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How Much Do You Really Know About Affirmative Action?

Controversial Content
Added: Tuesday, April 1st 2014 at 10:01am by winning
Category: Polls & Quizzes

9 Responses Created by winning on April 1, 2014


What President signed the first Affirmative Action Order?

  • Dwight D. Einsenhower
  • John F. Kennedy
  • Lyndon B. Johnson
  • None of the Above


Do Affirmative Action Laws govern Non-Governmental Organizations?

  • Yes
  • No


Who benefited most from Affirmative Action between 1970 and 1990?

  • Blacks
  • Women
  • Hispanics
  • None of the Above


Was Affirmative Action needed to end Segregation at Ivy League Graduate Schools like Harvard?

  • Yes
  • No


Is Title IX a form of Affirmative Action?

  • Yes
  • No

User Comments

Once again, I got three out of 5 right....the ones I missed were number where I thought eisenhower did something like affirmative action for the military and title IX whichg I had no idea what it was.

That's okay Vickie....as with the other quiz, I had to do some research myself and did the quiz because I was surprised I at what I did not know!

1) What political party founded the K.K.K.

2) The Congressional majority of which political party voted AGAINST the 1964 Civil Rights Act

3) The Congressional majority of which political party voted AGAINST the 1965 Voting Rights Act

4) Are Article VII quotas a form of racial profiling and discrimination

5) Does affirmative action require the very discrimination it is seeking to eliminate

You know gray you are a peace of work!

The post and the questions have nothing to do with race or party....because for your information...Affirmative Action is not only about race!!

The remise of the test was what do you really know about affirmative action...and the response you gave give clear indication that you know very little.  Did you take the test?  If so how did you do??

I have nothing but love for you man!!{#basic-laugh.gif}

For your information it is not even an exclusively American concept!

(CNN) - In 1961, President John F. Kennedy signed Executive Order 10925,ordering that federally funded projects "take affirmative action to ensure that applicants are employed, and employees are treated during employment, without regard to their race, creed, color, or national origin."

And you say its not about race? Funny says here is was. 

The question was which president signed the first Affirmative Action order.....the question said nothing about the content of the order!

You assumed that I was going to focus on race....and you were wrong!

Also Lydon Johnson added women to it after it was put in place Winning for BLACKS! 

yes todays affirmative action covers a host of races, genders, lifestyles and such, but it was ORIGINALLY signed to 'protect' blacks. 

Later, President Lyndon B. Johnson expanded on Kennedy's order to include women and signed the Civil Rights Act into law. He explained the purpose of affirmative action in this speech to Howard University's 1965 graduating class:

Oh? How can you NOT focus on race with this issue, sign it was signed itlaw to protect a race. 

See below response!

win, you are a “piece” of something as well! Your question #1 was ALL about political parties.

 Numbers 3( except for women)-4(?segregation?) &5 (change court venues claiming racial bias) are ALL about race! I would enjoy your “quizzes” more if you didn’t vainly attempt to load the questions, than fabricate the answers. Hey! Are we having fun yet?

 Here is one for extra credit, what administration is given credit for coining the term affirmative action?

You have no idea what Title IX is do you??


Questions are only loaded to those who think they know where I am going....but really don't!

Unlike you I am not obsessed by certain things....but I constantly try to expand my mind!

Do a little research on Title IX then come back at me!

Take off your blinders.....stop assumint that I am not trying to be racially bias because we know what happens when one assumes....read the questions and then take another guess at where I am going!{#basic-laugh.gif}


By the way....question #4 is what is known as a "Foil"....a question put into the quiz to keep the student from assuming they know the intentions of the instructor!{#basic-laugh.gif}

We all know where not only are you going, but where you are coming from. You have the unmitigated gall to question my response with tour condesending CRAP...

 This "research took all of 30 seconds to demonstrate what a deciever and bigot YOU ARE...

Title IX made it easier to move civil rights cases from state courts with segregationist judges and all-white juries to federal court. This was of crucial importance to civil rights activists who could not get a fair trial in state courts.

Title IX of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 should not be confused with Title IX of the Education Amendments Act of 1972

 I don't think you were confused...I think that you are dishonest. And as for the "foil" thing, I believe I can describe you with a word that starts with an F and ends with an L ... Keep this going so everyone can see your intentions.

Gray who said anything about Title IX of the Civil Rights Act??

Only you!!!!!!

I will keep it going so that people can see really how trouble you are!

You have made an assumption without even closely reading the questions....by the way how did you do on the quiz?

You did not tell me.....if you got the majority of the questions wrong then maybe you were fishing in the wrong pond and don't know as much about Affirmative Action as you think you do!!

I have nothing but love for you man!{#basic-laugh.gif}

Oh winning's reponses on his last two posts have pretty much spelled out where he's coming from and where he's going. I've heard these exact arguments and answers he gives us coming from the most radical leftists, and I've heard them a thousand times before. He actually resembles a community activist to the T. He hasn't said one thing that even comes close to resembling a Republican or a Conservative. HELL, not even a RINO!!!

See my comment below to get an idea what this quiz was all about!

Did you take it?

Or did you assume like Gray that you knew where I was going?{#basic-laugh.gif}

I took both of your "quizzes" and I saw how both were geared.

Just how was this one geared??

It doesn't have a gear!

You are drinking the same Kool aid as Gray!

Okay it is obvious that we cannot have a little fun with testing our knowledge of Affirmative Action without some here believing that their understanding of what constitutes Affirmative Action is the only true understanding or use of the concept!

So to set the record straight I will ruin the opportunity that others might take to answer the quiz by giving the answers and the reason for doing the Post....just to see the reaction from a select group of people!

JFK was the first President to coin the phrase Affirmative Action when issued an Executive Order in 1961.  Some countries refer to the concept as positive discrimination, reservation or positive action.

Affirmative Action EO applied only to contracts or positions within the Federal Government and have no impact on the private sector.  LBJ extended Affirmative Action to include Sex....because the Civil Rights Act did not guarantee protections to women.  

As a result the position and status of women in our society drastically improved between 1970-1990.  Assess to previously denied rights increased by almost 15% for women doing this period....while Black assess only increased by 8.1%.

The Foil question in the quiz...number 4 should have been easy to figure out because Harvard and other Ivy League Universitities by and large are Private Institutions and as such not bound by Affirmative Action rules....plus Graduate Schools in American had been accepting black applicants since the 1890's!

Finally Title IX in the eyes of almost everyone I know refers to the legislation that guaranteed equal participation for women in education!

And for the less informed....March was National Womens Month!!

The quiz was about Affirmative Action and the effect it has had on women!{#basic-laugh.gif}

Did any of you learn something from it?

And to the even less informed.....I do another site here at Blogster called AA County 695hoops....that exclusively covers Girls High School Basketball....so you see womens issues do concern me a lot!

Now don't some of you feel real stupid!!{#basic-laugh.gif}

By the way...here is the link to the other site if you want to see some really fantastic young ladies:


Win starts out with LBJ, Affirmative Action, segregation, and Title IX.   I gave the definition of that title under LBJ and   now IT wants to play games. Here is the Education IX, unless win has another one in mind.   I ask that do find out how dishonest win can be!

  Title IX   of 1964 should not be confused with Title IX of the Education Amendments Act of 1972 .

    The Higher Education Act of 1965 was amended in1972 and it also had a Title IX that is best known for its impact on high school and collegiate athletics , concern over how Title IX would affect men's athletics prompted some to look for ways to limit the influence of Title IX.

    In June 1975 the regulations were codified in the Federal Register so people truly understood the ramifications of Title IX as it would apply to college athletics .

You can't admit that you were wrong can you!

You are still going down a different road then the Post!

And what is worse....you are trying to tell me what I intended!  Man you really have a set on you!!

But I have nothing but love for you!! {#basic-laugh.gif}

In the second part of your comment you get to where I was going with the quiz...but you just could not bring yourself to admit that you were wrong about my intent!

Gray....you and those like you that have blinders on take the fun out of Blogging for some people!

I have been very patient with you....but you have gone back to your old ways...so I will deal with you the way I used to deal with you!

When you get off topic....I will just delete your comment...and move on!

Sorry, but you tend to ruin things for other people....so again....either stay on the subject and follow the jest of the Post or get deleted!

And again...I have nothing but love for you!{#basic-laugh.gif}

4 of 5, missed #2, NGO, although I think (not sure) that if they accept Fed funds, they are affected by Affirmative Action. Great quiz. 

Exactly benni.....many organizations are effected by it, or decide to abide by it but only Federally Funded Organizations are mandated.

NGO's are effected only in the areas that accept the funds...you are correct.  Some departments at Private Institutions are federally funded...and therefore must adhere to AA rules

Title IX clearly crosses many lines and made the concept more acceptable generally.

Thanks for your comment.{#basic-laugh.gif}

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