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Poker Bots that Work

Added: Tuesday, March 6th 2018 at 12:16am by workingpokerbots
Category: Technology
Related Tags: games, technology, poker

It is the year 2018 and online poker bots have been commercially available in various forms for about 15 years now. Poker players who are interested in botting usually say, “Show me the poker bots that work .” But they don’t all mean the same thing by this question. If a software program does not function properly, it will not remain available for long. Functioning for a poker bot means reading the cards and situation correctly, following a set of playing instructions, clicking the right buttons and/or typing in the right bet amount, and reacting fast enough not to slow the game down or call attention to oneself. Now, I must confess that this is exactly what some people do mean by “working.” These are the most reasonable potential botters; the ones who will probably see the most success.
But others mean something else. Some players who are looking for “working” poker bots simply mean “winning” poker bots. This is an irrational definition. There are a lot more things which need defining now. Do you mean win every hand? Of course not. Every session? Some will say yes, as irrational as this requirement is as well. What type of game environment will you be using the software in? How much tinkering are you prepared to do with the playing instructions? If you are looking for something you can use out of the box, you cannot expect to blindly stick it at tables and see enviable results at anything other than the lowest stakes micro-tables.
As of this writing there are two primary platforms for “working” poker bots. The first is open source and called Open Holdem . The technology used is fairly simple screen-scraping, so the only requirement is that someone makes a “table map” for a site in order to support it. You can join the Open Holdem forum, download the software and tutorials, find profiles that will get you started, and then try to learn the programming language for tweaking your own instructions. The learning curve can be daunting, but it is accomplishable for most determined individuals, and the expenses involved in going this route are minimal. It can actually be done with no expense whatsoever (which is the way we recommend).
But wait. Some scoundrels have packaged Open Holdem with ready-made profiles and are selling them as “poker bot packages.” Scoundrels because everyone in the Open Holdem community hates these operators, and understandably so. Reselling open source software for absurdly high prices doesn’t make you many friends in the open source community. You will pay over $100 for what will probably cost you closer to $30 if you just go to the Open Holdem forum to get the same working components (assuming you buy a ready-made profile from someone), if that much. And you will still be stuck learning Python or a similarly-complicated programming language in order to tweak your own playing instructions. This is important. If you don’t do this part, you are at the mercy of a profile you overpaid for and which will certainly make some plays you don’t like.
The other working Poker Bot platform is, of course, Shanky Technologies . They have been selling poker bots for over a decade and have a unique product. It does screen scraping, too, but that is only part of how it gets its information. Consequently, site support takes more than simply making a table map and, as a result, the list of supported sites is not as long. Also, when a site changes software it takes longer for them to get support back. But the product is superb and the list of supported sites always seems to be long enough. It is a better bot than Open Holdem based bots, as it has better functionality and reliability.
Most importantly, you don’t need to learn a full blown computer programing language to customize your playing instructions. The Shanky bot comes with its own easy-to-learn language called PPL that makes tweaking a profile
, or even creating one from scratch, a very doable project even for non-tech-heads. It’s such a good system that even the Open Holdem crowd has attempted to steal it and use PPL for Open Holdem. They couldn’t quite get all the variables converted, so they are still left with an inferior product made from parts of this and some of that.
Those are your current working poker bots. Shanky Technologies is the best, and then you have Open Holdem. You even have commercially packaged Open Holdem products if you don’t mind being ripped off. Now go tweak your own profile and get to botting.


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