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a small crash course on painting.

Added: Thursday, January 16th 2020 at 3:40pm by Zoey-Mae
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After my last post I thought I'd just take a few mins and give you my quick crash course in painting. Warning this is gonna be a long post. lol

1st gather your supplies. I will list them according to price range.

Very strong tea, cotton swab and a sheet of paper or post it note 

Crayola pan paints (comes with a brush) and kid's art pad

Dollar General Simply Art watercolor paints, a bag of mixed brushes and some art paper

Arches 100% cotton paper, Koi watercolor paint (or a travel sized pan set from Cheap Joes or Dick Blick's .com) I have collected a bag of cheap brushes and bought some very nice singles and sets. Sometimes you can get a good deal on Amazon. 

Here we go... remember: the right tool for the right job 

In the world of Watercolors the principle is always gonna be the same. You paint the lightest colors 1st and work from the background forward.

I went out to Youtube and spent a lot of time do watching all different kinds of people painting and each has their own way of doing things, their own set of rules and that goes for the kind of style they want. Once you get the machanics down, you paint the way you like and gets the results you want. Learn the rules well enough that you can bend them to your liking. 

Here's a thought- You will never paint exactly like another person. Everybody is different and I do mean Body. Your heartbeat and the shape of your hands are like no other. In the tiniest of details there will always be a difference. So like Shakespeare once said, "to thine ownself be true" 

 The basics go like this, the brush size is choosen for the size area you are gonna cover over- the larger the area the larger the brush. READ the package on sets of brushes. They will tell you what strokes you get.

Very stiff brushes make great hair or blades of grass. Angles will make great leaves and get into diffitcult places like tight corners. Softer brushes will load heavy with water so it will go every where - great for blocking in colors. A good round brush when held streight up & down should give you a nice point. 

Get some paper and test all your brushes so you can get a feel for how they load and stroke. 

If you are going to do something huge, use cheap paint and do a test run. Cotton paper you can often rinse off - pulp paper will pill if you scrub it so take care when you get it soaked.

I use a dressmakers blue pencil because it will disappear when you paint over it or hit it with water. Sometimes I use a regular pencil and leave it in so I don't have paint the lines or details that I would have to do in black anyway. That is a mark of a real painting. Photos don't have those. 

Don't throw out your white or black paint as some teachers suggest. You can use them and should, just learn how. Black ink is almost impossible to remove and easy to screw up if you don't take care. A very little goes a Very LOOooooong way. (which is why I think some teachers try to talk you out of using it altogether) 

White is great for pinks, tans and greys. You can thin your colors out but you can't thin red enough to make pink. I don't care what they try to tell you on Youtube. You really need to add white for a usable pink. Just because they have a PHD or something like that at the end of thier name (no offence Bro.Doc) or brag about howlong they have been painting, how great they are... doesn't mean they know everything. Satin has been around forever but he hasn't gotten any better not matter how hard he pretends LOL.

Only The Lord knows everything. And speaking of whom, my best work happens when I ask for His help. Confess your sins to Him often and walk close to Him and then when you ask Him for help... You will be Soooo blessed. Besides, He is THEE Creator, where do you think  your gift comes from anyway? LOL Beside that, you get to spend qaulity time with God and you will see the world with His eyes. Suddenly EVERYthing becomes amazing.

Getting back to the techs... if you want something to be white- don't paint it white unless its colored paper. This can be done with Masking fluid. It's like masking tape only it comes in a bottle. I have a small box of white Ivory soap in it. I soak my brush in water 1st then load it with soap. Work it clear up into its furrule (the metal collar that holds the bristles in place) Use an older brush because it will take its tool on it.

Whip off the excess and dip into the fluid (shake well before dipping) and paint what ever you want to stay while. If you want a fine line use an old fountain pen with no ink in it.

You will want to let this dry really well before you begin painting. Don't leave it on your work too long- never more than a day or so. That stuff is made with real latex and ammonia so use with care. It will rub off best with an eraser.

Pans will seldom give you that rich color unless its top grade. I love using tubes. They can separate and stink so keep them closed up and shake before opening if they have sat for a while. 

The number one thing that will mess up a painting is not letting the paper dry before you add another layer. Unless you want to blend on the page- give your self time and let it dry. No says you can't do muitiple paintings at once.

Warping is a natural occurance of paper when it gets wet. I use a plastic lid that is at least and inch wider then the paper to mount it on. I use cheap Dollar General masking tape and tape it on 4 long pieces all the way around the page. It leaves a nice clean white boarder. If you don't want this you can also you a magnet board and hold it down with a magnet on each corner. Some mount it right to their table or board and then in an easel. I prefer a plastic lid. I want it in my hands so I can turn it around as I work if I need to. Whatever works for you.

 Pick out something you like and know very well. You will have more fun doing it and it will be easier since its strong in your minds eye. Or like me- go to Pinterest or Google and find something there to paint.  

Most of all, have fun. Let that little kid out to play. Your soul will be happier if you do.

User Comments

Sis Zoey-Mae, while this tells it plainly, I think I will stick to painting the rooms in the house and outside when it is warmer. Also I will stick to my sign making for our Assembly and Organization. Bro. Doc

Sounds like a good plan. I love painting inside (walls) but not so much outside. lol

I really don't like the inside that much because you have to be so careful to not get paint somewhere you do not want it. I like the outside better. Bro. Doc

WOW! ~ you ROCK!

oh my goodness LOL thanks very much! :) God does the hard part, I just hold the brush. :)

he made an excellent choice


Thanks! :)

These are all very usefull tips. I usually do oil painting. I am going to attempt to do a few water colors very soon. Thanks for this post. It's going to come in handy.

That is awesome! I've gone oils. Its a bit of a mind bender when u go from one to the other. Because watercolor is done the opposite way from oils. You can't add light colors over dark unless its totally dry and the not well. Oils are solid and watercolors are transparent. But the good news is, if u let the paint do its thing and work within its oddities you will love the results. :) its also easier to clean up and u don't have to worry about toxins :)

I love to paint but haven't done much for awhile. I've been more into watercolor the last few years. So very nice of you to share. 

You are very welcome. Hope it inspires you to keep painting :)

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