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Just Not Right

Added: Thursday, March 14th 2019 at 10:01am by ZenofKen
Related Tags: health

I have been sick for almost two weeks now and not getting any better. I have seen two doctors, neither one my own. One just calls it a gastrointestinal upset while the other just said there was a bug going around. 

I wish medical schools graduated real doctors instead of the funny book kinds we seem to be getting lately.

I am left with diagnosing myself and haven't been successful with that either but perhaps my daughter hit the nail on the head last night.

She mentioned that many on a KETO diet wind uo having gall bladder problems due to the nassive ncrease of fat and for now I am running with that. It would explain the upset and the continual pain.

In any case, I will see my own doctor next week and perhaps we can get to the bottom of this, so to speak.

If I am not around blogging as usualy it is because I am laying down writhing in pain.


User Comments

Jeeze...I hope they find the issue. I was wondering when I read this if it was a part of your new diet. My body revolts if I change foods up too much!

Doctor said wasn't the diet. Just gastro. Seem to be feeling better today, finally, after two weeks of this.

Before having to have my gallbladder removed, I used to have severe gallbladder attacks that hurt so bad, I'd break out in a sweat and I'd turn a pasty white.  The "attack" would last anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes.  After 3 episodes of that pain, I brought my own self to the ER and told them that I thought my gallbladder was acting up.  Long story short...I had 2 gallstones.  I had got mine from losing weight.

Do they have any medication to calm things down?

Between the time I went to the ER and having my gallbladder surgery, they gave me a prescription for Demerol for the pain.  It really helped.

That Keto Diet is the culprit.  Your daughter is right.  To much fat.  I had my gull bladder removed years ago.  And.....still not able to eat fatty foods. 

The Dr. may suggest surgery to remove your gullbladder, and you may be able to stick with the diet, with no more pain.  Then again, you may not.

Dr. didn't check me out much but did say it wasn't my gall bladder. He is saying the whole thing - the days of diarrhea and now the stomach pain - are all the same thing - gastro enteritis. Apparently there is a lot going around and mine are classic symptoms. Gave me a prescription for an industrial strength anti-acid. Hope it works. Am tired. of the pain.

In simple words, stomach flu.  I sure hope that's all it is!  A prayer goes up for you!

Zenoken:  the best thing I ever had done was to have my gall bladder removed by keyhole surgery.  It is hard to explain the relief I have had for the past twenty odd years.   Fat free and dairy free used to give me relief but as soon as I felt well again I would over indulge on the bad things.   I was in and out of hospital inside three days with no problems whatsoever.   If it turns out that is your problem have it seen to - it is definitely not self curing..............Mike..


Just got out of the quacks office. He is stickig with gastro-enteritish. Says he doesn't think it is my gall bladder. Gave me some industrial strength meds to settle things down.

We will see. 

My daughter had her gall bladder out last fall and feels much better so if this medication doesn't fix me I am going to tell him to dig deeper, so to speak.

I think your daughter sounds like she knows more about the medical field than they do.

LOL. Well, she is pretty smart and she works at the hospital as a lab technician.

Enough said!

Sorry to hear you haven't been well. Hope you get to the bottom of it soon and get better.


Felt a little better today. Saw my own doctor. He thinks it is just gastro. Gave me a Rx to settle my stomach. I will hope it works.

Hopefully the Rx will fix you up.

I have read that ketosis is not good to put your body into for a long time. hubby had 1 doc he went to for CDL physical and he would say his ketones were way to high. that was on a high protein low carb diet

KETO is not high protein. In fact, well ... Keto die tis High fat. Maybe long term being years it night not be healthy but many doctors say there is no harm. I was only on it for a month and a half. That is barely getting started.

Doctor says I just have gastro enteritish. Prescribed some industrial strength meds. 

He says that once you have been on the Keto diet for two months or so your body becomes fat adapted and then there is no problem. Once I am feeling better I will go back on.

I had to look that word up. Get well soon

If the pain is very severe l would go to the hospital.   A fortnight is too long for this to be going on.

I felt a littlebetter today and saw my own doctor. He thinks just gastro. Gave me an Rx to settle my stomach.

Glad to hear your feeling a little better.  Hope you keep improving.

Yep, I think , your daughter is right. I have been reading up on this. I have gallstones myself. Yes, the pain hurts. I found relief after two attacks by actually throwing up. I thought I was never going to stop. Excruating pain through out my stomach. I at the time had no idea what it was. I thought it was major gas problems as I have a twisted colon. Ultra sound revealed several stones. Sometimes, you can pass them. Read up on it Ken and see if this sounds like your problem. 

There is meds to dissolve them , my doctor told me to take them for 6 months. Ha, I have insurance and guess what they would cost me? 1ooo.oo out of my pocket for 6 months??? I cant afford that. What I do know is when I eat, dont lay right down. I stay up for at least 3 hrs. after I eat. This has helped and it helps with Gerd. I had a bad habit of eating, then lying down to watch tv. Not anymore. I think that may of what set mine off. I had some bad eating habits. 

Not my gall bladder yet, the doctor says. Just a bad case of gastro. New medication should settl eme down. I hope.

I hope so too.

A simple, inexpensive ultrasound will reveal if you have gallbladder issues.  If you still feel ill, you should insist on one.

Hard to onsist when all medicine is government controlled. But in any case I am finally beginning to trust this guy so ... but if the pain comes back (it is much better today) I will be in his office making demands.

I am sorry you are in so much pain. I've seen words of caution when people start on diets, that they should get their doctor's okay before doing it. I dont know if you did but I'm glad it was just gastro and you are on the mend.

I feel much improved today. No stomach ache from yesterday afternoon on. Hopefully I am getting better. I am off my diet right now but will go on after the weekend (it is Tess' mother's birthday and I am not going to miss all that good food). 

Happy Birthday to Tess's mother, hope you enjoyed all the food!!...{#basic-laugh.gif}

Well I'm with your daughter, I thought that diet would cause some problem, but for once in my life kept my big mouth shut, to much fat is not good Ken, give the diet a break and see what happens, it cant hurt now can it.??

I am so glad the meds seem to be working.   I'm sure you are too!  

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