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That's A Shame

Added: Tuesday, January 14th 2020 at 7:59am by ZenofKen
Related Tags: winter

In the last 24 hours there have been 14 blogs written? And you silly people think Blogster is dying. Pshawww.

At 7:30 this morning it is a brass ball freezing -38C or a spring like -36F for you 'Mericans. Now the forecast last night was for -33C so they were off a bit and tonight's forecast is for -38C so I suspect it will be lower.

Doing spot checks of temperatures around the country this morning we may be one of the coldest spots in Canada. I am thrilled. This morning I finally swapped my Mackinaw for my real down filled, multi-layered parka, ditched the baseball cap for a toque, and put away my running shoes for boots. Dug out my down-filled gloves as well and put on my lined pants. The only thing I was lacking was my peter warmer but Tess was in no mood this morning. The car was plugged in and started very well. I couldn't say the same for the truck. I didn't even bother to try that. 

I let the car idle for about 15 minutes before we got in it this morning. In these days of evirinmentally officious pricks that is now illegal. Fuck 'em. It takes that long for the windshirld to defrost. After running for 15 minutes and with the seat heaters on it was warm enough to go.

Schools are cancelled. Number 2 daughter will be bringing Silas in for me to look after at lunch time. He is a good boy. Quiet. He will be no problem. Their satellite internet out there is limited for bandwidth so I am sure he will spend all afternoon on the computer here.

Back later since there is nothing else to do today.


User Comments

LOL @ peter warmer! {#basic-mouth-shut.gif}  its good you can still have a good sense of humor amid all those freezing cold temps AND all that clothing, holy crap, it must feel like you're mummified at times, sheesh!  If I was 24 hours into your weather, I'll bet I'd be high tailing it home with my tail between my legs. I can't fathom such cold!

This is tiring. Now it isn't going to warn until Saturday. Yeesh.

Ken, 73 F here today. I'm complaining like a big dog, but I guess I shouldn't. You're having it way worse.   Mother Nature is probably enjoying the sh!t out of all this wack weather everywhere, ugh.

When I was younger I loved winter. The deep cold thrilled me. As I got older, had a family to look after or, now, have grandchildren, I worry about people in cold like this. Hell, I worry about me. At least, so far, the bathroom fix is holding and nothing has frozen. Yet. Knock on wood. But if this keeps up, the longer it goes ... well ...

Seat warmers, talk about a luxury item....LOL

The internet and video games took over cartoons for entertaining kids when you watch them.

I used to laugh at people who loaded up their cars with this shit but now ..... I laught at people who don't have them. LOL

Brrrr!  And our 20 degree temp is too cold for me!  Glad I don't live in your part of Canada!!

Ellie, it has been 40 years since it has been this cold here. When I first came here -40, -45, and -50 was regular. Then global warming happened and we never had cold like that again until this week.

The way the weather's been hot then cold, it seems that changes in the global warming is happening.  Like it's going, and cold is coming in to stay.

They have been talking about a mini ice age for a while now.

We're getting our first snow showers of the season this morning and it's actually sticking a while.  You're only 60 some-odd degrees F colder than here...

We should build a wall to keep those temps up north where people appreciate them

Id rather send them south.

"I let the car idle for about 15 minutes before we got in it this morning. In these days of evirinmentally officious pricks that is now illegal. Fuck 'em. It takes that long for the windshirld to defrost."

In 'merica we call 'em Dems or Dims = (dumbocrats)

The temp isn't that high down under today, but shhhshhhhh the humidity is bloody awful.

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