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Spot On

Added: Tuesday, September 10th 2019 at 8:06am by ZenofKen
Related Tags: news, progressive politics

"To the people who fly private but lecture us about the environment ...

To the people who live in gated communities but lecture us about building walls ...

To the people who travel with armed guards and lecture us about guns ...

Your bottomless hypocrisy is why America chooses Trump."

~ Candace Owens


And you know what? I think America will choose Trump again no matter what the leftest, elite media tries to tell us. The leftest just don't get it.

User Comments

Just my two cents for the day. You may take it or leave it.

You all keep saying they don't get it. They absolutely do.

They don't care and that's why regardless if Trump wins battle 2020, they're still winning the war. Candace plays a little bit of my Daddy vs your Daddy BS.

Perhaps you are right. There seems little doubt in my mind that we are indeed in the midst of a civil war.

I just don't see how we reverse the course we're on. The useful idiots have been unleashed and they don't listen to logic and reason. Ideological subversion is how it happened. This isn't going to get any better for my time remaining on this earth imo.

I am sure itis not an answer you would particularly care for but in the 1700s the Colonies and England had as ugly and brutal a culture as you could find. This is was when the first great awakening swept up and down the eastern seaboard and into England. Culture was transformed in just a very short time. It was an amazing thing. 

I believe a religious revivial could turn things around again. However, many would consider that cure worse than the disease, I susspose.

I'm honest enough to admit that as I've seen the decline of God in the lives of people in America things have gotten worse. I do have my own issues with religion, which all stem from the Social Conservative Right's attack on music and free expression in the 80s.... but I've never once set out to oppose any Christian in America who didn't oppose me or infringe on my rights.

I don't doubt what you're saying could help, Ken... but because the left has gone full retard identity politics I don't see it happening. Just as someone like Oakie here on Blogster always demonstrates. I've never expressed Christian beliefs. I just said I'm cool with Jesus and those lessons I learned in my youth are still with me....  but in his mind I'm no different..  If I agree with a Christian on one thing I'm everything he hates. How are we ever gonna change that?

If religion is the answer then I'm fine with it. This country is in trouble!

I love President Trump - he makes me feel safe.   = )  Whether or not the Left gets it - they are corrupt and do not want the best for America with their actions not their words.   Democrats will never win any war after President Trump wins another term they may have to rename their ball club.  People do not want socialism or invaders.

I am hoping he wins but .... I guess we will have to see.

I do believe you're right. 

There are some commentators I trust who say that while Trump could lose the popular vote again he will have the electoral voyt locked up.

Trump certainly is no genious but he is so much more preferable to any of the leftests I hope he does get elected again.

So do I.


When the deciding time arrives may the best candidate succeed. What could be fairer?




I think reelecting Trump would be the biggest mistake the American public ever could do... he is doing things under the radar daily, that are hurting the low income, and middle class citen, and he is getting away with it, yet he does his rallies and wears that shit eating grin like everything is fine...

What things?

Scott, you do frequent many sites through the day, I'm sure you have seen many things... if not, oh well...

Skip, I'm not going to argue this point but would you be open to heairing all the good things Trump has done? Because there are a tonne of them but the media doesn't discuss them. They are on one track only.

Ken, I lost all interest in anything good trump has supposedly done by seeing all the bad and crooked things he has done. As far as I am concerned his crookedness out does anything good he may have done. One of the things that irks me the most, is his charities... setting up a charity and ripping it off... a charity for cancer... and he steals from it? His family, at this moment, can not open another charity because of their under dealings... that's very sickening and very sad...

But what if his opponents are worse? I maintain they are. Maybe they don't screw their charities but .... I think Trump may be the nest of a bad lot. Politicians are not the average person's friend as we will again find out here in Canada.

You watch, twice our PM broke ethics laws but we will give him a pass and allow him to rule us all again.

our PM has had it all, a child with extreme privilege... he's a little dick head... I swear he's Castro's kid while Maggie was out fucking everyone and everything... he's screwing us all, and we ain't being kissed first... he should be out playing with his privileged friends instead of ruining our country...one day at a time.  


Another non answer from Skip. Will the day ever come when you offer anything to back up your claims? All you wanna do is talk BS just like you did with Ken here. You believe anything without question and that speaks to your intellectual honesty.

Correction: Intellectual dishonesty.


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