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Done! Yea! (w/pic)

Added: Friday, May 22nd 2020 at 2:44pm by Zoey-Mae
Related Tags: watercolor, painting, flowers

So after working on this most of the afternoon, I finally got to where I could set my brush down. It's done. :) Hope you enjoy it. Tomarrow, I'm going to be studying to do some ocean waves. I have painting rocks down LOL so will see how the rest goes. LOL



User Comments

It's beautiful Zoe.  I love it!

Thank you!! :) I loved doing the quiet background. Just hints of this and that lol

This is very lovely Sis. Zoey-Mae. Bro. Doc

Thank you, Bro.Doc! Brings a lot of God's peace and joy when I paint. :)

I am sure it does Sis. Zoey-Mae, but that is one thing I do not do. I play the keyboard, but not that great. I would never play for the Assembly just my own use. Take care. Bro. Doc

Wow, well, I'm glad you play... Even if its just at home. I'm sure the Lord smiles when u do. 

lol, maybe He covers His ears and says him again. lol. Bro. Doc

lol oh no! lol make a joyful noise unto the Lord! hehehe :)

At least we can laugh about it. Have a blessed Memorial Day. I will be cemetery for the Memorial Day Service. Our American Legion Tri-County Post 61 is the only one in Lane County hold services any in the County. We are also having the Legion Riders, which is a branch of the American Legion that rides Motorcycles. Of course I will say the opening pray and closing pray. I am also the chaplain for the Post. Have a blessed day. Bro. Doc

Have a Blessed day too!

Turned out very nice!

Thank you! It gives me peace brings joy to others. That is art at its best lol

Love the colors and it's not too bright!  Great job.

Thank you so much! Stop by any time. :)

Its perfectly beautiful!

Oh my southern friend! Thanks!!! :)

You're very welcome ❤


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