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Cooking with Debbie and DJ: A SPAM Story for "SFTL" and "Bigfatdaddy" and then a "Leftover" Recipe fit for these COVID 19 Times!!!

Controversial Content
Added: Wednesday, May 20th 2020 at 1:11pm by winning
Category: Food & Drink
Related Tags: recipe


The other day when commenting about one of my Recipes, SFTL mentioned "Bologna"!  I responded about how it could be prepared and that lead to a brief dialogue.  I mentioned to her at that time that I would repost something I did on Facebook almost a year ago concerning the food product "SPAM"!!  It is a bit of a War Story...but a traumatic one for me (smile).  Just to give the FB Post some context the individual mentioned in the Post SFC Melvin Baum is a bit of a legend in the "Retiree Community" here in the Military District of Washington.  A Viet Nam Vet and former member of the "Big Red One" (1st Infantry Division), he is best remembered amongst other things for being a Driver for one of the first Black Major Generals, who was seen one day leaving the PentagonwiththeGeneral behind the wheel and him in the back seat reading a newspaper (a story for another time)!!{#rofl.gif}   

In the Post I am referencing a 15 Day Field Exercise conducted in the wilds of Virginia where the Army and Marines conducted a joint tactical exercise.  We tested Military Supply Systems and what would happen if they failed.  We also tested unintentionally the endurance of the average Soldier when good food was limited.  It was one of my first extended exposures to the new MRE (Meal Ready to Eat).  But most importantly it was my last exposure to SPAM!!!!{#angry.gif}{#angry.gif}

Here is the FB Post:

Trials of DJ Part 3!!:  Seeing that picture of SFC Baum reminded me that it has been 35 years since SPAM has crossed these lips.  Yes, it was during "Operation Cornerstone 84" that because of Supply problems we ate SPAM for (7) straight days!!!!!  We ate it fried, boiled in a sauce, cold, hot, every way it could be prepared!!  I swore that if I could get a decent meat to eat that I would never eat SPAM again!! And I have kept that pledge!!  I have nightmares to this day about SPAM!!!!!😲😲😲


Here is my Recipe for today...Granny's Leftover Chicken Stew!!!  During this COVID 19 period people are eating more at home and if they are not preparing food from the frig then they are dealing with leftovers from a Carry Out.  When the leftover is Chicken my Granny used to prepare a "Bomb" Chicken Stew that you might like!  It's easy to prepare and all that is required is somethings that you should have around the house anyway.


3 Fried Chicken Quarters (We used legs and thighs from Churches Chicken)

1 Medium Onion

1 Large Potato (We used a Russett)

1 stalk of Celery

2 Cans of Stewed Tomato (Any Brand)

3 Cups of Water

1T Oregano

1T Italian Seasoning

1T Adobo (1/2t of Sea Salt can subsitute)


Break Chicken into pieces and place in a Large Pot.  Chop Onion, potato, and celery into pieces and place in pot.  Add in the two cans of Stewed Tomato and cover with water.  Add appropriate seasoning and cook over medium heat for 25-30 minutes or until potato's are done.  Serve in bowl along with some Artesano Bread!  

These are the actual photo's taken step by step as I prepared this dish....try ityou will enjoy it!!

And for her Tee Shirt Fans Debbie has this one:


User Comments

It's that what we're doing now, Winning? Where are all the interesting political blogs? What am I supposed to do with a spam recipe?

Debbie has me on lockdown until the COVID 19 thing is over!!!  And trust me it is killing me!!{#bag-on-head.gif}{#bag-on-head.gif}{#bag-on-head.gif}{#bag-on-head.gif}

Oh no. You are torturing me with these cooking blogs. Get back to politics soon.

There are many things that I ate in the Marines that I ahven't eaten since!!!

I don't understand something in the title of your recipe---what is a 'leftover'??

The Chicken was a "Leftover" meaning it was left from a previous meal!!{#basic-laugh.gif}

Marines don't know what leftovers are...they used to feed them on paper plates because they would eat the steel trays...


Who leaves anything over when eating?? Don't you know kids are starving and would love to have what you aren't eating? No leftovers when I eat--I am thinking of all those poor, hungry kids!

Given half a chance you'd probably eat them, too.

Add a little ketchup--why not????

aStew looks great, kind of a end of the month kinda thing.  Spam...well...I was raised by Okies and spam was pretty much regular fare.  All kinds of ways.

Exactl BFD....she would always hook it up at the end of the month!!!{#basic-laugh.gif}

On the SPAM thing....sorry I just don't get it...never did.....and at the stage in my life never will!!!!{#basic-mouth-shut.gif}{#basic-mouth-shut.gif}{#basic-mouth-shut.gif}


Funny that it would come up.  I didn't have any choice as a kid...well, I DID have a choice...eat it or go hungry.  I haven't had any in a gazillion years and a week or so before the house arrest I picked up a can out of some sense of nostalgia...it's still in the pantry, may be there next year, who knows?


Funny or coincidence??? Our local supermarket has a special on Spam this week--2-4-1!!!


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