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An overview of the Old and New Testament

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Added: Tuesday, October 8th 2019 at 5:53pm by Zoey-Mae
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So this is the from class I did this past weekend. so much to cover in such a short period of time but the outline helps. 

Again, feel free to make a kind comment.

This is not all inclusive! But is an overview for of those just starting to search the scriptures for the 1st time. (milk as aposed to steak for those who have ears to hear) :)

 Overview of the Old and New Testaments


The Books of the Bible as a Whole, are actually historical records and letters that show not only history but also God’s desire to have a people who He could share His Love with and Share their life’s with.

It is detailed and it’s sources are tractable making it trustworthy.


Old Testament Tells us:

1) 1stfive books are known as Torah (Hebrew for Word)

2) The beginning of the life ( Adam & Eve, Noah …) history of the Jewish people

3) The Law and the Prophets

4) Said to be a picture of a believer’s life with two options- one of obedience and blessing and one of disobedience and consequences

5) It is prophetic of the coming of Jesus and traces his life, it also for-tells John the Baptist and the 12 and Mary, His mother


New Testament tells us:

1) the life of Christ,

2)the history of the beginning of the Church

3) our guide to our eternal relationship with God and our relationships with each other


The Bible came from the writers listed and is God Breathed (inspired/ordered by God) Histories, letters, poems


Was 1st pulled together in one Book (The Bible which is Latin for Word) by St. Jerome. The text was 1st divided by King James in 1611, and later re-translated into over 30 different translations. Formats, later included are devotional, study, thematic, parallel, note-takers


Good starting place to read is the book of John. Have questions ask our Priest or Deacon.

The Church is the best advocate for understanding the Bible because it follows the history of the Bible with it’s own history. Priests have ten years of Seminary College (Masters degree in Divinity) so are well trained to answers your questions.


How do you know the Bible is really Holy? Holy means: set apart for a Godly purpose. It’s a book of Godly wisdom and “Wisdom is vindicated by her works.” Matthew 11:19 Longevity is no guaranty of the truth but of all Historical recorders it has proven to be the most accurate in use, and in recording then any other set of documents of faith.



User Comments

One thing Sis. Zoe-Mae there are over 30 translations of Scripture. I am not sure if there are closer to 60 different translations. But more than 30. This is good. Bro. Doc

Yes. I mentioned over 30. That is how many translations they carried in stock at the bookstore I worked at. I had my hands on each of them and know their differences. 

There are some that your bookstore probably didn't have because the only place too get them is through the Denomination that has them. Some are written by people of certain denominations. I may have translations but the only one I use is the KJV for teaching and preaching. Bro. Doc

I don't mind his older version of that. There was a 1611 that was nice. Don't like how so people abuse it though. It's sad to say but I have sat under some bad preaching.

They read a section of KJV and then for the next hour tell you what they think it means. Dangerous move for a preacher who has to stand before the Lord one day.

I have always enjoyed your teaching though :) you are very careful in what you teach.

It is the translations I worry about because they are trying to make it read something it is not. The Textus Receptus says one thing and most translations say another. This is why I use KJV it is the closes too the original. Bro. Doc

Good Bible overview. Somehow I flashed on a pitite young lady sitting atop the complete scriptures so to get enough boost to see over the steering wheel?   ;)

Thank you! The oldest Bible I own is close to 200 yrs old and its about that thick! Lol

A good presentation for beginners. The problem that I have is with some folks' interpretations!

OOOOooooh yes. Like I mentioned above- dangerous ground if you don't know what you're doing. I find much prayer and a short sin list a wonderful aid to my studies. Who better to talk to then the Author, right? :)

really interesting

Thank you!!

I take a class at the church I go to on Saturday mornings. Our teacher is a theology professor. I shall have to keep track of what you say here in your posts.

I don't post these kind often but if there is a suject you are interested in, please let me know and I'll do a study for you. :) 


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