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Oh, Look. A Record.

Added: Wednesday, January 15th 2020 at 8:08am by ZenofKen
Related Tags: weather, winter

So far (knock on wood), the 'fix' to the bathroom has held and nothing has frozen yet. Of course it it costing me a fortune in extra electric heat to accomplish this but ... Just a couple more days of this and it is supposed to start warming.

Meanwhile the NYT is reporting that last year was the second warmest on record. Screw that!

User Comments

I can't imagine those minus numbers. It would be like living on the North Pole, brrrrr!  I know you can't wait for that warm up! Thank gawd the "fix" is holding up, yAy!  Hang in there Ken!

Just read in the paper a big storm is set to hit here this week. Some rain today and they the major part starting Thursday, then cooler temps after that for a week. We shall see, but it has been cooler here lately.

You get the rain, We'll get the snow (Starting Thursday, going through Friday, then bitter cold.  Temps in the teens for a week, at least.  With the windchills in the -10 to 20 degrees or even lower.

The plus side of living where I do, only wet rain falls and not frozen rain.

The one weather channel on the Internet says it has rained here on this date 21 of the last 30 years. Are these people crazy? We don't get rain in winter. We get snow. 

Any thing in the - is too cold for me.  If it got as cold as -41, I'd be frozen solid, lol!!

Well, it has warmed up 1 degree since this morning. It is now -40.

A fine day for outside fun. Who's up for playing "Start the Frozen Truck"? 

Never had a minus in my Loooooooong life.......,{#blush.gif} but boy I could do with one now. and boy O boy I/we could do with some rain.

That's just crazy talk right there, Ken!  I'd be moving south for sure.  

wow just wow

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