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Well, Crap!

Added: Tuesday, October 22nd 2019 at 11:54am by ZenofKen
Category: About Me > About Me
Related Tags: weather, canada, elections, politics

The pollsters were both right and wrong. While the Conservatives won the popular vote it did not translate into enough seats in Parliament to for a government. Trudeau (or Turdeau as he is known in Western Canada) will remain in power. Some times life just sucks.

The long term fall forecast for here has been for it to be dry and above average temperatures. I would say the temperatures are most just average but it is still raining. All the time. Without stopping. It sucks.

Winter they tell us is going to have above average temperatures and be dryer than normal. Accordingly I am preparing for massive amounts of snow and deep cold.

It is snowing south of here in the mountains today where the "fryer than normal" has already dumped 30 centimeters of snow.

Little boys that lie grow up to be pollsters or weathermen.

User Comments

Well crap, indeed. 

Will Canada break up?

(Make that bunker fireproof.) {#bag-on-head.gif}

Nah, won't break up but there is a huge devide between the liberal east and the conservative west.

We have low 80s this week until Friday, then it drops down again.

Canada condones blackface. Shame!

Apparently the slime ball can get away with that as well as two ethics violations. He is a loser and makes us all look bad.

Lol they won but sacrificed their +5 "I declare thee racist!" warhammer to do it. The fools!

Warmer winter?  And we're supposed to be getting another heavy winter this year. 

As for the voting, I'm orry to hear that.  I do hope that Canada remains united!!

Yea, I am not believing the warmer winter crap.

Canada won't break up but I can tell you the west is really tired of the liberal east.

you need an electoral college there.  just disgraceful

We need an insurrection 

It served one purpose to expose all the fake liberal outrage over racism. 



At the end Scheer was up by more than that considerably.

Will the conservative group have any clout? 

None. The Liberals will partner with the NDP to get the rest of the votes they need to govern.

That's a shame. 

My condolences.  🙁


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