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Just saying........

Added: Friday, February 8th 2019 at 4:47am by Windancer

To the "newbie" blogster who thinks my travel journals are a figment of my imagination, I just have one thing to say.....

Get a life buddy, work hard, make a few sacrifices and maybe you too can achieve your own dreams!!


User Comments

Wow... if so, I've never run across another person who was able to print out photos from their "imagination". You're amazing.

Thanks Nate.  And the videos with my voice on them.  I'm just a bit pissed off because I do put a lot of effort into my journals and like to share places with many people who might never be able to see for themselves. Anyone who doesnt like them can just stay away, it's quite simple really.

You're right... it's not that someone actually disliked you travel posts... it's jealousy, and it's petty.

The 'newbie' is that weird greek dude who has been around for a long time, his single trick is name changes, and he's set up hundreds of nearly identical accounts at a time just to make work for poor mamakat, when she was still alive.

He's been popping in here and there as anon, too, and you can spot him rather easily because he always mentions some very old fight or another between members, complete with very odd, and inaccurate, twists.

I have no idea how the Chinese hackers keep getting in here, but they're hackers , this is what they do .

Wow that would be more work to fake than to actually go and get the pictures.

Well then, just have a laugh and get on with the next trip...

yep, I'm over it now...thanks...{#basic-smile.gif}

There are some weird people on this planet...just amazing.

I think he's someone that was banned after being such a nuisance for a long time last year...or maybe the year before, I cant remember. A greek guy who went all over blogster posting stupid comments and making an absolute dick of himself. I think it's the same guy.

Probably is...there aren't usually a lot of new people...in fact, I don't think there have been any new ones approved for a while.

come to think of it, I read somewhere that Blogster has been closed off to any new accounts but I dont know for how long or even whether it is true. I still see a lot of spam accounts on EXPLORE so how would they be able to post if this was the case.  Who knows!!

Yeah the spam accounts are still around, not sure how new some of them are.  But yeah, officially new members are not being accepted...and it has been about a year or more since they have been.


I know you do these trips, so screw that guy!

yup. I'm over it Charlie. Just had to get if off my chest because it pissed me off at the time...lol.

hey, I'll help ya with your chest anytime!{#flower-for-you-coolguy.gif}

I doubt it, I havent got very much there.....{#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif}

I'm just realizing who this is, lol!  Durr......I must have been hibernating for awhile.  I love this avi!


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