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Added: Saturday, September 21st 2019 at 7:44pm by Zoey-Mae
Related Tags: watercolor, challenge

In a day or so I will have some more wonderfully fun paintings that I'm working on. 

One is a set of waterfalls. I have seen this same set of waterfalls done in a oils and acrylics and they are always soo beautiful but the style is not suposed to be conducive for watercolor paints... until of course I come a long and blow that therory out of the ... wait for it ... The water! LOL or rather into as the case maybe. I love waterfalls.

There was a dam not to far from my house that belonged to Ohio Edison and sitting beside it with my family or friends was always a very peaceful and joyous past-time.

So, watching these guys over on Youtube doing them in every medium but watercolors started to have this effect on me LOL.

I've also been outside recently doing some photography. Sunrise with rays coming through the clouds and flowers in my yard. I'm off Mon Wed and Fri. so pics of all kinds are on the way.

Hope you all have an Artful and fun weekend! And I will issue a challenge out to ya...

If you can think of something you would like to see me paint, add it to the comments below. I will of course make an attempt at it as long as its clean and rated G if you get my drift. :)  

So let's here from ya all!!! and I'll be posting more soon!

User Comments

Sounds like you are a busy beaver. Good for you. Bro. Doc

Yes, always busy lol :) I look forward to my quiet times with the Lord and my art. :) always need more of those.

Quiet time with the Saviour yes. Bro. Doc

:) Nothing in the world like it- very literally!

Yes, I know where your coming from. Bro. Doc

i love waterfalls..i bet they are beautiful..good luck  xxhave a peaceful weekend x

Thank you! x Good things on the way!

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