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BLOGSTER - Your Help Requested. All of You. Even the Ones That Don't Like Me

Added: Monday, November 23rd 2020 at 9:31am by ZenofKen
Category: Blogster > News > General News
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PMs, Personal Messages, have been an integral part of Blogster but for many they no longer work. I have played wth the PMs this morning using my own and a couple of Spam accounts. None of them work and none of the usual 'fixes' to sort them out are working.

So, the question becomes whose PMs work and whose do not?

Would you PLEASE leave one comment only below telling me if your PMs work or not (i.e. Can you or do you receive PMs. We know they can be sent. The question is can people receive them.) I will send this list on to Rica who will try (again) to get this fixed.

Thank you.

User Comments

Mine do not work.

Thank you. They do not work for any of the spam accounts I utiilized today either. Maybe they are broken for everyone. We will see.

We shall see.  I sent you a message.  If you get it, it does. If you don't gert it, it doesn't.

No, that will just confirm mine don't work (which I know).

Are you able to receive messages. Do people PM you and are you able to read them?

Kat sent me a message.  No it doesn't work for me, still not getting messages.

I don't know as I have sent none nor know if any sent me one

I just sent you one. Of course that doesn't help as I do not know if mine work outgoing or not either.

  There was a problem retrieving your message. Please try again later, or report a bug, if you beleive this is a persistent problem.

KK Thanks

 sent one to ellie

Mine don't work and I don't want them to work.

LOLOL Thanks

No doesn't work

Thank you.

I dont know for sure. I havent received any emails since May of this year.

Thank you, Wendi. I will mark you down as a no as that seems unlikely,

Thank you.

It's been awhile since I could receive one.

Thank you,

Not working!

Thank you, Sir.

Not working

Thank you, Martin.

Hasn't worked for long time.

Thank you. I am getting the feeling it works for no one.

Neither VickieCollins nor scenefromtheleft can receive private messages....both accounts get notification that a message has been sent, but the message itself is "invisable".

Thank you. That is exactly the way it is for me. Don't know who it does work for.

Probably nobody.

I will let Rica know. Blogsterkurt worked on this before and got nowhere but we can hope.

1derlander cannot receive PMs. Been that way since sometime on or after 5-22-2020

Thank you.

Mine do not.

Thank you.

I'd like to help but I just don't have the answer. Sorry. 

The question is merely if you are able to receive PMs or not?

I have received them and replied to them but not recently. 

Excatly why and how long is Metal banned for?  

The timing of this decision reeks of lefty pc butt-hurt.cenosorship and you know it, Ken.

Frankly, I do not care what you think. Firstly, the "why and how long" are not a matter for public discussion. Secondly, I did not take the action. It was done by the site Administrator.

I had been receiving/sending up through July of 2019.  Can't be sure about since that time, or currently, as I've been pretty much inactive on Blogster. 

Thank you.

NO not working hasn't worked for months.

I knew they didn't work for you. You hadn't sent me any love letters. LOL

{#basic-cry.gif} Well now you know why.....{#basic-cry.gif} {#basic-cry.gif} {#crying.gif} {#crying.gif} {#crying.gif} {#crying.gif} {#floating.gif}

Ken, I had sent you a message, and Wendi a reply.
I have not seen a reply lately but was receiving messages early in the year only. 

Thank you. I am making a list and will send it on. Maybe the Admin can get something going to have them fixed.

Sorry, hatinman, I saw the notification from you, but couldnt get it. I returned your PM so am guessing you didnt get it either. 

I sent Bro Doc a message we shall see if it was recieved.

Propbably not but let me know please. Thank you.

BD said he didn't receive my pm.  

I could only log in through my phone. I can’t access the site on my laptop at all. Once logged in on my phone my page is black and I can’t send or receive. The site must be on holiday.

Have not been able to receive.  Tried to send, but not sure if it got there.

Prolly not. It isn't working for anyone and is unlikey to be fixed.

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