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My mail was hacked AGAIN!

Added: Saturday, October 20th 2012 at 8:03am by whereabouts

10.20.12 8:58 AM

I just logged into my whereabouts1967@live.com (I don't check it all that often) and I discovered ANOTHER personal email was DELETED.  This email was to the same person as the prior email that was deleted.  Fortunately for me, I must have caught them mid-stream because the email had not been purged.  I found it in the "delete" folder.  I made changes accordingly to prevent any such thing from happening in the future and established parameters so that no further information will be lost as was with my email dated 10.15.12 and all it's associated correspondence.

LE, this CLEARLY shows how he is FREAKING OUT because I have exposed him.  He's undercover and now he IS STUCK UNDERCOVER because I have exposed his real name.

He was with the Will County Sheriff in 2008 but he moved locations in 2008.  The residence at the time was in LOCKPORT, Illinois.  He is now undercover where he holds a 7-point star badge.  But he's a 6-point star badge!  That's the "5".  LOCKPORT.

His "children" are his cover and these two will be "Wiped off the Face of the Earth".  This is symbolic, this means their "internet identities" and their use of the internet to manipulate my personal information and image as they have done for years will be TERMINATED.  These two are a MESS.  They are as sloppy as one can imagine and lack any real intelligence.  Yeah, you two losers, I am calling you STUPID MONKEYS.  I was right on August 4, 2008, when I called you a stupid monkey for the first time.  That ticked you off, didn't it?  Your ego drives your actions, and nothing could be more foolish.

These "two" are two "Sergeants".  They are the two "7-frames" banging into each other that I have seen for so many years.  They have been cruising the internet doing the dirty work for the "old man" who is the "pig in sunglasses".  He is the  "old Brass handle" with "2-stripes" (Chicago PD--"checkered pattern").  He is tied to the "Joe Pistone" person (this is symbolic, that is, he is the undercover as a "full sandwich". Sandwiches are "made", Full made is a "boss" and not a soldier).  They erase what they need to purge from the internet record in order to protect their crooked  investigations.  This includes postings on Topix and elsewhere as they've been leaving their monkey pooh all across the internet over the years and are furiously trying to clean up after themselves so they won't get caught, for what they've done to me is ILLEGAL and criminal.  Oh, but they have missed so much.  Their tracks, like cookie crumbs, will pointdirectly at them (Jim comes out of the "cookie jar" while climbing the ladder). Of course, I know where those cookie crumbs are.  They're too sloppy to handle this kind of work, old man.  You should have picked more competent  people  to  manage  this. Truly, you've let the chimps run the zoo and their monkey crap is everywhere.

You see, these "two" (He is her boss, she is on his staff) have gone to GREAT lengths to point the finger at me.  They've painted me out to be a lunatic, which couldn't be further from the truth.  Since my personal communications clearly indicate the EXACT OPPOSITE of what they are trying to paint me out to be in order to cover up for their own wrong doings and protect their own jobs (because soon both of these losers will be fired, and it will make the news), they had to get rid of those communications because they are between me and a very respectable individual.  Can't have that.  Can't have the deranged mental woman (as they've continuously painted me out to be, even lying to the judge in order to get what they want in order to try to frame me for things revolving around my home, my business, and my vehicle), can't have the deranged mental woman looking competent and very wise indeed, thatwould destroy their already feeble position. Their  bloated theory  is so full of little holes, it's like a chunk of Swiss cheese.  Oh, you laughed at that "Swiss cheese" comment before when you illegally tapped my communication to the Boston FBI regarding James Whitely Bulger but you won't be laughing about it when all is said and done, you'll be covering your face by embarrassment and with shame.

This guy, the serial killer, is an animal and he will stop at NOTHING to protect his lunacy. This guy not only has pretended to be psychic (and any other imaginable character in order to puff up his own pathetic false position) but he's pretended to be a "psychiatrist" and this is directly related to me.  "We've" already discovered the evidence on that.  There's no denying it nor is there any way to cover it up now.  I knew it years ago through my communications with spirit, and that information was also included in my communication to the Boston FBI in March 2010 that were hacked into and read by them.  We found the hard tangible evidence of that twisted fake connection to the "psychiatrist", specifically as it was shown to me.  We found it a few months ago and put it into our file.  Yes, we have our own investigation going on, stupid children.

Oh, children of Tony: The "board" is PISSED.  You "two " have the board hovering over you.  You two are more than stupid; X marks the spot means HE has an X on his back - Jack , ya dip-shit.  It means they've taken out a contract on Jack/Tony (the father).  He's bringing on too much HEAT because of you two morons.  They are pissed.  They are watching you both, too.

This specific event, you breaking into my whereabouts1967@live.com email and all the other illegal and nefarious wire tapping of me is your undoing.  Your tapping me is a 'death wish".  You're out of here, all three of you.  I don't hate anything but your level of ignorance is the closest thing I come close to hating.  I'll say it loud, clear, and proud, "You two, Tony's children, truly are "STUPID MONKEYS ".  I have never come across two individuals paired up, two partners, as stupid as you two.  You're fired.  You're cut off, and they've cut you out of the book because you're nothing but a sloppy, dysfunctional mess.  Your bogus church window is about to be shattered and they're shattering your existence right along with it.  It's coming.

I can't believe you two actually had the audacity to think you can take me on when intellectually you don't have a chance because you're lead by gossip, innuendo, and driven by all that ear-thinking nonsense that stupid monkeys like you buy into.  Where, I, on the other hand, have a solid, clear, rational thinking mind.  I am an individual who strives to find truth in everything.  I don't buy into malarkey and BS; I think for myself and because of that, I can see right through you two idiots.  If you ever want to know about me, losers, ask me; don't listen to the BS from the mouths of ignorance.  If you're going to base you entire investigation on the gossip of some nitwit cheating-on-her-husband blond who knows someone who knows me while your ignorance of the truth leads you to believe you know me because of what nitwit has relayed through idle gossip, the end result of such stupidity is precisely what is about to happen to you.

When you're about to walk into court with the blaze of news media cameras upon you, harassing you, not giving you an inch while you shield your face so the world can't see it, remember one thing: I'll be watching.  Oh, and I will be smiling, stupid.  I will be smiling.


As an FYI, more than 10 years ago, on June 29, 2002, I was told I was going to meet this person who turned out to be my "friend", the person whose email correspondences with me was deleted from my whereabouts1967@live.com account.

On June 29, 2002, they told me how I would come to meet this new friend of mine, and how it was associated with these two other people, this couple, and this would happen in October.  She is Aries, and they said at that time, in 2002, that she had a "point or a lesson" for me.  This was in my future.  The information I've received since working on this project, has dubbed her the "Rose" and she is "Aries" as symbolized by the Aries "Ram".  These two have the "staged" marriage.  They are not really married.   He is "Elvis" and he is her boss.  She is on his "staff".  She will be removed.  The last post in the journal I provided a copy to Plainfield Police Chief Don Bennett on November 16, 2008, indicated that the "staff" would be removed from it's position. I had that vision the morning of the same day I met with Chief Bennett at the Plainfield Police Department. I stood right next to him while hecopied the entire journal. I  asked  him to please read the whole thing first before he passed it on to the lead investigator.  Chief Bennett was open to anything, and he wanted nothing more than to solve the case in the disappearance of missing mother of two from Plainfield, Illinois, Lisa Stebic.

I later ran into Don Bennett at a political function a few weeks after our initial meeting and we talked very briefly.  He said I would be contacted by [investigator's name].  I was never contacted by that person, nor anyone for that matter.  As that last page in the journal that was provided to Chief Bennett on November 16, 2008 indicates; we will have a "meeting of the minds."  This "book" which is this guy's "storybook" comes into play here.  Then there's the lie detector test that leads to some serious affliction over there.  Then, there's a HUGE shake up over there and she is removed from her position.  Here's the session I am referring to: http://whereabouts67.files.wordpress.com/2009/06/lisa-stebic-11-15-08-11-16-08-9pgs1.pdf

And here is an image of that specific session, 11.16.08:

In addition, I also pointed out, as I indicated in my post here on 10.14.12: http://www.blogster.com/whereabouts/understanding-the-future-and-part-rant (about this person:  http://www.blogster.com/whereabouts/my-email-hacked-repeatedly-exposing-jim ), I said that:

This is also tied to something that happened last night with my new great friend and the message I received this morning when waking to hearing the song I posted here: http://www.blogster.com/whereabouts/you-are-my-shining-star

I didn't understand the message at first, but I do now and I will explain that in another post.

When I posted the above on Sunday, October 14th 2012 at 7:16am, I had not yet experienced the deleted emails for that did not happen until 10.17.12 but I knew on 10.14.12 something was up and my posts above proves that.

The woman I mention above, the Sergeant, she is this Aries woman that spirit told me about more than 10 years ago.  I've been hearing about her for a long time, long before I ever became involved in any of this missing persons stuff, and because of my attention to every detail through time-date stamped documentation, I can back everything up.  You see, Ms. Aries, I'm the one with the lesson to give to you, not the other way around.  Before all is said and done, you will not be able to find a hole suitable enough to hide within to shirk from facing the truth about yourself.  Your insane level of jealousy leads you to do some horrible things.  This is your karma. I've not once throughout this entire ordeal, wished any ill-will upon you.  I've not thought of you in the negative at all.  I've not projected any such ill thoughts upon you.  I had learned a VERY LONG time ago that what you put out there always comes back to youten-fold,  good  or  bad.  I've nothing but damn good coming back to me and I've earned it because I've taken every pound of crap you've slung my way and never once dished it back out,  I have integrity and I stand firm in what I know to be right and true.  Everything you have coming your way in the near future, you've earned, all by yourself.  This is your karma.  I hope you learn from it and take the time to fix your head and make things right and realize how many terrible and unconscionable things you have done unto others because of your own inferiority complexes and your plain old catty female pure bread envy.

I did a reading this morning, after I discovered that my email had been compromised yet again, and this reading shows their efforts to "plagiarize" my work while simultaneously attempting to destroy my relations with my friend.  Further, it shows that I have mastered my skills and through my ability to communicate what I know to be true, clearly and effectively, they have no chance of any long term effect on me and my relationships and friendships which they have REPEATEDLY interfered with in the past by attempting to paint me out to be a vile, mean, ornery, vindictive, woman full of RAGE, which couldn't be further from the truth.  Here's a picture of that reading:

Not only will I be fully vindicated, and cleared of everything they have tried to frame me for through egregious attacks upon my character and my person, but I will also receive significant restitution for what they have done to me over they years.  When it all becomes public knowledge, and it will become a public spectacle, people will be astounded and floored to learn of the horrific way I was treated and the way my civil rights and liberties were trampled upon - they way they destroyed personal relations I had with family and friends through their manipulation and deceit.  This current futile effort of theirs is simply another of a long line of egregious behavior directed at me in an effort to stifle what I know to be true, but this time, as I stated, their efforts are futile.  In their ruthless efforts to hurt me and bring me down to a level of nonexistence, they've helped to make me stronger than they could ever dream of  becoming themselves. I am now  a  force  to  be reckoned with.  No, Amanda (Jim), that is certainly not you; there is nothing about you to be reckoned with.  Maybe when you are behind bars you can attempt to pull that off with the other inmates as you try to fight to keep them off your behind but in the real world, you're a worthless, low-life, piece of filthy garbage.  You are not only a maggot; you are the spawn of Satan.  And, your little two-bit band followers are the epitome of ignorance.  Ignorance is pervasive.  Ignorance defeats one's intelligence.  Sad for them because they lacked intelligence to begin with.

Again, I win.

I win.

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