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Waste Not, Want Not

Added: Friday, July 12th 2019 at 1:02pm by wicklowmick


A Picture of Life.



A picture paints a thousand words, or so the lyrics say,

But the one that I hold dearest, in a most peculiar way,

Is a photograph of sunset that I took last year,

And the message that it sent to me it brought a mournful fear.


 It warned me that a great day must always pass on by,

A week, a month and even years are times that somehow fly.

And if we waste one moment, of this most precious gift,

The years unfold, we’ll soon be old, and never notice it.


 So greet tomorrow’s sunrise and praise the breaking day,

Then bow your head, a prayer said, no need to kneel to pray.

And thank your God, for the gift of life, and never waste such time,

Then you’ll know why, the years they fly, for you and yours and mine.




User Comments

Mike, what a beautiful poem.  I loved this.  Such a stunning sunset at that!  The beautiful colors and that peaceful setting.

Yes, we should give thanks for each day that is given to us that we may live to see many, many more beautiful sunsets.

Thank you SouthernCharm:  At the end of a beautiful day..........as today was....I thank my God for giving me the pleasure of having enjoyed it.  Time is precious and once gone, it is gone and lost forever........Have a great weekend..............Mike..

Thank you Mike.  You have a great week end also.

Your poem is so touching and timely for me as of late.  Life is precious, as you say, so live it fully and never miss a chance to laugh and have fun, other ways to thank God by enjoying his creation.  Great, great poem!

Thank you Irish:  Time is precious to us all:  The problem is that we do not realise it until it is too late.   We should learn early in life to look around us at the beauty that is there to be seen and enjoyed.   All the moaning and groaning that we have done throughout the years is not worth a jot later on..................Mike..

a  beuatiful picture,,,and a lovely  poem...thanks mike ...x

Thank you Greenfairy:  Have a great weekend...............Mike..

l loved the words in your poem Mike.  So very true.  We are all guilty of taking so much for granted - it is important to sometimes stand back and be thankful for what we have.  Loved the picture too.

Thank you JaddieBlue:  With all the politics and hatred on this site, people would be much better off if, as you say, they stood back and enjoyed the beauty all around them.   I thank my God for the ability to see beauty in almost everything - rats I cannot stand - but everything and everyone else are fine.....Take care, Mike..

Rats and frogs :-(

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