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Guess who came out to say HI? (w/painting)

Added: Sunday, February 23rd 2020 at 7:25pm by Zoey-Mae
Related Tags: painting, watercolor

I cameback from church,this am and as I  pulled in the drive, Spazz came flying out of his hole beside my carport! Have not seen him for a while! He was gone before I could grab my cell. 

I left him a treat by his "door" lol. 

Anyway, I thought I'd do a painting of him for you to see.

User Comments

He probably either comes out when you gone or was somewhere else. Nice drawing. Bro. Doc

He pops out every now and then unless its really cold than he hides away.

Thank you!

It is warm outside here right now about 55 and the clouds are coming in. I am glad I got the first cuting of the backyard done. I did the front yard the other day. I had the setting two higher than I normally have it that way next time I will lower it one, and then the 3rd time it will be where it is suppose too be. No sense working so hard. Have a good rest of the day. Bro. Doc

That is awesome. Even if it got up that high in temp. here, the ground is so wet from rain my mower would sink right in to the ground about now.

Well I use an electric battery operated mower so it is not as heavy as a gas one. But I have seen our yard so wet also you would not want too be out in it. Take Care Bro. Doc

Ah, spazz is a squirrel.

They are so much fun. I have them all named now lol 

Spazz is the chipmunk, Fuzz is the big male grey squirrel, Shabbyshic in the female (her tail is always in tatters to line her nests) lil Foxdude is a small red fox squirrel. He fast and has a hot temper. Then there's Inks. The black squirrels are just a bit smaller then the greys but are the most agressive of all of them and can be down right mean at times.

Walter is the mouse of course and I seldom see one around here. I think that is because suprizingly enough, the chipmunks are omniverous and have been know to see small meat items (to be polite) :)

Thanks for stoping by! :) come visit anytime!

Thanks...I looked at the picture, assumed squirrel, and thought that is one fat squirrell.  That it is a chipmunk makes a lot more sense.

a lot of people refer to them as ground squirrels. Whatever we call um they sure are cute! lol

You are so talented.

Thank you. I just hold the brush and the Lord does the rest LOL

I take my time and do a pencil sketch 1st then its just like paint by numbers.

 I like to watch the Happy Painter. He made it look so easy

If you mean Bob Ross, Yes, he makes it very easy but he is also using oils or acrylics and they are much more forgiving than watercolors.

If you don't like what you painted with those, you just paint right over them and keep on going. Its not that easy with watercolors.

oh, I didnt know this as I know nothing about painting Zoey. Thanks. Yes, I was speaking about BoB Ross.

I love watching him too. He's gone now be his videos are on Youtube and I watch him out there all the time.

Awwww how adorable.  What a sweetheart. Beautiful painting!

Thank you !!! I have a tree stump in our backyard that all of them like to eat at from time to time. Its a nice dry place most of the time and it gives a great view of the yard. 

aw' {#floating.gif} treats are always a good thing! :) 

Thanks!!! Yeah I love my little furry friends LOL

Weused to feed our Squirrels.  They love corn on the cob!  They made such a mess, that Gary quit feeding them.  They still feed on the pin oak nuts in our tree though.

Beautiful painting!

Thank you very much! They can be real mess makers, we had that with a bird feeder once. Seed shells everywhere. The dollar stores have these little bags of ready to eat nuts for humans. Sometimes I get a bag and share LOL no mess and we both get a treat :)

there was a woods behind the house where i grew up

chippies were everywhere

i used to love to watch them play

you captured him perfectly


Thank you so much! I also grew up with a woods behind my house. I lived in Akron right on the edge of the gorage between North Hill and Cuyahoga Falls (North Hill side.) The view from our dinningroom was awesome. On a clear night you could see clear to Brecksville. :) 

that sounds pretty

i worked in akron in the ellet area for over 11 years

i would eat my lunch at springfield lake and watch the birds


My husband went to Ellet high school and his grandparents lived right by that lake. Pretty place!

i saw my first eagle and baltimore oriole there


also i saw 2 chippies on my lunch walk ~ they must have got the okay from spazz



and today it was freezing snowy not an animal in sight




Awww... CUTE!

Thank you!!! :)

I love it.

Thanks!!! :)

i love the big smile!! Thank you!!!

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