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How does witch hazel for hemorrhoids reduce the pain?

Added: Monday, February 12th 2018 at 6:36am by Witchhazelforhemorrhoids

I didn’t like the idea to use witch hazel for hemorrhoids when I get them the first time as shown here http://healtheline.info/witch-hazel-hemorrhoids/.

I thought they will go away on their own, so I waited..and waited, but they didn’t budge, the pain was still there with all the itching and burning that comes along with it.

So finally I used witch hazel for hemorrhoids, I grabbed a clean cotton ball and used it to apply the witch hazel cream on the damaged area near the anus.

Truth is I felt a relief down there, and I thought I had finally found something that worked to soothe the itching and burning.

But, to my disappointment the relief lasted only for a few hours, before the itching came back again. I again used witch hazel and with more quantity this time, and enjoyed the relief once again.

But, again at night I felt like an immense pain down there, and I came to the conclusion that witch hazel for hemorrhoids work only for a short period of time, and is unable to keep the hemorrhoids from coming back.

It was then that I decided to look for a powerful treatment, because I had become sick of being tired and sick. I didn’t want to spend my life applying creams and suppositories down there.

I wanted a cure that can eradicate the hemorrhoids once and for all. I knew that finding such a cure won’t be easy with all the conflicted and misinformation that fill the web.

But, nonetheless, I started reading and learning everything I can get my hands on about hemorrhoids. I searched low high on the internet about the best way that can rid me of hemorrhoids for good.

Until one day I came across an old forum discussion where a former hemorrhoids ‘ patient revealed how he had completely cured his hemorrhoids case, and regained his health back without using creams or drugs or surgery, but only with the use of natural treatment.

I wrote down all the information he shared, and noted down all items he stated necessary to for the natural remedy to work, I then went on preparing the natural remedy, and I used it that night.

Along with the natural remedy he shared, he also gave helpful tips on curing constipation, since it was the real cause of hemorrhoids.

He stated that he got in the habit to drink more water, that’s because water helps the body to flush out toxins, and thus reducing the odds for constipation to occur.

He also mentioned that he used to eat a lot of fiber, after reading about its benefits. Fiber is famous for its ability to lubricate stools, and make them lees harder or dry. Fiber also helps foods to move smoothly and fast throughout the intestines, so you won’t find yourself straining on the toilet.

So, it is important to consume at least 34 grams per day.

I did all he said, I applied the natural remedy three times a day, and followed the tips he gave about drinking water, eating fiber, and also doing some light physical exercises. And guess what just within a week I felt healthier and the hemorrhoids had gone for good.

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