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Changing gears

Added: Wednesday, August 21st 2019 at 2:40pm by Zoey-Mae
Related Tags: painting, watercolor

 Ok so the artist in me can only stay dormant for so long lol and for me that's like a New York min (or my 1st min. that I'm not working)) :) 

That means, now that my quilt is done I'm doing some watercolors. 

My last sheet of Arches is being filled with an old Victorian watercolor. An urn with a lion's head biting the brass ring kind will with a Mass arrangement. YES!!!! Makes the floral designer and painter in my soul Sing!!! 

Yes it Sings for Joy along with a Major Prayer  "Lord Please help me so I don't screw up my last sheet of Arches paper!!! ) :) 

I went to YouTube and watched my favorite people to get inspired (not Bob Ross who only works in Oils or Acrylics) But more edgying  like Wintergatan who is building a Marble Machine that is the largest, most seriously intense music "box" you have ever seen... AniMusic - Water Harp 

Listened to Vavadli's Rustica Concerto (what passion!)

Yes it is true is you want to be an artist you have to suround yourself with Genius!  and you can quote me on this next line- If you shoot for the stars and only make to the moon, at least you got off the ground! LOL And since God loves me to the moon already, that's all that matters to me. 

So I did a few practise runs just to step into the waters again (see painting below) and then I went shopping at my favorite junk store found this BEAUTIFUL oval frame with domed glass!!! Only nine dollars! Oh my! Be still my heart!!!  

And so of course its going to be in all those Lovely Blues and Purples that are in my quilt... 'cause its going in my bedroom of course :) YES!!! I'm SOOOooooo excited!!! Can you tell? LOL 

Oh, I did mention a starter painting didn't I? This went to my daughter to hang on her cublical wall with a mushy mommy note on the back ( of course) :)

This was a fun study because it used two different methods of watercolor painting.

Hope you all have an Artzy kinda day! They are, after all, the Very Best kinda day!

User Comments

The water color is beautiful.  I wondered how long it would take before another project began, lol.

I love Bob Ross.  I have looked at a ton of his painting on Utube.  He makes painting look soooo simple.  Well, if you know how to paint, it is!  Another fabulous painter, gone to soon.  He's now painting for the good Lord and all the angels in Heaven  :)

Good luck with this next project!

Thank you!!! I agree about Bob Ross. I love Bob Ross but he new did any watercolors... that I know of.

Still, there is a lot to learn from his work. He kept his painting true to himself and his work- landscapes and he kept that fun and relaxing. And acrylics are easier to work with so, since he was teaching that is a good choice to work with.

 I've got the new one started. The sketching is done and I've started with the colors. This is going to be done in very bold colors for watercolors. Which is rather new for me. Will see how it goes (insert cheesy grin here ) :)

This is very pretty Sis. Zoey-Mae, not since I have not a clue what Arches paper is, you're going to have to explain what it is. Bro. Doc

Arches is a company in France, that makes professional grade watercolorpaper for painting. They have been around since 1492. It is graded by weight and made of 100% cotton. The weight i use is 140 lbs. Rough grain. Which is perfect for the kind of painting I do. It's about as thick as card stock but is milled for painting.

And it tends to be expensive so, it pays to practice 1st and pray alot :)

Thank you for explaining. Never heard of this kind of paper before. I suppose since it is costly you don't do painting on it much? Bro. Doc

Some times I cut a sheet to fit a couple of smaller frames and the paper is thick enough to use the other side if things go south on the other side. 

The good news is some washes of color can be scrubed off with a stiff brush, if an error is made - that is because its a high quality paper. 

I always thought once it was on the paper it was there forever. Bro. Doc

It depends on the color and how much water has saturated the paper 1st. Red and black and dark blues are the hardest to get out. Sometimes never.

I see. I would guess then that kind of paper is not cheap. So you don't want to make mistakes. Bro. Doc

This is very true. $30.00 full price for 12 sheets that are 10x14 inches but you can get it at Blick's for 16.45. I did not buy the pad I have been using. It was a birthday gift from my son. 

The pad I had used before this, is from the same distributor- Canon and they made a nice pad of 30 sheets for about 5.00 at Walmart. 

But the difference in quality is night and day. Needless to say that it may be a while before I get another pad of the Good stuff. :) 

As for mistakes. I do what the great artists have done for ages- I do test paintings on very cheap stuff 1st. Then when you get the ideas good enough to work with then you start with a pencil sketch or paint with a thin pastel color. That way you can wash out or paint over any errors that come up.

Some of Micheal Angelo's test sheets have been found and even they have become very valuable.   

I guess if your making a mistake you can always turn it into something else. And that paper is not cheap. Bro. Doc

If I can't remove it or blend it out, sometimes I turn it into something else. Usually I can remove it though.  :)

That is good you can, and also nice you can create something else out of something you didn't attend it too be. Bro. Doc

A lot of prayers going on in this process too and He helps me. I paint what He has created and its specail to both of us because of this. And since I want to honor His work He helps me. On my worst day as an painter I will soak the paper out with clear water and cut for test strips then take a break, and do something else for a time. 

Coming back to it later if it wasn't a total loss, with fresh eyes helps. This is true with all of my art. 

It is a work at being humble too. Because I have to be open to change... in all my art because sometimes you plan on doing something one way but it just won't work. But if I'm open to change and His ideas it always turns out better then what I had planned. That's why I give Him all the credit. I can't do any of this on my own. I depend on Him for my skills and... I love it that way. 

You step back and you are in awe of His work and you feel soo loved and honored and humbled the He did this with your hands. We very much to it together.

This is very true Sis. Zoey-Mae, what you have said. I guess my art would be preaching and teaching. My sermons are taken from Scriptural notes, and then preached, not anything I wrote out. And the Lessons on Sabbath are what I have planed for the the week with His help and the study on Tuesday too. So this is a form of art which is speaking art I think they would call it. IF I tried to paint I would be making a mess. I did talk to a lady today in Goodwill and she was buying ties to make a quilt. I would think it would look lovely when all done. Have a good night. Bro. Doc

thats very pretty zoe!

Thank u very much! So how r u doin lately? Enjoying the last of summer?

Boy, you are so talented. How do you know how to do all of these things?

I love the painting.

I'm oooold lol. I family that knew how to sew so I learned those skills early and just built them. I took a vocational course in high school that helped. When I was in Jr. High I took all the art and sewing I could and for Christmas my Dad got me this art set that had everything, watercolors, pastels, carcoals ECT. And had a book from a real artist that nobody ever heard of lol but the instruction was wonderful. My mother in law loved art and quilting. It really bonded us.  I watch a LOT of YouTube videos. U can learn something even from the bad ones... U just laugh more. :) But the single most important thing I do is pray. My gifts and talents come from God. You can have all the training in the world, but if u don't walk with God... Just hang it up. There's a reason why He is called The Creator! :) He can do things though your hands that leave u in awe. I know, He does it with me all the time. :)

 This is a great explanation. I like how you give credit to God and of course, I agree, with you.

I might take you up on watching the video's and see if I can learn anything. That was a nice gift from your Dad. It probably inspired you a lot.

The fact, that your Mother In Law had the same interest was great. 

Thanks and I loved that art set. And even though I missed them both a lot... I feel close to them when I create.

 And this is a great feeling. 

Yes it is! :)

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