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Foods that are Great for the kids

Added: Saturday, September 25th 2021 at 10:05am by Zoey-Mae
Related Tags: food, fall, kids

Little kids love finger foods and when you have lots of kids on a tight budget cooking gets real - real fast! LOL But it can be real fun too!

You can buy doughnuts in the store - everywhere. Most people buy doughnut holes for the kids or those little things in a white bag that are messy at the very least and lets face it- you can't get jelly doughnuts that way.

But if you get those really cheap Biscuits in a tube- in the four pack... Oh yes! Here we go!

When my husband and I got married we went to our very 1st garage sale together! We made the sales of the day! We had a cheap upstairs apt that was our landlords idea of an apartment. lol - it had very little cupbard spaces and there was this huge gap between the sink counters and the stove. 

At this sale we found an unfinished corner cupboard! It fit perfectly in there! and they sold us a can of paint to finish it and my I got a goldfish bowl for my fish that I won at the streetfair that week and last but not least- a frying basket that was made to fit in large sauce pan! That was the Best 10 cents I ever spent.

Now back to the food! Let's face it, anything deep fried is really good. 

I always use Crisco oil. Rule 1 - don't over flll your pan unless you want what looks like Niagra Falls spilling over into your burner. That's a great way to set the kitchen on fire- something my son inlaw did once. My husband and I lived next door and I was summonded to put it out ... Scary Nasty Mess! I put out the flames and made him clean up the mess. If this nightmare should happen, put on oven mits. Cover pot with an over sized lid or cookie sheet and remove from burner. Wait till it all cools down before you clean it up. You can also use a fire blanket to smoother it with. Never use water- flour sugar ect. Those blankets you can get at Amazon.

That being said- as soon as you see it start to over heat you can toss a piece of raw potatoe into the oil- that gives the oil something to cook and it gives you time to adjust the temp. Also remember that some oils are thinner than other- olive oil is very thin and heats up at a much lower temp then corn oil. I use Crisco because its more stable at high heat. If you are really timid of deep frying in a pot you can use a deep frying pan and I mean deep. 

Get everything ready 1st, then once you get the oil temp stable slide the little biscuits in a few at a time. Let them turn a rich golden brown and flip them over. Then out they come onto paper towels.  As soon as they have drained a bit you can roll them in sugar and cinnomon or dust with powdered sugar.

But if you want you can poke a hole in the side with a chopstick. Careful not to go out the other side and when you hit the middle- move it back and forth a little to made a well inside. You can then pipe jelly or pudding inside for jelly or custard doughnuts. 

An easy way to pipe is to get a ziplock type bag and fill it, zip it shut with no air inside and snip off a corner. Slip that corner into the doughnut and squeeze like toothpaste lol

You can feel the doughnut fill up inside and when you see the filling at the hole you're done.

Use cold instant pudding- vanilla is great and you can ice the top with chocolate. Let that icing come to room temp so it spreads easily. 

If you want just regular doughnuts, just poke a hole in the dough with a chopstick and move it around till you get a good size hole. The biscuits are too small to cut out a diughnut hole with a cutter.

Besides sugars you can ice these too and add sprinkles. Feel free to get creative! You can get all kinds of sprinkles and they are fun all year

 I love these in the fall with hot Oragan Chi or hot chocolate, or cider Yummy!

There are a lot of things you can do with those tube biscuits- and I'll post some of those up tomorrow! 

User Comments

they make good doughnuts. 

Yup! Super easy and you can even cook them over a campfire lol.

Sound like you at one time got some interesting things Sis. Zoey-Mae. I never use Crisico but Olive oil for cooking. But it sounds like you did good. when you got things. Where have you been by the way? Bro. Doc

I only use Crisco oil for deep frying. I've been busy with my off line life. :)

That is why your not around. I don't use Crisco because it has unclean animal fat in it. Not certified to be clean. And olive oil works great for deep frying. Have a great day. Bro. Doc

You are mistaken my friend. Crisco oil and soild oil is made of pure soy oil and is certifide as Kosher & Pareve by Rabbi Isreal Rosenburg, the Orthodox Union in Brooklyn NY. The symbol is near the weight count on the label. 

It was at one point made of Palm and Cotton seed oils. That was changed to all soy oil to remove all the trans.fats and Cholesterol. 

You can use olive oil for frying, but it has a lower boiling point than Crisco. So, Crisco easier for new cooks to work with as it takes a bit longer to heat.

Crisco is also very famous for being easier to digest then any other oil on the market because of how it is made.

It didn't use to be. But I have not looked at it in a long time, so I am wrong.

But I still like Olive Oil it is better for my health, and my Diabetic Condition.

Thank you for the information. Bro. Doc


Very yum! 😋

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