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Domed frame with painting (pic)

Added: Monday, September 9th 2019 at 3:59pm by Zoey-Mae
Related Tags: painting, framework, watercolor

So I don't remember if I mentioned this before but recently I have been to my favorite junkstore. I found this really old frame with domed glass. No pic inside. So I took it home and cleaned it up and let me just say it is amazing what a little glass cleaner can do for an old frame. 

I put one of my watercolor paintings in it and it looks like brand new! ... almost lol

There was a lot of light glare on the glass but this will give ya and idea of what it looks like. 

User Comments

On my end Sis. Zoey-Mae, I see no light glare. Looks nice. Bro. Doc

Thank you very much! :)

If this frame is not a copy but the real thing it is from the early 1900's My Sister has one that use to be our Grandmothers, and was Grandmother's Parents and it is 1901 only thing different is it is more long and not round and the same design is top and bottom just like this one. So I think this looks around that time period. Could be worth some money. Wonder if that is the original glass. Glad you have it Sis. Zoe-Mae. Bro. Doc

It's the real deal. I've seen reproductions before and the glass is original. I got it for $9.00 at my favorite junk store. The place is called Betty's fea Market. They buy only from estate sales.

The back was so worn I had to replace it with foam core board. The board is firm enough for support but lightwieght enough it can be cut with a box cutter or exacto. It works perfect for backing a frame. 

The domed glass is harder to reproduce. You have to really know how to work with glass and have the furnance ect. to make it. 

Was the back wood. The mirror that I mentioned that my grandmother had, and was her mothers, had a wooden back, with the mirror in it. 

So what was the back originally made out of?

So this then must be old? Bro. Doc

Yes, it is very old. The backing was a thin cardboard that was black on the outside and a dark orange/tan on the other. The edges were very worn. Cardboard is normally stiff, this was a bit warped and limp.

It had some red felt in front of that(between the back and the glass) to help protect it... that was newer. I'm guessing it had a photo or a painting. I don't think the frame was strong enough to hold a mirror- even back in its day. 

You would be surprised at how strong some of the wood was in those days. By the way it looks it was a fancy mirror once upon a time, and something happened to the mirror glass and it became what it is now. A friend of mine has a mirror that looks very frail but it is a mirror and it fancy like this one and round. So I think Sis. Zoey-Mae it was a mirror and the glass either lost the mirror glaze and they replaced it with this. But still you might find someone around that can give you an idea how old it is and what it might be worth. Just for the fun of it. Bro. Doc


Thank you! Nice to have you stop by!

Looks good

Thank you very much! Have  great day! :)

 You are welcome. Hope your day is a good one too.

It's been an awesome day! Thanks! More stuff to come tomorrow- I'm off work tomorrow YEA!!!

Love the painting, but I myself think that frame lets it down. If you cut some paper in the shape of the frame and did another painting on to it then when you put it in the frame it would look better and not have the dark background. I always try to buy my frames from charity shops for my cross stitch. 

Well the paper I used was Arches and the frame is about 24 x 16 inches. Getting pack of paper that size (you can't just by a single sheet) is Very expensive. I may mat it later. I don't want to mess with it too much because the metal tabs that fold over on the back are very old and if they bust off it would ruin the frame.

it looks pretty  zoe..lucky you found that frame..

Thank you very much! It's a fun adventure everytime I go in that place. :)

I have one of those frames too and a neat watercolor inside of it from looonggg ago!

Nice!!! would love to see a pic of it sometime. :)

The domed glass alone is worth a pretty penny. You seldom find it today.

I have always wanted one. I have seen them on the Antique Road Show and in a couple of museums. I love old stuff anyway :) Needless to say I'm pleased lol  

Thanks for stoping by.

I'm passionate about old stuff. I've been collecting for decades. {#basic-smile.gif}

LOL that is Awesome! :) I a few things that are very old. You'd love my family Bible. It has Civil War tin type pics in it from my family. Was from 1817 I think. It has a Temperance pledge in it (that nobody signed lol) with 18 reasons why you should not drink. Obviously made during "Prohibition" :)

It was on show at the Bible Museum at Ashland Theological Seminar for about a yr and a half. They REALLY wanted me to donate it but I said we had plans to pass it down the family.

Ha!!! Sure they wanted you to donate it. Did they try to put you on a guilt trip too?

I had a really old buffalo hide from my uncles estate... he was in the US Calvary, back when they actually rode horses. It was branded on the back FW PEEBLE Hinckley, Ohio. Hinckley, Ohio was the setting for the biggest, most organized and successful animal hunt in US history.. The Hinckley Historical Society wanted it really bad... I gave it to my son.. 

Guilt? LOL yeah but they were decent about it when I said no... but they did get the extra 6 months out of me lol so they could take it on tour. 

Hinckley huh? I was raised on North Hill (Akron) and my family used to go to Hinckley to eat pancakes when the Buzzards returned LOL

Glad you kept yours in the family too! :)

You always think of something clever!!  You are one of the most creative women I know, lol!

lol Well thank you very much! (ur always my bigest fan lol) I got a new watercolor pad and a new kinda brush (got the brush in the clearance at Joanns) 

So I have some new pics for tommorrow! Wait till you see my miniture painting journal! It's so little LOL Stay tuned in for more goodies ROFLOL

I look forward to all you'll be showing, you know I always am  :)

You are a Good Friend! :) I'm always glad when you stop by! 

Its always my pleasure to stop in, my dear.  Thank you  ♥

l love old frames.  Very nice indeed.

Thanks so very much!!! :)

Cool beanz!

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