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Orphanannie: Topix Sludge

Added: Sunday, July 26th 2009 at 2:53pm by whereabouts

OK, I am "ariellecrystal@yahoo.com" and here are the Emails from orphanannie to me, who posts over at topix and has been vehemently slandering my name, profusely too, the past few days.  You can be the judge of what is and what is not.  I already know who is who.  

Justice will be sweet, and SWIFT!



Subject: Re: PM
To: "Arielle Crystal" <ariellecrystal@yahoo.com>
Date: Thursday, February 21, 2008, 12:08 AM

Roadkill is Stargazer's husband....I discovered that a few days ago....I don't know if you know that or not....and I saw the comment...he's a pot stirrer...and he hides behind his mama's skirts...he's a wimp...truly...he'd jump at the sight of his own shadow...
Stargazer has her favorites...and God forbid that you ever step on her sacred cow's feet...ie Free, PM, and ToClose??? I think those are the three that like to hang together...
what is your "handle" now?? or do you wish to remain anon??
I so much want Lisa and Stacy to be found....every night when I lay down, I pray for their families and for them....it is so very tragic that this had to happen in your communities there....
For me, it hits close to home, because every day, I think that I could have been one more statistic....had I stayed another day, I do believe my family would be out putting up posters...no kidding....my closest friend, the one who helped me get out, used to pray for me to be safe every night before she went to bed....and she would call me to be sure on my cell phone....I had to lock myself in my room, with the dresser pulled in front of the door....he would disconnect all the heat and air circulation to just that room from the venting system downstairs, hoping I would get so cold or so hot, that I would open the door....he was wrong...
People do not easily understand domestic violence...and they are quick to badger and blame the victim....I know, because I have heard the words, the questions, and the ridicule...
the good news is, I GOT OUT!! and God protected me....and my friends and children helped me escape the horrible place that I was in....
It feels soooo wonderful to finally sleep now...to finally not have to look over my shoulder....and to engage people again....make friends....and begin again this wonderful life that God has given me...
I don't look back with regret....but once in a while....I do look back, as a point of reference...to remind myself of how far I have come...
I don't think people like DOTS, or PM, or Star even have  a clue of what it is like to walk in the footsteps of domestic violence and come out the other side...
They have accused me of wearing it like a martyr's badge....nothing could be further from the truth...if anything....I have learned so much from the experience....and want to prevent anyone who is listening from ever having to walk in that same path....
You are such a nice person...thanks for being so good to others....
I hope we find resolution for the two who didn't make it out....

Arielle Crystal <ariellecrystal@yahoo.com> wrote:
Oh, the toddler comment got a huge laugh out of me.  You hit the nail on the head with that one!
That Rock guy...  Oh, boy I'd LOVE to be a fly on the wall with that one!
Roadkill made some not so nice statements about the Lisa Stebic situation and I set it straight for now.  He irritates me.
Hope all is well with you too!!!!

thanks for the warning....she seems to pick fights with everyone....and then once someone strikes back she whines how mean they are.....typical bully....I truly believe she has some very strong narcissistic (female) traits....
I have been doing some child developement studies in my professional life, and believe me, when descriptions of toddler-hood are explained in plain simple English, you could just about hang her picture right beside the definition! NO KIDDING! (If I see "lol" one more time, I think I will snap that keyboard away from her! YIKES!! she does know how to try to get under people's skin, doesn't she???
hope all is well with you....
I wonder what is going on with that Grand Jury investigation and query with the "Rock" guy....I wish I was a fly on the wall....
love to you,

Arielle Crystal <ariellecrystal@yahoo.com> wrote:
Don't even respond to her.  She is jsut itching to pick a fight today.  She tried to me with me and I ignored her. 


Someone doesn't like Plainfield  Mom!.  She has magic disappearing/reappearing children:

Subject: internet bullies
To: ariellecrystal@yahoo.com
Date: Thursday, February 14, 2008, 11:04 AM

Dear Laura,
Thank you for the encouraging words. Have you ever met PM personally? I am curious, because she mentions going out to breakfast with some of the posters from time to time.
As for her 'weakness':
I don't think she is particularly genuine. Most of her posts are just sarcasm meant as humor, with very little content or personal wisdom. When she and Stanford were 'goin' at it', she was claiming that her reasons for 'encouraging him' was because she thought he had something to do with human sex trafficking!! and she thought if she kept encouraging him, she could get information out of him!! (is that bizzare or what???)
I wondered if her husband bought that excuse???
She was bullied pretty harshly by a family member/friend of Stacy's at one point on the forum, who called her some very harsh names, alluding to her whoring on the internet with a stranger. What she, and many there failed to recognize is how their behaviour reverberates towards a grieving family/ies. In one of her posts she said, "I don't give a damn if this is a family member or not, I am going to post whatever I please!!" or words to that effect...
So, it comes as no surprise to me that she is such a Jezebel.
( I mean that as in "Jezebellian Spirit"....if you need reference, you may look it up as is on Google...quite enlightening to the female narcissistic types....and I believe after observing her behaviour towards others and myself, that she has many of the tendencies of a narcissist in female form....very much a controlling bitchy woman!!)
DOTS is the one who completely blows me away...I once pinned him ( I believe it's  a him!) down on his previous statements that he was a 'counselor to divorcing women', yet he holds such misogynistic views of women, right down to the idea that women and children should walk several steps behind a man at all times...on more that one occasion, he has made reference to the fact that teenagers 13 years and up "do not have sex"....I asked him if he had been living in a monastery!! because he apparently is very disconnected from REAL world experiences...
He's been very pissy with me since. He did not like confrontation, and could not handle a strong woman confronting him....I thought that was also quite interesting psychologically.....someone who counsels women, but cannot relate to them, or their children, and believes they are "less than."....His comments slandering Stacy are appalling...and he was called on that mulitple times...
He's very angry with me right now, because I peeled back one of his layers and exposed his facade....so every chance he gets, he needles me....
Don't you think this is completely bizzare behaviour coming from supposedly adult people??? let alone supposedly trained professional counselors/accountants, etc...??
I reported all capitals TONY to the administrators because he threatened me physically....his harrassment has been constant...he has done the same thing on other forums and was booted....I don't know why it takes them so long to completely ban his presence....
What has been eye opening is how many have banded together about the Troll Tony, to say to me, "we don't want you here"....
like I said, interesting politics...
but this is how bullying is....they care more about their infliction of injury, than they do about the company they keep....
I think it also interesting that at Christmas time, Dots sent out a Christmas prayer to all of us, waxing poetic about the love of Jesus Christ and His peace, etc. etc. etc....makes me wonder if he didn't plagarize from  the inside cover of a Hallmark card!
But then, bullies are also hypocrites....and liars....because, their agenda is to inflict pain or injury....
I wonder if they realize that the words they say when directed to do harm, will one day come back to them?
When PM was blasted by the family member, you would have thought she was dying of cancer! all the whining....and not one whit of remorse for her actions or reactions...(typical narcissistic trait!)
I thank you for your kindess...
I hope you have a terrific day today...
Happy Valentine's Day, by the way!!
If you don't have a sweetie, be your own sweetie, and do something nice for yourself...because you deserve the best...
I hope one day, they find Stacy....
Blessings to you,


She changes her name here, and her magic disappearing/reappearing children.  In this one they were there and then not, in nearly the same sentence!  Read.  Sometimes she has them, other times she doesn't.

Subject: thanks for the encouraging words
To: "Arielle Crystal" <ariellecrystal@yahoo.com>
Date: Friday, February 1, 2008, 7:46 PM

Hey Laura,
I am so happy for you to finally find a good man!!  I think my man days are over, actually, but I am always happy for someone when they find a person to love and love them back.
I have resigned myself to just living life alone now....which is really okay....I have my work, my kids, and a good job....a roof over my head, and good friends...what more could a good girl want??
Thank you for your encouraging words. It's been a very long haul....it isn't over yet...but hopefully this spring, it will be.....I can't believe a simple divorce (no kids, no assets) took two years....so much for a family court system that let's the manipulation of the narcissist run the show! You are right....I can move on....I know he can't....he's still stuck on "repeat"...
many blessings to you,


Subject: Re: HI WC!! a question from Orphan
To: "Arielle Crystal" <ariellecrystal@yahoo.com>
Date: Saturday, December 15, 2007, 11:16 AM

Right...I only asked because you had been at the forum for a longer time than me, so I thought you might know...nothing being implied here....I am sorry that some there are so quick to judge and turn on you...I have had my moments with SueH....shes very "pro" drew but I haven't seen much sniping amongst the women there, lately...but then...I just stay focused on the issue...some of the guys however, have been downright sicko....one named "screech" (probably a troll) wrote vile things  all over the place, about me, said I liked getting raped??? So I turned that one in to topix....he's still posting...so I don't think they really give a damn...
I just thought if there is a private forum somewhere, it might be good to "join"....be a fly on the wall so to speak, under a diff. screen name...and "listen"....I would be curious not for myself, because I could care less what they say....but for the sake of any "leads" for Stacy....maybe one of them will let something 'slip'.....because I do think many of Drew's pals and family go to the forums....just where I am coming from....
And since I am very vocal about how I feel about Mr. Peterson, I am sure all the pro-Drewers out there are pretty pissed off at me...oh well...they can visit him in jail...ha!

Arielle Crystal <ariellecrystal@yahoo.com> wrote:
Hi there!
There was ntohing cryptic about my post.  I'm very direct.  Those woman are freaking NUTS!
If there is a private forum, then I would guess that it's not public.  LOL  No, seriously, if it's private, then it wouldn't be listed publicly and the only way anyone would know about it is if they were a part of it.  I have no idea why you are asking me though?  I don't participate with any of those fools.  The people that I communicate with are my friends and they are not or are no longer any part of topix.  I talk with Don Z almost daily as we are good friends and someone who you've not ever met, Anna, who stopped going into that thread a long time ago because of the crazy jealous freaks.


Her name is different here.  

Subject: HI WC!! a question from Orphan
To: ariellecrystal@yahoo.com
Date: Friday, December 14, 2007, 9:35 PM

Hi WC!
One of your posts was really cryptic recently....about not being on the forum anymore...
Are you okay? Are you safe?
Just wondering.
And, also last night on the "THE CALLS THE CALLS" thread, one poster stated that there is a "private forum" somewhere, where apparently I am being shredded....I just wondered if you knew which forum that might be...
I have missed your input...and I hope you are okay...
take care,
Subject: Hey WC!! This is ORPHANANNIE!!
To: ariellecrystal@yahoo.com
Date: Saturday, December 8, 2007, 11:08 AM

I made it to my new home without nary a hitch! Lots of prayers were felt, believe me, and thank you for your good thoughts my way.
Have you looked at the forum lately??? I was eaten alive last night...and threatened with libel and lawsuit....and was told that all my "letters" were being forwarded to Drew's attorney to take action against me....can you believe this???
I guess this is a concerted campaign to squelch the ones who know he's guilty.....
I turned it all over to the TOPIXadministrators....
So much for free speech if the a$$holes finally push people around enough....more of Drew's tactics???
Hope you had a blessed Holiday at Thanksgiving, and an even more blessed one for Christmas, although, alot of people don't celebrate Christmas....do you?
Well, I must get busy....I have TONS of laundry to do after my move...ugh!
Blessings to you and yours....
This is the first Email SHE SENT to ME.

Subject: Hi WC, I am OrphanAnnie!
To: ariellecrystal@yahoo.com
Date: Sunday, November 25, 2007, 11:23 AM

Hi WC,
Since I will be relocating in a few days, I wanted to ask a favor of you...
I may not get access to the forum where I am going...
Would you keep me updated about Stacy and Lisa...from time to time...
I can check my email from different places...but not go on a forum...
So thanks ahead of time, if you can do this...
Hope you had a great Thanksgiving, despite the sadness that surrounds this case...
Have a great day.
Just an FYI.  Judge for yourself.  Anyone notice a familiar pattern?  There are more, by-the-way, more Topix posters who Emailed me in the exact same fashion.  Coincidence or deliberate attempt to discredit, slander, and defame?

Yes, yes, yes.  Good things come to those who wait, and then nail the sneaky bastards to the wall of justice!

From: xxxxxxx xxxx <xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx@charter.net>
Subject: Hello Will County! It's Cheddie from the Topix Forum!
To: ariellecrystal@yahoo.com
Date: Saturday, August 4, 2007, 4:40 PM

Hello! I was reading some of the blogs from way back in the forum, and I saw that you had given this email address to a blogger, OSWEGO . So, I thought I’d give it a try! I hope you don’t mind. J

Well, you study dreams. VERY interesting! I find your words about spirituality right one, insightful, and intriguing. I am one of those people that have not gotten in touch with my own powers, that you spoke of. But, I feel that the powers are there. I feel them, and don’t know what to do with them. I do not have visions. I don’t even have deja vu. I sleep like a log and don’t remember much about my dreams at all.

But, I am EXTREMELY empathetic. I feel people. I feel so much from people that I have a hard time being around more than one person at a time. I go on sensitivity overload and it is imperative that I find down time and quietly listen to Van Morrison or Grateful Dead. I am verbose and never at a loss for words, but when I am around a few people or a crowd, I become unnaturally outgoing; as if it is my duty to make everyone around me more comfortable with themselves and me. I wish I wouldn’t do that. I don’t know what you call that power, but it has been somewhat of a curse all my life cuz I don’t have a handle on it. When I was younger and didn’t know why I felt the truth about things and people, I just thought I was WRONG and I felt WRONG. Now, that I’m older (41), I knowthatIamnotwrong,butothersstillreactnegatively to me. I have said to a few people that I wish I had a mentor/friend. I don’t talk too much about what I think is a power to too many people. They think I’m being arrogant, condescending, foolish, or looney-tunes. Well, that’s my skinny!

Are you in “the season” to hear about my dreams? You don’t have to if you don’t want to. I’m asking alot.

Have a great day, Laura (It is Laura, right? I think I read Too Close call you by that name). Talk to ya soon!



BALD FACED LIAR BELOW.  I did not alter a thing.  FREEk, you're more than a head case, your an institution case.


Austin, TX

Actually, Free, she "altered" them....and she didn't obviously post HER replies to me...
I am not going to play the game...I still have her replies...and some of the whack job stuff she said to me about nearly everyone here on the forum...she turned on me when I didn't feed her ego and needy factory.
I thank you for your support...
This isn't the first time she's gone for my throat...
I pushed her for a reason...and I got the raging response that I expected...
She is all the "people" I suspected...and she is being "observed" beyond Topix world.
Some people have a self destruct button on full bore, and I believe she is one of those. It's sad that she's so "bent", hateful, backstabbing, and rotten to others who really have done nothing to her except rib her on an internet forum...
It shows the degree of her self loathing...and the depth of her hatred for anyone who challenges her.
Definitely a mental problem. I am glad live out of state...she strikes me as someone who would take the time and effort to stalk and threaten someone because she's so delusional.
When I think of her, I think deranged diaper wearing astronaut.....
it's sad, really.
as for her going to hell....I believe she's already in her own hell of her own making.
Some people are so miserable, angry, hateful, that their hell isn't "delayed" for after physical death....she started her hell a long time ago...
This explains her need to be affirmed, accepted, and her constant desire to draw attention to herself.
This may be a bit helpful to some of you, when you run across a "difficult" personality like this...
I'm not saying that there is a disordered person under every rock, but it's more common than you think...and some are VERY coy in hiding their true selves from others....
Having lived what seemed a lifetime with this destructive personality, I believe I have a pretty heightened sensitivity when one of them comes prancing by.
She isn't fixable, in the real sense of the word. NPD isn't treatable with meds or even therapy. These are fractured people mentally, and they will one day either IMPLODE, or EXPLODE...
anyone who comes in contact with them are either mentally, emotionally, or physically abused and damaged by them, and some of those people never recover....these people are TOXIC, and cannot ever be healed...
that's why it's so sad.
This is usually rooted in ritualistic sexual abuse in the case of female NPD from a young age.
Usually it's from a father/uncle, or someone known to them...
often times, they have a parent who was/is NPD, or schizoid disordered.
They have no conscience, and no empathy. In a word, they have the compassion of a shark.
They are predatory and will seek whom ever they can to "feed" off of...
When she was booted from Topix, it was the ULTIMATE in rejection, and NPD'ers cannot accept rejection. This is why she's back as a troll lashing out at all of us...she sees all of us as the "bad people" who got her booted. She does not see her own behavior as warped, bent, or disordered. She thinks she's normal.
I thank you for your support and kindness...
My reasons for 'drawing her out' as it were, was to expose who she really is...
Please note, that when one poster in particular continues to coddle, stroke, canoodle with her, one can see the same characteristics. It should be apparent, that this poster is most definitely, one in the same...
I think you all saw that.
Here's some reading for you...it helped me immensely when I was living with this kind of person....
I think it will help you all as well.
Thanks again.
And PLEASE READ UNDER NARCISSISTIC WOMAN, "Is she capable of Empathy?" and tell me who you think this sounds like to you....

The following is PERFECT.  Thank you, Tooclosetohome!!!!  haha!  I got you now.

“as obvious as a rhino in camo!”

Joined: Aug 5, 2007

Comments: 3337

Will County IL


Those emails were posted because she has an agenda... and that is to turn everyone against one another. Not gonna happen. This is why we tried to warn people long ago... shes got everything saved on her 17 bazillion computers, all in different files, not to mention spiral 

User Comments

Crackpot.  She's saying, liek any typical NARCISSIST bully taht if this person doesn't DENONCE me, then she is me!  hahahaha!  Moron X100


Austin, TX

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Judge it!
1 hr ago





Foxylady wrote:
<quoted text>
EXCUSE ME? I'm not yakking anything up and STOP putting words in my mouth. I never said anything about anybody being a "nutcase". If anybody is keeping it going it's OA. She responds to every single comment that's made by anybody. It's really getting a little sickening. Like Astounded said if everybody would just SHUT UP it would eventually stop. It doesn't help when you stick your nose in here with your 2¢ adding fuel to the fire. Do what you gotta do and stop the nonsense HERE.
I KNOW OA's emails have been exposed. I'm talking about NOW. Didn't OA move to TX. and I'm sure she's changed her email address, but if this Laura person is as clever as some seem to think she is can't she trace someone thru the internet?
I think it's just a bunch of people making idle threats trying to intimidate each other. Again, do what you gotta do and stop blabbing it all here.
what do you care where it's battled out? since when are you the topix queen? what exactly are you sure of when it comes to me? WE didn't bring it here.....LAURA DID....as you should know...
but then, you never admit to any wrong doing...because you are such a sociopath, you don't know what is wrong from right...
again, foxy...if you're NOT HER, then denounce her...otherwise, you're either her, or one of her few little groupies that slobbers all over themselves to worship the ground she walks on...
the ball's in your court, sweet cheeks.

United States

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28 min ago





orphanannie wrote:
<quoted text>
what do you care where it's battled out? since when are you the topix queen? what exactly are you sure of when it comes to me? WE didn't bring it here.....LAURA DID....as you should know...
but then, you never admit to any wrong doing...because you are such a sociopath, you don't know what is wrong from right...
again, foxy...if you're NOT HER, then denounce her...otherwise, you're either her, or one of her few little groupies that slobbers all over themselves to worship the ground she walks on...
the ball's in your court, sweet cheeks.
Absolutely NOT. Avalon put the bug in your ear and YOU ran with it accusing everybody of being Laura. Did you really think she wouldn't fight back? I haven't done anything wrong. YOU are the one in the WRONG, take your battle with her somewhere else. This threatening back and forth is ridiculous. Like I told TC why would you broadcast turning things over to LE? Just do it and shut up about it! 

Who are YOU to tell me to "denounce" anyone??!!! I have no beef with Laura. I've never said anything pro or con regarding Laura. We've been thru this "either you're her or one of her friends" thing before! You're the one that spilled your guts to her along with the others. Not my fault you don't protect your personal info better. The ball has never been in my court, ding dong. What's going on here has nothing to do with ME whatsoever and has NO place on this forum PERIOD!

LIAR.  That, or just STUPID.  Take your pick.  Nope, TooClosetoHome you LIAR, all Email addresses were crossed out except my own but you already knwo that.  You're just afraid that I'll show the ones you sent to me under the guise of those ALIASES.  Yes, TooClosetoHome, your IP didn't change!  it stayed the same as it does many times with AOL, so, when you thought you could email me under FALSE names taht were you, that chick based on your objective was an attempt at ENTRAPMENT!  Keep it up, TooClosetoHome.  Keep it up.


“as obvious as a rhino in camo!”

Joined: Aug 5, 2007

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Will County IL


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Judge it!
4 min ago
Foxylady wrote:
<quoted text>
If Laura is a "clever" as you claim she is why are you still posting here? Aren't you afraid she'll find out where YOU live and work or find YOUR email address?
And enough of this "LE has been watching her for a long time"! If that's the case she must not be doing anything illegal or they would have put a stop to it by now. Why don't you just SHUT UP about Laura, stop antagonizing and making threats and let this forum get back to normal?
Why do YOU keep yacking and keep it going yourself? Youre right, there is nothing illegal about being a nutcase.... but police know when they are dealing with one. By the way, OA's email and personal info have aready been exposed, along with many others. Try to keep up Foxy.. the sitation is not as trivial as you make it out to be.



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