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Understanding the Future, and part RANT.

Controversial Content
Added: Sunday, October 14th 2012 at 7:16am by whereabouts

This is going to be a very long post.  I suspect not a lot of individuals will view this but that is not why I am posting this.  I am simply documenting what is.

Part of this is a "rant" and part of it relates to my life's work, this project I have been working directly on for five and a half years, and indirectly working on it my entire life.

I'll start with a portion of a post I made on my "Missing" blog http://whereabouts67.wordpress.com as follows:

During the course of the work I’ve been doing on this project of mine, uncovering the secrets surrounding the disappearances of three missing persons (Lisa Stebic, Stacy Peterson, and John Spira), I had the following vision of a man on January 11, 2009:

Until this year, I did not know who this person was or why I had that vision but I trusted that the information would all come together when the timing was right, when it was meant to be known. Timing is important and timing is everything in such cases.
I moved to a new home in November 2011.  In January 2012, I met “Steve”.  The same Steve that I saw in a vision on 01.11.09.  At first I didn’t recognize him because he no longer has a mustache, but one day his child was over at my house showing me pictures.  In one of the pictures, Steve had a mustache and I recognized him as the guy I had a vision about in January 2009.  I later asked him when was the last time he sported a mustache? (And the mustache was exactly as I drew it, as were his glasses, age, and hair – EXACTLY).  He replied “January 2009″.  OK, so, now I understand that spirit is using our association with each other as a timing reference so I would understand more about the session of that day when the time was right.  The date I had the vision of Steve was the same date I had the vision of “The Dust Bowl Storms”.  If you are interested, you can view that session and it’s related information here: http://whereabouts67.wordpress.com/2012/08/04/dust-bowl-storms-and-the-timing-factor-7/ .  While on the phone with Steve at the end of February 2012, I had a flash vision of something happening to him.  I told him about it right away.  He blew me off.  I then did a session about it on March 2, 2012, and sent him an Email with a copy of page 1 of the session. There were multiple pages in that session but only page one related to him, the remainder of it related to my project.  At the time, I knew it was a timing issue and that this thing that was going to happen to him in the future would correlate to whatever regarding my project at that particular time and that when it happened, I would know.  Well, it happened.  Friday, August 24, 2012, I woke to a knock on my front door about 3:00 AM.  I opened the door and Steve wasstandingthereandhesaid, “You were right.”  At first I didn’t know what he was talking about.  I just woke up and I was still a bit dazed.  “I’m right about what?” I asked.  He simply responded, “You were right.” Still befuddled, I started to say, “What am I …” then I remembered what I told him would happen.  So, it happened, and it happened exactly as I said it would too, exactly as spirit showed me.  Just today, while working on my project and looking for something, I came across the session I did on 01.11.09 and I realized just WHAT they were telling me.  And, yes, this is EXACTLY when it happened just as spirit indicated it would.  In order to completely understand this, you’d have to see the post I linked to above about “the Dust Bowl Storms and the Timing factor”.  Here’s the link again: http://whereabouts67.wordpress.com/2012/08/04/dust-bowl-storms-and-the-timing-factor-7/ .In this session, they tell me that their “cover is blown” and that it would happen at the time of “the Dust Bowl Storms” that were off in the distance and this would be associated with this “Steve” guy I had a vision of but didn’t yet know in January 2009.  We are (central United States) currently experiencing a level of a drought close to that of the dust bowl type storms of the 1930s.  On August 22, 2012, I just “blew their cover” as posted here: http://whereabouts67.wordpress.com/2012/08/22/blowing-the-whistle-on-tony/ .There’s much more about this but I simply wanted to give you guys an example of how spirit communicates and show how long it sometimes takes to understand that level of communication, and understand it on  a level where youcanactuallyuseitproductively and effectively as a chief tool.

If you’re interested in more posts on “A Lesson in Understanding Spirit Communication” you can view several posts about that here: http://whereabouts67.wordpress.com/category/a-lesson-in-understanding-symbolism/ .  There are 7 posts total in this category.

Truth & Integrity in all things. The Truth is the answer to everything.

-----end "Missing" blog article clip-----


Okay, so the issue with Steve, what was going to happen to him that did indeed happened was that I saw him getting a DUI.  It was a very vivid image and very clear.  I even told him what LE agency would be pulling him over.  It all happened precisely as I saw it and even though what I told him would happen happened, he continues to blow off my ability to see what he cannot which ticks me off.  It doesn't tick me off that he is a skeptic for that is simply ignorance and that doesn't bother me a bit; I have risen far above the ignorance of others, it does not interfere with my abilities nor with my self confidence and/or self esteem.  I know who I am and what I can do and if another is incapable of recognizing my truth that is their problem not mine.  But what does tick me off is that this same individual who rolls his eyes at me and my perceptions, my thoughts on universal things, etc., also wants to get me in bed with him.  I madeitverycleartohimin the beginning; I am not interested in a sex friend.  Period.  Move on. The fact that he has the physical hots for me doesn't tick me off, I deal with that kind of behavior and intention all the time; it's the fact that as friendly neighbor (and we are friendly neighbors) he scoffs at my intelligence and abilities yet he has the audacity to repeatedly think I'd actually take him up on his offer!  I know he thinks I'm full of it therefore when I tell him I am not interested in sex he doesn't believe me and perceives my personal stance as some goofy female nonsense and silly dumb woman game playing because I cracked jokes with him before so I must be hot for him.  I'm certain his problem is that he is completely illogical and driven by his ego, plus harnessing a deep resentment towards women in general coupled with childhood insecurities and issues which have never been resolved, topped off with the ultimate deception, his own denial.

This is how it all goes:

Yesterday, late afternoon-early evening, my son asks me to take him to the liquor store.  He lost his license for having a fake ID when he was 20.  He'll be 22 this month and cannot reapply for his license until January 2013.  So, we leave and get into the car that is parked in the driveway.  I say to my son, "I saw this guy on a bicycle ride by and I did a double take realizing it was Steve. Remember how that feels?"  My son laughs at my sarcastic humor.  Kyle, my son, used to have to get around using a bicycle before I started chauffeuring him around everywhere.  I said, "Yeah, he was coming back from the liquor store."  He laughs.  Kyle then says, "I thought he doesn't drink anymore?  Oh, wait, he doesn't drink and drive anymore."  I remark, "Yeah."  We both laugh.

About a week or so ago, Steve texts me with all this gobbly-goop, saying what a great mother I am to do so much for my son and take him everywhere, blablabla, then offers to give me a back rub.  LMAO.  A short while later when Kyle walks in the house, I say to him, "Steve is drinking again."  He said, "Oh, really.  How do you know?"  I replied, "He text'd me and said he wanted to give me a back rub because I deserve it."  Kyle snorts and we both laugh.

A few days ago, I'm bored out of my mind so I go to talk with nitwit.  He's great when he's almost sober, or has had less than 5 drinks (I'm guessing), and is the typical good and helpful neighbor.  His dog loves me to death, so I go there to see her sometimes.  Whenever Steve goes on vacation I watch his dog.  I used to have her at the house a lot before he got his DUI.  He works all day and she is kept in a cage during the day, then two nights a week he plays pool so she is pretty much in that cage all day and night and I don't like that so I would take her in the evenings while he was playing pool.  In fact, it was one of those evenings that I had the vision of him getting a DUI.  So, anyway, I go over there to shoot the shit with him and I notice that he's drinking again.  He supposedly quit drinking after his DUI.  I say, "I see you're drinking again.  I already knew you were.  I knew it as soon asyousentmethattextoffering to give me a back rub."  He denies he was drinking.  Yeah, right.  Then he kisses me on the forehead, a dead give away that he is two-sheets-to-the-wind.  I leave so he can do busy work, make it appear to himself that he's actually accomplishing something when he really is pretending to do things giving him a reason to drink.  It's like, in his mind, if he's washing windows, vacuuming the house and that kind of stuff, his drinking isn't drinking; it's liquid strength (like the "Strongest Man in the World" movie) and it's the tonic that motivates him to get shit done.  I believe this is what he tells himself in order to justify his poor decisions and uncontrollable impulses.  And he rolls his eyes at the way I think.

So, not too long after I leave his house, I'm sitting in my kitchen texting with a new friend, a very good new friend, laughing and joking while drinking a beer that I had just cracked open shortly before, my first of the evening, when Steve sends me a text and wants to know if I ever shot pool before.  I know where this is going.  I respond that I've shot pool before but haven't played in a very long time.  He sends another text wanting to know if I want to get my ass kicked in pool and drinks are on him.  He's hammered, probably ran out of that cheap pink Chablis he drinks by the gallon, and he can't drive so he needs a ride.  I didn't want to go.  I was really enjoying the beer I just poured and was having a great time goofing off with my new great friend.  But, then I decided, "Okay, I'll take you out so I can drink on your dime."  I drink Miller Lite and with it I like to sip on a shot of Jack Daniel's mixed withashotofSouthernComfort;it is not a cheap drink and I don't drink just one.  I'm a little person but I can hold my own and drink with the big boys.

I pick him up and tell him we're going to the place that is practically across the street from where we live, they have a pool table.  I will not drive while drinking like dumb-ass does, or did.  So we go.  This place is a dive, the dive of all dives.  My first time there as I don't go out very much, hardly at all.  We walk in and I can't believe what a dive this place is, and it smells too.  We're shooting pool, listening to tunes and everything is fine and I was actually having a good time relaxing and playing pool.  Steve is trying to teach me but he sucks as a teacher because he's a drunk teacher. LOL.  In fact, I'm not that bad shooting pool on my own and told him to back off.  He kept kissing me on the forehead and wanting to give me hugs.  Like he's this great Sensei teaching me pool and is trying to be so compassionate and caring (as he's thinking about getting into my pants).  Ithinkaboutbowingtohim,"Ah-so.Ah-so.Ah-so. Oh, great one."  But instead I say, "Buy me another drink."  He obliges.  The entire evening, I'm thinking about my new great friend and really missing him, missing his intelligence and witty sense of humor.  I could have stayed home and had more fun chatting with my new friend but instead I go out with the blob.  It's the end of the evening and I'm finishing my last drink.  Steve is trying to rush me.  I respond to his telling me "Just leave it and let's go," by saying, "I'm enjoying this drink and I'm going to drink the way I want to drink it.  If that takes too long for you, you're welcome to walk home.  The door is right there."  I point to the front door.  I know exactly what he has on his mind which is rather bizarre, I think, since he was just talking down to me and scoffing at what I said as if I were some piss ant.  I finish my drink more quickly than I would have liked butIwantedtogetthe"F"out of there and get away from him.  At this level of intoxication, my friendly good neighbor morphs into The Swamp Thing.  We leave.  I pull into the driveway at my house.  We get out of the car, "Good night, Steve," I call out as I am walking to my front door.  He's still standing there looking puzzled; "I thought you'd want to stop by before calling it a night," he says to me.  In my mind I say, "That is because you think like an idiot."  I respond, "Good night," and I go home.

My son knew where I was because I sent him a text letting him know I took Steve to shoot pool.  Kyle was out with his father at a College Fair at one of the local colleges; my son is preparing to head to a university next year.  The next morning, I told Kyle what Steve said when we got back from the night out.  Kyle, in his sarcastic-like-mom way, says, "I thought Steve wasn't drinking?"  I laughed, "He keeps telling me that."  Kyle smiles.  He gets it.

So last night, Steve comes over, knocking on my sliding glass doors that face the back yard.  It was about 8:30 PM maybe 9:30, one of the two.  I wave him in.  He opens the patio door and steps into the kitchen.  I was on the computer at that time.  I said, "What's up?"  He wants to know if I have any booze.  I tell him I do not, that I am finishing my last beer.  He knows that I took Kyle to the liquor store because he was out in his garage doing his "busy work" when we returned and saw when Kyle took what he purchased to our garage to put it in the refrigerator in there.  We keep our beer out there.  I say to Steve, "I can take you to the liquor store if you want me to.  I took Kyle earlier but he bought Sharps N.A. and St. Pauly Girl N.A.  Non-Alcoholic (not your tonic, I'm thinking)."  Steve replies, "What about all that whiskey and all that liquor you had on the counter."  I reply, "Steve,thatwasinJanuary.It's now October. I don't have any but I'll take you to the liquor store if you want me to."  He's not interested in that.  I say, "Well if you change your mind within the next hour (I look at the clock, it's 8:30 or 9:30), I'll take you."  He does not want me to take him to the liquor store.  I think he wanted to hover around me in my kitchen like a slobbering dog.  He stands there a moment weaving in place, then he leaves.

Kyles comes into the kitchen.  I tell him about Steve looking for alcohol and bringing up all that booze we had on the counter.  Kyle, understanding fully, looks at the empty counter and says, "I thought Steve wasn't drinking?"  "According to him, he's not," I responded.  We laugh.

There is some history to all of this aside from Steve's drinking but it all, basically, revolves around his drinking and his unresolved serious issues.

I met Steve in January as mentioned above from the clip of an article I published on my "Missing" blog.  As so many men do with me, he misinterpreted my joking ways as a come on.  I can be rather naive about men and I almost fell for the come-on but I got a clue rather quickly.  His ego did not take too kindly to my brutal honesty and calling him out on being a pig and untruthful.  That lead to him taking a very nasty approach and actually telling me that if I ever stepped foot on his property, he'd call the cops on me.  I realized in that moment, that this is the sober Steve.  He's detoxing from last night's binge, no doubt.  Three plus drinks and he turns into the nice, pleasant and helpful neighbor Steve. Ten drinks and he becomes the "I want to get in your pants," Steve.  Ah, I see it so clearly now.  He is a high functioning alcoholic.  He is always drinking and when he's without, he turns into an asshole. AsanFYI,heeventuallyapologized for being such an asshole.  He honestly felt bad about it.  This all took place in January, and as I indicated above, it is associated with the timing of events that took place regarding my project.

This is also tied to something that happened last night with my new great friend and the message I received this morning when waking to hearing the song I posted here: http://www.blogster.com/whereabouts/you-are-my-shining-star

I didn't understand the message at first, but I do now and I will explain that in another post.  I have a lot of work to get done today and I do not have anymore time to detail it all.  Until then ...

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