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Topix FREEks are at it again. They can't get enough of me!

Added: Thursday, July 23rd 2009 at 8:18pm by whereabouts

LOL, these FREEks are trying so damn hard to protect their blatant lies, attempting to fledge their deception, and puffing about nonsense to support their inferiority complexes.

They are back at it - talking about me and slandering my name in an effort to protect their own carelessness, lies, deception, and their own corruption.  Guess they're FREEking out about the information contained in my "Missing" blog.



Hey, FREEks, I update the authorities with copies of my posts on http://whereabouts67.wordpress.com on a regular basis.  FREEks, you can't shut down the truth.  Give it up; you and your lies are a goner.

Whoever posted the Following, Thank you!  Real as it gets. -whereabouts






LB has more brains in her little finger than ALL you FREEKy women put together!

And now you think you're gonna get her blogs shut down? Ain't gonna happen! 

SHE is a doer, a thinker, an intelligent lady.
YOU all are stupid, with no lives outside of
this forum!


This one is a BALD FACED LIAR:  http://www.topix.net/forum/city/bolingbrook-il/TGB4IEEJS42T33DFF/p2#c27

“as obvious as a rhino in camo!”

Joined: Aug 5, 2007

Comments: 3334

Will County IL


Foxylady wrote:
<quoted text>
If I recall Joyce Evans wasn't causing any problems here that I know of. I think you were the one that started in on her and then started warning me against her. I'm pretty sure at the time I said as long as she was civil to me she'll get the same in return. You said she would eventually turn on me and I said when that happens I'll deal with it.
I've reported many posters for using very offensive language, usually for the use of the "c" word. So it's not that I'm against the reporting. Many times OA has written "you have been reported" when there was absolutely no violation of the TOS. I think she did it in an attempt to intimidate the poster. BTW, that "Report Abuse" button is useless unless a good number of posters use it on the same post. Topix won't even investigate it until they get a certain number (they won't say what that number is) of "hits" on the same post. The best way to deal with a problem poster is by using Feedback. You usually can see results the same day you report the poster.
You're right, this was a decent place to post, but IMO you ridiculed my opinions, twisted my words and tried to browbeat me into seeing things your way. Then there's OA and her constant, never-ending rants/tirades against Stanford. I think we are all well aware of her dislike for him and we don't need to be subjected to her saying the same things to and about him over and over again. She once suggested that I ignore the trolls. Why is it she can't ignore Stanford? Her constant attacks on me have absolutely trashed many of the most visited threads. I've just made up my mind she's not going to drive me off the forum.
Foxy, thats what you dont understand... she came here to start trouble. always has, always will, and I catch her and call her on it every time. You look at it as me starting with her... while the others who were here from the beginning know exactly what was going on. I tried to warn you about her because I saw you getting sucked in, just like several of us had in the past. You took offense to the warning... and thats when the differences between you and I started... and no Foxy, you cant put it all on me.. just like you cant put all the blame of OA. It takes two to tango.. you are just as guilty as the next guy because you cant stop responding and fueling the fire. I decided to be the bigger person and stopped posting to you, in order to end the petty BS, because it was getting us nowhere. Which one of you is going to be the bigger person and stop the nonsense? You blame her and she blames you... youre both guilty as sin.


The psycho poster below is gonna get her but sued in a BIG WAY.  They're an idiot if they think they cannot be traced.  Stupid move FREEk.  By-the-way, I resubmitted those urls...you and the monkey will be back in google's search cache in no-time.  Try as you might, the truth will be heard.  All I ask is if I can't watch your take down and demise, then someone PLEASE video tape it for me.  Ah, it's so good to be on the "good side" of the law.



Austin, TX

Foxylady wrote:
<quoted text>
And you DIDN'T diss your ex here on this public forum? Maybe her ex deserves to be dissed. You obviously thought your ex deserved to be dissed. And you obviously didn't find it distasteful to do it on a public forum.
So if Stanford is Laura you fell for it hook line and sinker for a very long time. And don't come back and say you knew it all along. If that were the case you would have been boring us with this "Stanford is Laura" crap a long time ago.
first of all, my ex was not dissed by me on a blog for kids to read....since we never had children....think that through...
secondly, how you can compare me to the wreckage that laura has made of EVERY forum she has graced is really quite remarkable....are you DEFENDING her? because if you are, that makes you just as bad....
how can you defend someone who called another posters twin daughters sluts on a public blog?
How is that okay with you?
as for the stanford crap...what is THAT supposed to mean? Are you somehow feeling a little giddy because laura had us all fooled for awhile? That certainly makes you even more suspect if you find that a tasty morsel. Who gives a shit, fox? 
Who cares if I or anyone else didn't tumble to the fact that stanfrog was laura for a long time? What difference does it make?
are you defending her?
It sounds like you are....in which case, birds of a feather.


Read this idiot.  They can interpret law about as well as they can interpret truth, which is not at all.  Definitely a "Stupid Monkey":



Austin, TX

Illinois has a law called the Harrassing and Obscene communications act....you should read it...
and then you should remove your blog enteries and stay off the computer until you can behave yourself.

Austin, TX

Here ya go Laura...I have conveniently given you this link...
read it and weep....

Austin, TX

pay special attention to the part about court ordered psychiatric evaluations....
Sec. 1&#8209;4. Psychiatric examination. The court may order any person convicted under this Act to submit to a psychiatric examination. 
It is a class B misdemeanor with a 14 day jail sentence for first offense...
after that, or if there are any priors it can go all the way to a felony..


LOL!  More from this idiot. LOL, this really is funny:



Austin, TX





better pack up your lap top, laura...LE is on to you....they have EVERYTHING....


Like the everready battery bunny, she keeps going, and going, and going...  Except the idiot doesn't realize several things, with one of those things being that there is not an "internet posting police" and they don't write tickets or arrest people for harassment.  It is a legal matter that is meant for the courts which means the moron would have to hire an attorney (impossible because her illusions are just that; illusions) and court papers would have to be filed and then served.  The "Plaintiff" (the delusional FREEk in this case) would have to provide their complete and true identity along with CONTACT information such as address and phone number that are required on any such summons to appear in court.  Ofcourse,none of this can take place because I'm none of what this delusional FREEk is attempting to portray me as (absolute slander and defamation of character and will be dealt with accordingly at the appropriate time).  In any case, here is the nut's ridiculous posts:



Austin, TX

scroll to the cyberstalking section....
under "blogs".....

Yes, I agree, sometimes it's necessary to get the "big guns" out....
Class 4 Felony...
Perhaps your own post will help drive more nails into the Class 4 Felony coffin....
are you lawyered up as well?
I think the line, "I guess when on is dealing with big turds like her, one needs to enlist the help of an extra heavy duty pooper scooper!" will come in handy when applying the law as it reads:
720 ILCS 135/1-2. Harassment through electronic communications.(2009)

(a) Harassment through electronic communications is the use of electronic communication for any of the following purposes:

(1) Making any comment, request, suggestion or proposal which is obscene with an intent to offend;

you better get that Megan Gray lady on the phone pronto!!


Though, I have to thank this idiot for this one as they are increasing my rankings in google by placing a link on Topix and sending traffic my way!  Thanks, stupid!



Austin, TX





Here is Laura's most recent "visions" where she bashes the Plainfield Police department for not doing their job in the Lisa Stebic case...
I think the whole thing speaks volumes about what a completely disturbed individual she really is.


LOL, Moron:



Austin, TX





candidae wrote:
<quoted text>
I believe the OP's invitation was extended to LAURA only!
So take your FABRICATED SPAM and stick it where the sun don't shine, you fat, flatulent, brain-dead, scabby,
yeast-infection-addled, puss-oozing, drooling SKUNK!
Oh laura....you're little "visions" have come to an end....bashing the very police department that you are trying to engage...not exactly a good PC move there sparky!!
Maybe your crystal ball will tell you to move on....and the word is "pus", not PUSS...
apparently you don't have much respect for cyber law....eventhough you like to try to bluff people with your pseudo knowledge of it...
If you notice, there's an 800 number at the top of one of the links where people can call and file complaints....
you shouldn't have called me those names, sweetie.


One more thing, FREEks, if you think you'll get my blogs terminated by trolling with your hundreds of BS names and psuedo IPs, guess again.  Everyone is now aware of your nefarious activities and YOU are being watched and monitored, not me.  One of you likes to infect people with spyware, viruses, and trojan horses.  You will be caught, and you will have to suffer the fate of your own actions.  Hallefrickinglujah!


Freespirit8 is the mother of all Trolls and there is plenty of proof provided in these
threads, namely the one in the Bolingbrook Forum titled "Republican Teabagging Parties".

When you feel you're being bombarded by noname posters trying to crush your opinion, that is FREEk, that is how her delusional little mind works.

She is a clever one and she will stop at nothing to control her own delusions and self made dramatic internet existence.

She needs serious help.

If you are one who knows her personally and you are reading this, think wisely about the effects of such a very serious condition on young minds. The psychological damage cannot be undone.

What was once a good meaning spirit had something happen that clouded all well meaning intentions with self-serving manners of protecting the inferior feeling and severely damaged ego. The individual's efforts to protect the inferior feeling ego has no boundaries. None. Anything is possible; mentally, physically, and delusionally.

The extent of her condition has been shown here only briefly. We have not even scratched the surface of the depth of this inner deception and outward delusion.

Do be aware. Coddling this extreme transgressor only causes more damage to her and to those in her immediate physical and mental environment. Think about that realistically.

Naper, it's been real.


"The likelihood of one individual being right increases in direct proportion to the intensity to which others are trying to prove him wrong."  - - Harry Segall

User Comments

Holy crap! I am not really sure what this is all about, but I have found many of your posts here to be insightful and fun to read. Keep up the good work.{#apploud.gif}

Hey, thanks, buddy!  I truly appreciate it.

There are times when thingsjust need to be documented, so I post them here where they be will on file until they are needed. {#basic-wink.gif}

While I'm a die-hard Cubbie fan, how bout that pefect game thrown yesterday?  

You are welcome.

Mark Buehrle is amazing, and almost a home-boy, as he lives in the town next door! I love the White Sox, as you can tell by my avatar, so I could not be happier right now. 


Archive for the ‘Lisa Stebic Found?’ Category

Human Remains discovered in Channahon

June 9, 2009
Where is Lisa Stebic?

Where is Lisa Stebic?

I did a session on those remains found along the Des Plaines by DOW Chemical in Channahon, Illinois, and this is what I got (will type in text tomorrow):

Human Remains found.  Could this be Lisa Stebic?

Human Remains found. Could this be Lisa Stebic?

Panned out Map of the site where remains were found (image above) at Dow Chemical plus Aerial view of where remains were found andBird’s eye view of were remains were found

(Journal 3)

May 22, 2009

copyright ©Laura L. Burke

05.22.09 desc of remains by Dow Open this .pdf file to see my written descriptions in full size view of whose remains were found in Channahon along the banks of the Des Plaines river by DOW Chemical.

Mona Lisa

Lisa Stebic; "Lisa Lisa"

Lisa Stebic; "Lisa Lisa"

I know they say it is not Lisa but I still think it is.  When I look at these pictures of Lisa, and compare them to the one I drew, I get that feeling…it’s her, I really think it is her.

Lisa w/ her sisters

Lisa w/ her sisters

Drawing of whose Remains were found at Dow in Channahon

Drawing of whose Remains were found at Dow in Channahon

Lisa w/ sister Debbie

Lisa w/ sister Debbie

Mona Lisa 4

Lisa Stebic more



My favorite photo of Lisa
My favorite photo of Lisa
Lisa and CraigLisa and Craig

A link to exit directly to the main page:  Missing – Lisa Stebic – Stacy Peterson – John Spira – Home Page

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