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Rocky, Cooking and my boring life in Perth

Added: Thursday, July 18th 2019 at 6:44am by Windancer

I hate winter!!  I feel like my life stagnates in the cold and I cant be bothered doing anything when the weather is so miserable.

Thank goodness I have my friend Rocky who gets me out of my hibernation for around an hour every day.

He is just the happiest dog especially when we go to the park...

he loves to sit and watch the ducks in the pond...

but he has never tried to walk down to the water to chase them even when I let him off his lead.  He just sits with me until I get up and walk again.

Every day we walk for about an hour stopping off at this park/reserve for a few minutes just to sit and take in the peace and quiet of nature.

Rocky is not my dog, he belongs to an elderly gentleman a few doors down from me.

Unfortunately he is not well enough to take Rocky for walks so I volunteered because I walk every day anyway and he's great company for me. 

I am more motivated to do the walks now than before I started taking him, sometimes I used to have to force myself (in winter) because it is the only exercise I do.

Rocky is a very calm and placid dog, he doesnt bother with other people or even other dogs that we come across. All he wants to do is keep walking which makes many people (who are not too sure about his breed) happy....lol.

Apart from walking Rocky every day, I havent done very much since I've come home from my round the world bucket list trip a couple of months ago. 

Winter tends to make me quite lazy and I'm glad I live alone so I dont have to worry about getting out of bed if I dont want to, or do anything I dont feel like doing.

What I do love to do is cook but lately I've even been too lazy to add to my collection of recipe tutorials here on blogster.

I take photos if the dish turns out nice and maybe sometime in the future I will post the recipe/tutorial when I'm in the mood.

Here are some of them, I always cook enough for at least two or three meals so that I can freeze and reheat them next time.

Winter always calls for a nice hearty and SPICY soup to warm you up nice and toasty!!

This is a bowl of spicy, hot sour soup with noodles and vegetables and meatballs.

a nice vegetarian curry is good too!!

or a very quick and easy stir fry....

I guess you've noticed I love chillies!!

Here's a nice sweet and sour fish using my own recipe for the best batter which is equal amounts of all purpose flour, cornflour (also knows as corn starch) and rice flour with a generous pinch of salt and mixed into a batter with ICE COLD water.

I went to the Asian grocery and bought some frozen grated Cassava and made these Cassava Cakes which is always a Filipino favorite, I gave one to my neice for her birthday, being a Filipina she was over-joyed....lol.

Life is boring for me at the moment but not so I am hating it, it's just that I am not doing anything exciting except for organizing my trip to Vietnam in October which is all done now.

I still have outings with friends on the weekends or go to the movies if there's something I want to see.

Oh I almost forgot, meet my new foster baby Luggard!!

This little calf, when just a few months old had an extremely traumatic beginning, suffering two bullet wounds, one to his left foot and another shattering his right leg just above the knee joint.

He was first sighted by a DSWT (David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust) Pilot on the 31st March 2016, while on an anti-poaching patrol over Tsavo East National Park.

They had to sedate the poor little boy before loading him on the helicopter to take him to the orphan nursery in Nairobi.

He was in a bad way and had to be treated for bullet wounds by the resident vet.  The swelling is from the wounds being infected and must have been so painful.

this is his enclosure at the nursery where he took months and months to recover.

Three years later, this is Luggard today!!  He walks with a very pronounced limp but is otherwise perfectly healthy and enjoying life with the other orphans at David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Elephant Orphanage in Nairobi Kenya.

Isnt he the cutest little baby?

I sure hope I can go back to Kenya in the near future to visit my foster babies again.  I now have four!!


User Comments

Cassava cake tends to be too sweet for me. The curry looks good. I love curries.

I dont add sugar to it, it's sweet enough with one can of condensed milk, I dont like it too sweet either.  Curries are always great in winter, really warms you up!!..{#basic-laugh.gif}

I love seeing Rocky smiling and ready for his walks.  He makes me smile.  And Luggard, awwwww!!  Poor sweetie pie when he was wounded, but he certainly has made great strides in his recovery and growing like a weed!!  What a beauty!  Your fosters all look great Maria.  You're a good mommy and Rocky has a great walkies Mum, lol.

Send your Winter to me!!!  I'm so sick of the Summer heat, I'm ready for fall weather already!

I'd ask you to send your summer to me but I've been seeing posts on facebook that the heatwave over there this summer is really awful.  I dont enjoy winter very much but I dont much care for horrendous heat waves either Dani.

Rocky is a love bug and my babies in Kenya are joyfully rewarding...{#basic-laugh.gif}

That's an awesome dog... and now I'm hungry... and I want a baby elephant... again. I know... {#basic-undecided.gif} ...NO BABY ELEPHANT!!! {#basic-frown.gif}

Baby elephants grow big as a barn!!...{#basic-laugh.gif}

...so I hear.

Thats' very kind & thoughtful of you to walk Rocky for his owner. He's a handsome guy that looks like a Pit Bull or mix breed. Your generous philantrophy with your sponsorship of elephants & other creatures is unlimited in your kindness.

Recipes--I never tire of looking at any recipe you post. Now only if I could get you to deliver to me.

he's a staffy, not sure if he's pure or mixed but he is a real love bug and it is a joy to take him for walks, he's such a good boy.

Lol, delivering wouldnt be so bad if you werent so far away....{#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif}

Give him a big kiss or pat on the head from me. I meant to ask you if the large lump on your new "kid"s back right leg is from an infection or the bullet? It hurt my heart to read about what was done to Luggard. The joy comes from knowing he's being well cared for and loved now.

when they rescued him, the bullet wounds were swollen from infection but it also shattered his right leg and there was nothing they could do to fix it so that is how it healed.   All the orphans at David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust have had very traumatic start to life.  Many have been found alone after their mothers were killed by poachers or by drought and the herd had to keep moving to survive. Many are found fallen into wells, there's one that was attacked by hyenas who literally ate his tail and his genitals. They thought he was a female until they did a medical exam and realised he was missing it because hyenas ate it....isnt that the most awful thing?  But he's doing fine at the orphanage and is a happy boy.  All I can say is Thank God for this organization that rescues these babies and brings them up to return to the wild. I am so blessed to have been able to go and visit my babies in person, an experience I will never forget...{#basic-laugh.gif}

It is so hot here right now. I like winter as I love to watch good movies and read good books. Just being lazy.

Your food looks good.

I've been seeing how hot it's been getting over there Wendi, kinda makes me glad it's winter over here. I love summer but I dont much care for those kinds of heatwaves.

 It is a heat wave for this week. 

well try to stay cool Wendi, nothing else you can do but ride the wave as best you can...{#friend.gif}

If I know you, you will be back to Kenya...where there is a will there is a way.  Love the dog.

I will definitely make it back to Kenya....one day....{#basic-laugh.gif}

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