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7 Cars With The Best Resale Value

Added: Tuesday, July 12th 2016 at 6:03am by wwwblogsterwarrantycom
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There’s a widely held belief that the second a vehicle is driven off the dealership’s lot that it immediately loses value of at least $1,000. Finding vehicles that hold resale value well over the years is essential for anyone who doesn’t plan on keeping his car or truck for a decade or more. The most valuable vehicles aren’t always the ones that cost the most, but are the vehicles which will lose the smallest percentage of their initial value after a certain period of time (usually 36 or 60 months).

1. 2013 Toyota FJ Cruiser: The FJ Cruiser is a favorite with off-road and Toyota enthusiasts; however, Toyota has recently shared that it won’t manufacture the vehicle past the 2014 model year. For drivers able to get their hands on one of the remaining FJ Cruisers, the value for this vehicle will hold better than any other car or truck on the road.

2. 2013 Toyota Tacoma: Pickup trucks are the best-selling vehicles in the United Kingdom, and the Toyota Tacoma is a great choice for anyone who needs the utility or towing capacity of a truck. Because the Tacoma is also a Toyota vehicle, owners can also expect a very low amount of servicing required to keep the truck in good shape.

3. 2013 Jeep Wrangler: A popular truck for drivers of all kinds for decades, the Jeep Wrangler is a fun vehicle to drive, but also puts in work when a driver needs it. Experts suggest that the Jeep Wrangler will hold onto to almost 67 percent of its initial value for the first 36 months of ownership.

4. 2013 Honda CR-V: The recently redesigned Honda CR-V has gotten high marks for drivability and is one of the best SUVs on the road today. It also retains a good chunk of its value over the first few years of ownership as the highest compact SUV on the list.

5. 2013 Toyota 4Runner: Toyota has a lot of spots on the list of vehicles that retain the most value, and the Toyota 4Runner is only slightly behind the Honda CR-V in the overall value it retains. The 2013 4Runner is the 28th year that Toyota has been selling this durable and dependable SUV.

6. 2013 Toyota Land Cruiser: The 6th spot on the list is another Toyota vehicle, and the Land Cruiser is a great SUV for anyone who wants a few luxuries in their vehicle and isn’t afraid to pay a premium for those features.

7. 2013 Porsche Cayenne: As one of the most expensive models on the list, the Porsche Cayenne was once seen as a vehicle that would do terrible things to the venerated Porsche brand; however, the vehicle has attracted purists and new fans alike for its status as a luxury SUV with the character of the Porsche name.

Best Resale Value


Although most of the most valuable vehicles for resale value are trucks and SUVs, honorable mentions for valuable vehicles do include a few sedans such as the Honda Civic and the Scion tC. Some of these vehicles require quite an investment while others are very affordable in nature. One thing each of these cars and trucks has in common is that they’re a wonderful investment for anyone who wants a valuable vehicle to sell in a few years.

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