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When Did the Term "African American" arise in the US?

Added: Wednesday, October 29th 2008 at 11:40am by whereabouts
Related Tags: issues, news

If you do not want to read all of this, the term "African American" emerged in the 1980s. I remember that too. Prior to that, the term used to classify the race of African Americans was"Black". Prior to "Black", which emerged in the mid 60's, the term used was "Colored" which began after the return of Vietnam Vets. Prior to colored, the term used was "Negro" which began in the north where the slaves were free.

Ask yourself why Obama's 1961 birth certificate displayed on his website uses the term "African" instead of the appropriate legal term of the time as "Colored"?


Google Answers: "African/american" replaced "Black" (which had ...

Subject: "African/american" replaced "Black" (which had replaced "Negro".)
Category: Relationships and Society > Politics
Asked by: finler-ga
List Price: $9.50
Posted: 10 Feb 2003 19:43 PST
Expires: 12 Mar 2003 19:43 PST
Question ID: 159775

Exactly when did this event take place?  Where did the general
consensus come
from and what was done to make this change so quickly and so generally
acceptable? Did I miss something that suddenly got people to use the
"African/american" expression? Has it ever been defined? We know,
somehow, that it does not apply to - say - Egyptians who have taken up
residence and possibly citizenship here. Where is the line drawn?
Who drew it - some committee? Am I generally uninformed because I do
not know the answers? Is that awkward expression also used by the
"African/americans" within their own circles and outside of the
hearing of Nonafrican/americans?

Subject: Re: "African/american" replaced "Black" (which had replaced "Negro".)
Answered By: tutuzdad-ga on 10 Feb 2003 22:13 PST
Rated:4 out of 5 stars

Dear finler-ga;

Thank you for allowing me an opportunity to answer your very
interesting question. Customs change in very much the same way that
grass grows; slowly, steadily and without much ado. Over time,
surviving customs become so engrained in our society that when someone
asks when they first began, the answer is often %u201CIt%u2019s always been that
way%u201D. While this is not true with most things, it is very difficult to
pin down a specific time or date with regard to the introduction of
some customs, or to attribute the adoption of a custom to a single
event because frankly, the thing that brought it on probably didn%u2019t
seem to have much historical significance at the time or wasn%u2019t very
eventful at all. Having said that, I think the best anyone can do it
to narrow the practice and subsequent changes over the years down to
specific periods of social and/or political change.

The world has historically trudged through centuries of prejudice that
has affected many societies, many civilizations, and many ethnicities
dating all the way back to the beginning of recorded time. American
society has not escaped this fate. From a time dating back to long
before our nation%u2019s birth until the late 1800%u2019s, when former slaves,
now free, began exercising their right to free speech under the
assumption that they were protected by the constitution,
African-American people were called a variety of names, many of which
are now considered vulgar slurs. By the end of the civil war, they had
become less tolerant of the vulgarities used against them and began
insisting upon being referred to as %u201CNegroes%u201D rather than less
respectful names. This mentality probably began on a much smaller
scale many years before the civil war ended in the mid 1800%u2019s, in
fact. In areas of the northern United States where slavery had been
abolished long before it ended in the south, some African-Americans
had already become teachers, physicians, land-owners and even people
of wealth; the majority of the Caucasian northern public supported
abolition thought of it as normal to offer respect to any person,
regardless of color, whose position warranted such respect and were
eager to use a term more conventional than the ones they knew were
socially unacceptable. By the turn of the century, however the
greater majority of African-Americans had been born outside of the
institution of slavery and many were educated to such a degree as to
use their influence to their advantage. Many of them, wanting to
disassociate themselves from that of the stereotypically, uneducated
farm hand, and some, having either visited the northern US or came
south from the northern states, were aware of the practice of white
people calling African-Americans %u201CNegroes%u201D. A certain amount of pride
associated with being %u201Ca Negro%u201D even began to develop as a generation
of African-Americans started to re-discover their rich heritage and

Up until the time World War II broke out, the term %u201CNegro%u201D was common
and deemed socially acceptable by both African-Americans and
Caucasians. Because segregation was the order of the time, many
African-Americans were restricted from using the same facilities as
%u201Cwhites%u201D. Special, albeit lesser, facilities were built for their
exclusive use. Over time, African-Americans were integrated into the
Armed services along with their %u201Cwhite%u201D counterparts and, in the
military at least, many of the signs designating facilities %u201CNegro%u201D or
%u201CWhite%u201D only began to disappear. This was not the case, however, in
civilian life and would not become so for quite some time after the
war. Eventually, those who experienced the rare (and constitutional)
sense of equality that their brief integration (out of the necessity
in the interest of the war effort) provided during the war filtered
back into a strongly biased society where they were still restricted
by segregation laws and separatist signage. Everywhere they turned
they were reminded that they were %u201CNegroes%u201D, and as such were
perceived as people of lesser value. Some more conservative %u201Cwhites%u201D,
sympathetic to the feelings of the African-Americans (and some who
simply didn%u2019t want to risk losing their African-American customers)
began to meet these needs by changing their signs and their references
to a more friendly term: %u201Ccolored%u201D. Presumably this came from their
assumption that they, as cuacasians, were perceived as white, or
color-%u201Cless%u201D, so logically the logical opposite must be %u201Ccolored%u201D.
Many African-Americans found this term sufficient, at best (certainly
preferable to the term %u201CNegro%u201D) and initially at least viewed these
signs as a friendly invitation. This feeling would not last long. It
should also be noted here that there was no sense of pride associated
with being labeled %u201Ccolored%u201D as there once was with being identified
as a Negro.

A generation later, as the social climate changed yet again, states
were ordered by the government to permit the integration of
African-American students into their formerly %u201Call white%u201D public
schools. A great deal of civil disobedience occurred in American
during this time, primarily in the south where African-Americans
dominated the manual labor force and rivaled white citizens in terms
of population. Following the eventual deployment of US Army troops in
Little Rock, Arkansas in the summer of 1957 integration became an
American way of life. By now, there was a sense of need on the part of
the post-war/post-integration generation of African-Americans to
remove themselves from the past perception that %u201CNegroes%u201D are

By the 1960%u2019s, student unions were developing and American youth
groups of all races began to exercise their voice collective voice in
matters of politics, philosophy, sociology, economics and more. At the
same time a parallel youth movement was underway in California
encouraging people to love and accept one another and to celebrate our
differences rather than reject or evade them. On a third front, the
United States was at war again, this time in Vietnam. Men of all races
were once again thrust into a lifestyle where equality by necessity
was in the best interest of the greater good. Many of the students and
most of the American youth involved in the changes taking place in
California opposed the war ad both spoken out opening against it. In
time the war ended and the soldiers returned. The youth movements had
not only make a powerful name for themselves but their insistence that
our differences should be a source of pride lingered well beyond the
sounds of their protests of America%u2019s involvement in what they
considered an internal political matter in Vietnam. African-American
soldiers came back from the war much stronger politically and were
accepted back into a society in which their race had become empowered
and deeply committed to being recognized as %u201Cblack%u201D, but otherwise no
different. There was a great deal of pride associated with this
concept, and rightfully so.

By the 1970%u2019s, the term %u201Cblack%u201D HAD begun to be perceived by some as
%u201Cdifferent%u201D. Some more radical and militant African-American groups
made unpopular names for themselves by openly airing their resentment
about slavery and centuries of violence, discrimination and rights
violations that had been committed against them and their ancestors. A
few even publicly incited others to join them in their anger and
demanded equality under threat of violence. Even fewer actually
participated in organized criminal activities and geurilla style
vigilantism, oddly reminiscent of organizations such as the white
supremascist group Ku Klux Klan which had previously terrorized
African-Americans in the south for decades. These incidents were
relatively few and isolated but received a great deal of media
coverage from the predominantly %u201Cwhite%u201D publications, radio and
television stations. The term %u201Cblack%u201D in some areas became a fearful
term, especially to some %u201Cwhites%u201D that bought into the embellished

By the 1980%u2019s the social scene had calmed dramatically and people
began to become more intellectual in their approach to race labels.
The social norm was to be fair and %u201Cpolitically correct%u201D wherever
possible. While the term %u201Cblack%u201D was still in use (and continues to
this day to some extent) society was all too ready to put these issues
away. The term %u201CAfrican-American%u201D emerged, not as a means of
distinguishing superficial differences in our skins, but as a means of
indicating a person%u2019s ethnicity while emphasizing our shared heritage.
The model for this concept was established long ago by the common use
of such labels as Irish-American and Italian-American to distinguish
between the generations of Native American descendants of Irish and
Italian immigrants and their immigrant/foreign born ancestors, when
they, like African-Americans struggled to overcome the same kind of

Below you will find that I have carefully defined my search strategy
for you in the event that you need to search for more information. By
following the same type of searches that I did you may be able to
enhance the research I have provided even further. I hope you find
that that my research exceeds your expectations. If you have any
questions about my research please post a clarification request prior
to rating the answer. Otherwise, I welcome your rating and your final
comments and I look forward to working with you again in the near
future. Thank you for bringing your question to us.

Best regards;







Google ://www.google.com






Request for Answer Clarification by finler-ga on 11 Feb 2003 05:56 PST
Thank you for your very careful answer.  I have not recogized in your
reply a fair and generally accepted definition of the
"african/american expression. The expression came into current use
relatively quickly. I am hard pressed to think of another expression
that received such a wide general acceptance so quickly. What was the
mechanics of this change? Were there any pro and con discussions
before it became so generally accepted? For example why wasn't a
shorter term - "afroamerican" for instance - used? Is the term
restricted to the United States? How did the instruction go out, for
instance, in official government or, say, the New York Times with it's
own tight language usage guidelines, that from now on this is the
policy and practice? In your own experience, when did you get the word
that from now on black is out and african/american (all seven
sylables) is in? Were there any preliminary discussion - give and
take - of alternative solutions? Is there similar acceptance of the
expression abroad as there is in the USA? Has it been picked up in
standard dictionaries? Further, what is the generally accepted
expression now for blacks who were born in and live in England or
France? Has the Times language mayvin or any other pundit ever dealt
with this question? And so on.

Clarification of Answer by tutuzdad-ga on 11 Feb 2003 12:46 PST
Dear finler-ga:

I would gladly have expanded on my answer in response to your
clarification request but by rating the answer you have closed the

However, in conclusion I will offer this: It appears that some of the
more recent %u201Cofficial%u201D changes in racial terminology were instituted
in government by way of the Office of Management and Budget. I hope
these articles provide you with more insight into the issue:

%u201CRacial and Ethnic Classifications Used in Census 2000 and Beyond%u201D

%u201CRacial and Ethnic Classifications Used by Public Schools%u201D

%u201COffice of Management and Budget Directive #15; 1977%u201D

%u201CRevisions to the Standards for the Classification of Federal Data on
Race and Ethnicity%u201D

As for the new questions you posed in the course of your clarification
request, I%u2019m sure a researcher would gladly look into these in future
posts separate from this one should you decide to do so. Even though
the question is closed I hope this helped.


User Comments

Didn't realize it was that recent, I have always heard that as the proper term. Of course, I was born in 75, so it wasn't much later that the term became the new norm, right when I started kindergarden.

I just checked it.  It was first changed to offically read "black" in 1977, then it was chaned in 1997 to read "African American" to prepare for the 2000 cencus.  It would appear that they address these matter prior to an upcoming census for obvious reasons.


Almost every "handle" evolved from about that time.  Black was a form of pride generated from the late 60's be it good or bad.  We now have sanitary engineers instead of garbage men so we don't offend them and it goes on and on.  My Marine squadron has even changed from Batmen to Bats to not offend the lady Marines.

This reminds me of a story.  There is a derivative of the A-6 Intruder called and EA6-B Prowler.  The Prowler is a radar jammer.  We had a squadron who in the mid 50's got approval from Hugh Hefner to use the Playboy bunny for their insignia.  This squadron was visited by the president's wife in the mid-nineties and she mentioned how offensive the insignia was. It had to be changed.  To me, this is PC gone to far.

There are tons of examples of this which has evolved.

Oh, I am an American no matter what race or country my ancestors came from.

Semper Fi,


That's right!  Those of us who are Americans, are just that, Americans!

Interestingly enough, I have two black women on my staff at work and we were talking about this the other day.  They HATE the term African-American and prefer the term "black".   They also resent that Jesse Jackson, who coined the phrase, just decided one day that black wasn't good enough anymore.  One of them noted that her mother's birth certificate said "Colored", that her birth certificate says "Negro" and that her son's says "African-American."

Do you remember that just prior to African-American there was a similar term Afro-American?  Jesse Jackson coined that one also, then decided it evoked the afro hairdos of the 1970s, so changed it to African-American.

You should see all the cross-referencing on that term in library subject headings.  You have to show previous terms as well as related terms in case someone tries to use the old term.  Also, only U.S. citizens are given the term African-American - citizens of other countries still use "Blacks".  I'm pasting all the terms and descriptions of the Library of Congress below.  How's this for confusing?

UF= Used for BT= Broad term RT=Related term SA=see also NT=Narrow term

African Americans   (May Subd Geog)  [R S D] [E184.5-185.98]  [B L S D] Here are entered works on citizens of the United States of black African descent. Works on blacks who temporarily reside in the United States, such as aliens, students from abroad, etc., are entered under Blacks--United States. Works on blacks outside the United States are entered under Blacks--[place]. UF  African Americans--United States   Afro-Americans [Former Heading]   Black Americans   Colored people (United States)   Negroes [Former Heading] BT  Africans--United States   Ethnology--United States RT  Blacks--United States SA  subdivision African Americans under individual wars, e.g. World War, 1939-1945--African Americans; and headings beginning with African American NT  Africa--Civilization--African American influences  [R]   Asia--Civilization--African American influences  [R]   Associations, institutions, etc.--African American membership  [R]   Church work with African Americans  [R]   Middle class African Americans  [R]   Music--African American influences  [R]   Older African Americans  [R]   Poor African Americans  [R]   Popular music--African American influences  [R]  




I commented t apoliticalnut and provided some links I think you might find very interesting!

bavolet, you're two coworkers HATE the term African Americans? Wow, never heard such a thing with me being one. One year I even did my own survey and asked people what the preferred, most of the people who were younger (my age) said AA while the older people said black. But either is fine and correct like I said. What does not make sense is anyone who would hate the term. And the Jesse Jackson statement leaves me wondering.

Just goes to show that not ever black/African American thinks like or likes Jesse Jackson - gee, individualism, no matter what color your skin - what a concept.  I like it!!! 

Perhaps hate WAS too strong a word for the use of the term - however, I think the word resents is not.  I was really quite surprised that they felt that way myself - just goes to show you what interesting things you can find out when you communicate.

African-American is a pretentious figment of a lot of "BLACKS" wild imaginations....they are no more from Africa than I am......ROTFLMFAO!!!!!

I only read the first part but you don't have everything correct. Colored was used way before Vietnam Vets came back.

Negro is a race and is the same as Caucasion and Mongolian. Colored was never correct and never should have been used by whites who starting calling blacks that. As far as my race I am Negro, but as far as my nationality I'm African American. The reason I say AA is because if I say black, which is fine to use by anyone, it does not tell what my roots are which I prefer. That's like stating someone is white but may actually be Euro-American, but of course that's your choice and there is nothing wrong with it.

There of course are some blacks in this country who are not decesendants from American slaves and if someone does not want to offend then (and I doubt very much that it would) you could just say that they are black because you won't know their nationality.

I hope I made that clear, I'm at work trying to do two things at once.

bavolet, well I'm glad you found out what so many don't know, and that is a race of people don't all think alike. I run into sooo many folks all the time who still think this.

Just tell me this.  How many black people run around calling white people Caucasian Americans which should be the proper term for white Americans.  How about you do a poll on that?  Poll only black people, and then poll ethnically diverse people.  How many black people in America are actually African???  Maybe some black peoples' great great great great grandparents had great grandparents that were straight off the ship, but otherwise it is a bullshit term.  Is any of what I'm saying incorrect information?  Please tell me if any of the things I said in here are because I would LOVE to here this.


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Back to the issue, how many blacks or African Americans born in 1961 or 62 can show their birth certificate and it shows African American on it?? It they can not then we all know Obama's certificate is a fraud.

And I am sorry but a black,or African American, is a Negro, Negro is the proper name, just as Caucasian is for Whites or Hispanic period no discussion. You may be an American Negro just as I am an American Caucasian or an american HIspanic, a race is a race, the name you put before it only states where you are from.

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