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The S Word

Added: Saturday, August 17th 2019 at 7:35pm by ZenofKen
Related Tags: canada, weather

It has rained all day today. Soaking down pours. Again. The wettest summer on record continues. And it is cold. I just put on sweatpants and a fleece top. I refuse to turn on the furnace in the middle of August.

Middle of August or not an arctic front has pushed its way down into northern B.C. Thy are predicting up to a foot of snow in higher elevations up around Dease Lake (1100 kilometers north)  and Fort St. James. Snow in August. I thought that was only the name of a novel. If this wet keeps up all winter we will have 50 feet of snow.

User Comments

Here we are in the 90s and you're about to have snow over there.  I'm so ready for cold weather. Just the other day I was wishing I was on the North Pole.  Heck, Canada is closer.  Ken, you and Tess make room.  I'll be there tomorrow afternoon.

Bring a rain coat and, just in case, snow shoes.

Will do!

What a difference a day makes here also. If I had to sleep outside tonight I'd need to sleep under blankets, unlike Wednesday and Thursday night you could sleep outside naked and still be to hot. But I'll gladly take cool weather over hot.

We would LOVE some rain down under, I have forgotten what it looks like.

We have had a very mixed summer here in Ireland.   Some really hot weather and then lots and lots of rain.  Today it is pouring but quite warm.  You never know what to wear because sometimes we get the four seasons all in one day ! !

Snow in August?  Not good. 

lovely weaher for  a sleigh ride together with you... lol

weather.... come on spell check... lol

I an fluent in typo

O' geez! What in the world August now--NO NO NO! 
We have been so wet here as well that I wonderful how bad winter is going to be for many of us. I sure hope it isn't as bad as many people are thinking it will be. 

Apparently they got a foot of snow up there.

They can keep it. I do not want to see snow for a long time yet. (ugh) 

I still ask myself why I stayed in this God forsaken wilderness.

Well I'm sure it is quite beautiful & dealing with the snow is probably way better than dealing with the city noises & crazy people. ;) 

Sadly the homeless and drug addict population here has exploded and causes all kinds of havoc. Winter does help. They all leave here for warmer areas come winter.

O' geez sounds like our town. Sure isn't how it use to be when I was younger. A lot has changed everywhere it seems & not for the better in most cases, which is sad. I wonder how bad places are that are always warm weather. They have to have way more problems, cause you're right, winter helps with it. 

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