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Newt accepts thanks for putting Juan Williams in his place....but looks a bit uncomfortable!!

Controversial Content
Added: Wednesday, January 18th 2012 at 1:52pm by winning
Category: News & Issues

This afternoon during a Q/A session at one of his stops, Newt took a question from the audience....that actually set him on his heels:

Questioner to Newt: "I would like to thank you...for putting Mr. Juan Williams in his place" #whatdebate?


That's right.....its already on Twitter and probably soon to be on Youtube...it definitely made MSNBC!!

Problem...Newt is finally starting to feel a little uncomfortable with this approach. He knows he will have to pivote to the center at sometime....either after he takes the south from Romney or when and if he gets the nomination and he knows that this Food Stamp President and Jobs stuff that he is pushing in South Carolina won't sell in a general election!!

As long as Newt stays out on this limb.....I will keep doing short post on it!!

And if you don't think the statement, "Putting Juan Williams in his place"....is not a "Dog Whistle"...then I need to give you a few lessons in American History. If you get a chance to see the video....watch Newt's face and you will understand that he heard the "Whistle".....and actually wanted no parts of it!!

Newt is a smart guy with a lot to offer....he needs to abandon this approach before its to late!!

User Comments

I think it is too late.

Typically both parties run to the left or right in the primaries.  And movong to the center for the election.  It's been that way most of the time I can remember.  But your are right, he will have to move soon.

they are all toast....except for Paul, and believe it or not I see him coming up, it maybe that enough people gravitate towards him that they have no choice. i don't see Romney winning, and Newt? No way, Perry is tast and won't quit and the rest...whos left Santorim? lmao, ok, looks like it's gonna be Obama in 2012...wont matter all that much cause in 2012 the Mayans say we're toast anyways, lol.

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