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See Ya's

Added: Saturday, August 24th 2019 at 8:02pm by ZenofKen
Category: About Me > About Me > Travel
Related Tags: vacation, road trip

The car is gassed. The car is packed except the last minute things we have to throw in it in the morning. We are pre-showered to save time in the morning. The house is secured. Good byes have been said. Dad's freezer has a weeks worth of pre-made meals he just has to thaw and heat. We need to stop at the bank machine in the morning for more cash and then to Tim Hortons' for a coffee for the road. We will be on the highway by 7:00 a.m.

It is 601 Kilometers (approx 375 miles) to Tess' nephews in the Fraser Valley. That is abouta 6-1/2 hour drive as long as Tess doesn't drink too much coffee and have to pee to often. The mountains slow us down. We will be coming back on the long weekend. That will slow us down a lot more on the return trip.

On the road again.



User Comments

Safe Travels Ken, be safe bud!

I used to do that trip in 5 hours. Now it is 6-1/2 or 7. I have slowed down with age. (I am also less streed when I get there.) 

Thanks. Yea I drive safely through the mountains. A lot of fools on the roads.


I believe you probably will here me bitching about it. LOL

Have a good trip and vacation.  Be careful driving and don't forget us!

I have decided to take the lap top. I will check in from time to time.

You should have planned ahead and purchased a Shewee for Tess and stops would go faster and just along the roadside or just into that empty Tim Horton cup while still driving. {#giggle.gif}

Now there is a thought! I gotta get her one!

isn't that urination appropriation... tee hee

Have fun, safe travels! ❤

Thank you.

Have a great trip and enjoy.

I had a trip. I survived.

Enjoy your time away!!

Have a great trip!

It was a trip. Not so great but a break of sorts, I guess.

God bless you and keep you safe on your journey - and have fun...{#apploud.gif}{#dancing6.gif}{#drinking33.gif}

I have to say though I am so relieved that you are only going on vacation - usually a title like this one means you are done and leaving blogster again.... lol I am glad that is not it.

Close but not yet.

I'm back. Where are you?

I am here - since I started to seriously lose some weight in March I am down 58 pounds and keeping it off even after foot surgery where I was in a boot for 6 weeks.  Naturally slim  helped me figured out how much, when, and what to eat.  I think I am comfortable in losing now.  If I see a pound or two gain I tightened up on my eating and exercising and get back on track.  calories in calories out. s when I am not her I am riding my three wheeler, with a chihuahua in the back basket,  around my HOA and waving at neighbors.  lol

That is truly excellent news. Well done. Losing weight and keeping it off is so very hard. Well done, Hips.

Enjoy & safe travels

I'm b-a-c-k. Didn't have much time to respong to comments while away.

Glad you are back safe. I hope you enjoyed your time away. 

It was time away. That is about all.

I see, sometimes trips are like that. 

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