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what do you at christmas

Controversial Content
Added: Monday, December 13th 2010 at 6:15pm by yomocupcakes
Related Tags: holidays

20 Responses Created by yomocupcakes on December 13, 2010


what do you do at christmas

  • do nothing
  • give to others
  • go to church
  • stay at home and have fun with your family
  • none of the above

User Comments

I think they're shoulda been an "all of the above button"... just sayin:)

Praise the LORD, enjoy the company of my family, give aid where I am able and give gifts...... pretty much the same things I do throughout the year.

I give thanks for being born in the most wonderful country in the world, my family and my faith. 

no it said i had to put a awser so i did


Why is the correct answer give to others?  Don't we all give to others every single day we work?  It goes to the government & then is redistributed...

well there is no correct awser i didnt mean to

You should have an "all of the above" option because Christmas is many things on many levels...for example, one thing about Christmas is wishing a total stranger a very Happy Holiday!

Hopes Yours is Merry and Safe!

thanks for the advice

and merry christmas to you to:)

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