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Orpahanannie on Topix is Freespirit8 on Topix is Avalon EWO on Topix is

Added: Sunday, July 26th 2009 at 11:02pm by whereabouts

Viewer was DEAD ON.  Viewer had it correct.  Freespirit8 is a FREEk.  Freespirit8 IS ORPHANANNIE AND THIS POST PROVES THAT.


She screwed up again but this time, we're not leaving it on Topix for her to swoop in with her zillions of IPs and identities to get it removed, like she does with those she can't bully.

The following is posted by orphanannie regarding me threatening HER.  Ah-hem, that was an exchange between Viewer and FREEk (Freespirit8).  Do you know just how many times I have BUSTED Freespirit8 for the incredible Troll that she is but they've always been removed by Topix.  Not this time:



Austin, TX





a reader wrote:
You are a tortured soul, a very sick and twisted, evil person!
I am reporting all of your posts to Topix and will contact them about your harassing other posters and your disruptive behavior on this and other forums!
YOU need to be confined to some sort of mental institution, apparently!
You are filled with hate and resentment, and you seem to think this forum is your personal
wailing wall.
Karma WILL deal with you!
I am not the one posting on my blog about EVERYONE on this forum, now am I?? I am not the one harrassing people with emails, threats, et al, now am I??
I think you better back it up, Laura...
You have spent ALL WEEKEND spewing...
so go ahead...keep it coming, girlie...
What you accuse me of, YOU DO!! If there is karma to be had...I think you own the corner market it on it...
I hope YOU DO contact Topix....I think they will find your rants pretty similar to the ones that got you banned in the first place.
As I recall, Laura, you made the death threats toward me, you threatened family members, you threatened me regarding my work, my job...
I have it all in print...
perhaps you should RETHINK your current position???


By the Way FREEk, show your cards you bold faced LIAR.  you have nothing in print except for whatever you have created youself, you sick FREEk.



United States





Freespirit8 wrote:
<quoted text>
Oh, I think you'd better worry about that knock on the door, from what I've learned talking to the proper authorities. You are being observed, as well as your partner, while you violate every Topix TOS. It sounds like you have an arsenal of technology that needs to get lost pretty quickly. I have nothing to worry about, as I don't use a proxy and I am not a troll. But I would think carefully about putting yourself into my private life or making serious accusations that you know damn well aren't true. I won't hesitate to defend myself and those I love. And I am very concerned that you have crossed the line and tried to get physically close to me.
I haven't been posting, but when I saw this threat, I thought I'd better say something. And I wanted to say something to Foxy and Astounded. It means a lot to me that you are here and have figured out what's going on here. I know you two don't like each other, but I see that what you have in common is a healthy skepticism and a independence that is admirable. Astounded, I would never have an unkind thing to say about your dog or you. I know how it feels to lose a pet, and I know how much he means to you. I understand why he was off-leash and it has nothing to do with responsibility. Foxy, I am sorry that my posts made you feel ridiculed at times. That's not the kind of person I want to be, and I will work on that.
As for PM, I wonder why she was nice to the person who is attacking me in the most profane and cruel way, in a thread dedicated to just that. She knows me personally, and she knows I am not who these two say I am. I know she doesn't like to get involved, but this is way beyond what anyone would be expected to tolerate. And she should be very careful, because she knows both of these posters and they are not friendly.
And for the two of you, I don't know what on earth compels you to do such a cruel thing; is it jealousy? I have a nice life, but I have challenges that you don't realize, and you wouldn't want. Did I come off too snarky once or twice? Well then, you could have just said so. No need to try to destroy my life. Did I let you down? If so, I am sorry. My reason for posting to Cheddie was to tell her to stop harassing me here, and that's it. And you both know that, you're just using that to abuse me. Your cruelty is shocking to me, I don't know how to assimilate it. In my life, there is nothing like this. I think we all get your message, you hate me, okay. Now, please let the rest of these folks get on with their posting. I don't see why they have to have their forum ruined over this.
FREEkyBS. This dissertation clearly tells how distorted your really mind is.

Topix can observe me all they want; we've been in contact. Nice try, clingon. Your last ditch effort is always the pitty party and the poor me attempt. I'd bet someone close to you could have a gun to their head or their life threatened if you didn't grow up and fess up and you still would not admit to the truth because of your fear of being wrong. You really are sick and you need help.

Take your feeble attempt to try to make it appear as if I threatened you and stick up your nose. Nice try, FREEk. Do you see how sick you really are? Look at the unscrupulous and unconscionable manner in which you work and the ultimate darkness you dip into to protect your feeble wounded ego and shelter your psychotic inability to admit to the truth.

It's an illness, Sybilbrains; it's a real illness. You need intense therapy and you are looking scary over there in your shield of false personas and pseudo identities.

“Big Texas hat”

Joined: Oct 20, 2007

Comments: 5030

smarter than the average bear

ISP: Carol Stream, IL





Plainview wrote:
Lying freak. Drama queen.
Foxy and Astounded, here is Viewer changing her name to avoid being tracked by Topix and police. Same as Napervillian. Keep up what you are doing, and send feedback to Topix down in the posting box there's a place to click and report a user or post. Please do this; Topix is working on it, but the more of us that report it, the better. Way to go, girls.


Talk about BLATANT LIES!  LOL - The Police were trying to track Viewer down. Snort.  Get REAL!  That is exactly what GANG STALKERS say to get the other lame brains to tag along with them.  You Topix posters are either in on it, are FREEk, or you are just stupid and weak minded.

FREEk's original post, a reply to Viewer's post above, was deleted but here in the "quoted" reply below, you can see how she was attempting to MANIPULATE AND TWIST THE TRUTH in order to achieve her disgusting trolling Bullying ways to get someone banned that she can't CONTROL.  This is what the FREEk has done for more than two years and most all of you have fallen for it, including the Police.  Shame on all of you for your niavety.  Shame on you for your ignorance and your disregard for truth and not only your acceptance of false information but the fact that you actually take that false information and RUN with it.  This is the UPSIDE DOWN FISHER PRICE SCHOOL BUS and how the travelers (the followers of FREEk's BS and lies these past two and a half years) are "carried" UPSIDE down.  

Further, more shame than you can comprehend on you, to those-in-authority, for you have chosen to FOLLOW the deception and LIES and you have chosen to ignore the truth.  It's a wonder any case ever gets solved.  You people need to re-examine your motivations and priorities and get your heads on straight, RIGHT SIDE UP.

I have a right to be sarcarstic for I can see the plain truth and it's obvious that you cannot and because of YOUR INABILITY to see what's true, I have been blackballed, defamed, slandered and slaughtered.  Because of another's LIES and your ignorance to that fact has caused me an incomprehensible amount of pain and suffering.  Being sarcastic, in my opinion, is a rather humble and generous response to the injustice that has been inflicted upon me for such a long time.

Read it and WEEP EVERYONE OVER AT TOPIX, FREESPIRIT is Orphanannie is AVALON EWO is OBEAN is HIDE-N-SEEK is SpeakYourTruth is Queen Breezy is Free Thought is aka Russell is The Monkey is Cootie is ... PICK ONE - She is HUNDREDS OF THEM!


Naperville, IL




Freespirit8 wrote:
<quoted text>
What the hell is this supposed to mean? Are you threatening my family now? Let's be real clear - you have now crossed the point of no return. Step off and pack up, you are gonna be sorry. You're gonna wish you never talked about putting a gun to my loved one's head. You sick, sick person.
You are in contact with everybody....but no one is in contact with you.
No, thats OK. He's got the gun to my head, but its just a water pistol.



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