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Muslim Community Patrols Have NYC Residents Alarmed

Added: Thursday, February 7th 2019 at 11:58am by ZenofKen
Related Tags: terrorism, islam, muslim

You didn't think this would come to America? It is already here and no one is doing anything.

Watch the video to see how far this has gone in Europe. 

This has to stop.

'Muslim Community Patrols' have NYC residents alarmed

User Comments

I saw this yesterday at One American News.

Just wonderful, isn't it? Why not just let the terrorists take over now.

so they are not ptrolling themselves to create a better impression oh no - what in the hell is wrog with New York.  AOC is obvious

People should demand an end to this.

Well, seems that New Yorkers would stop electing socialist Dems.

Hell, Republicans do not stand up against this either. We have become a weak, pathetic, brainwashed nation.

Where's their funding coming from?

Probably the Saudis or Iranians.

Who do they think they are??? People need to start taking an interest in this or soon, they will be under Muslim jurisdiction and Sharia Law. 

We have become too stupid to stop it.

Notice New York and Cal. are pretty much acting the same way. Run by the libs and the libs will run those states in the ground.

This is exactly what NY needs... everything they've voted for coming to fruition.

There is a saying, "You will be governed by God or. by God, you will be goverend." Liberals are so fucking stupid they cannot see that by not standing up to this they are setting the stage for an eventual Islamic takeover.

PC and tolerance will cut off their heads.

{#wow_girl.gif} {#what-the-heck.gif} How come they are allowed to impersonate the police ?, I really find it so hard to understand how this is allowed to happen, I find it mind blowing, they are trying to take over, it is a very dangerous thing to allow, it should be stopped before it is too late.

It blows my mind too but watch for it. It will be coming to you soon.

They will be taking over the world in a very short time, I'm afraid, because no leader has the balls to stand up and be counted to protect there own country.

This is outrageous!  I hope they get arrested for impersonating a police officer!

In NYC? With all those democrats? Not a chance,

Alll I see are easy to spot targets

I have to investigate further but yesterday I saw a news story that said these were sanctioned by the NYPD. If that is true we just need to shoot Blasio.

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