat.

The dress does not fit her. Its about three sizes too big so I went to Jo Anns and got some satin in orchid and some small velvet violets for her hat and she will be getting a new out fit and some shoes. She has been barefoot for as long she I have owned her lol.

This is Emily:

These will stay with me and later be passed to my Grand daughters. 



User Comments

These dolls are beautiful and worth alot of money, I'm sure.  They look to be in mint condition and even the clothing looks pristine.  Passing them on from one generation to the next is very endearing. I hope these two lovlies with always be appreciated and loved for years to come. :)

Me too! And I'm sure they will. They sure are fun to have out. I just started make a new dress and hat for the second one. Gonna need more ribbons... Off to JoAnn's β˜ΊοΈπŸŽ‰πŸ˜†

Haha! Make sure you post her new outfit! {#basic-laugh.gif}

its slow going and has stopped for now. Got a non covid stomack bug so... just now starting to feel better. The worst has past.

 Looking forward to my next trip to JoAnns lol

Glad you're feeling better. If you're ready to go to JoAnns, then you must feel better, lol.

So beautiful, and so delicate.  Your Granddaughters will inherit a treasure from their Grandmother.

Thank you! Just a lot of fun too! :)

This first doll I have seen one similar that made about 1922. And it is worth about 300 dollars. So you'res is about in the same price range. And it is very nice. Bro. Doc

That one has not only the makers mark but the mold mark which gives the exact yr.s of production1918-1920.  I'm really  not interested in thier worth except for insurance purposes. I have no intent to sell.And thank you, I think they are nice too! 

I know your not wanting too sell, but it is always nice to know the exact value of something you get for either nothing or next to nothing. I always like to know the bargin I made. And I have made some over the years for sure. Bro. Doc

Yes that is always nice and thanks for letting me know!

Over the years I have made some great bargins. Especially with records. I have gotten at yardsales some 78's that were one sided. And when I had them looked at they were worth many times more then the price I paid which was a dime a piece. Bro. Doc


Thanks 😊

Wow, those awesome!!

Thanks, my little sweeties lol. Lots of memories with the second one too!

That's so neat!! :D

How nice! 

Thanks so much! :)

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