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Lisa Stebic Found Update

Added: Monday, December 31st 2012 at 12:18pm by whereabouts

**NOTE**  This post has dramatically changed since I first created it with numerous updates and additions.  You must go to http://whereabouts67.wordpress.com/2012/12/31/lisa-stebic-found-update/ to view the complete post and all the history associated with it.  There is a LOT of information to take in, so be prepared.

Nancy Grace apparently ran an episode on Lisa Stebic, missing mother of two from Plainfield, Illinois, on Friday evening.  On Saturday, I had the most visits EVER to my MISSING blog and all the visits were from search engine searches on "Lisa Stebic".   That is how I learned that Nancy Grace aired a show about Lisa, and, obviously, that generated interest that led to all the search engine traffic.   I've been planning to update this post on Lisa Stebic regarding the remains found in May 2009, since I initially made the post, and since the search for Lisa Stebic is now in full-force, now is the time to do that.


Lisa Stebic Found ***Update***



I will be updating the Lisa Stebic Found? post (link below) to show how the body found along the banks of the Des Plaines River in May 2009 is that of Lisa Stebic, and show that there was a COVER-UP, a manipulation of DNA, identifying the remains as a male, Scott Dudko.

human-skeleton When those remains were found, a female forensic pathologist indicated that those were the remains of a FEMALE  – there was a PELVIS .  If you go back and read the list of bones associated with the remains that were shipped to their resting place in Indiana (on a shelf) until identification was made, a pelvis was NOT listed as one of the parts of the skeleton that were sent.  There was a pelvis attached to those bones.  The “Femur” bones could not have landed with the skeleton WITHOUT a PELVIS to attach them to the upper torso.  My friend, Janet Alexander-Goldblatt, former Chief Deputy Coroner of Will County during the Riley Fox autopsy and the Kathleen Savio autopsy, was the individual who found one of the Humerus bones belonging to theskeletonAFTERIllinois State Police conducted their evidence search, only a few feet from where the original skeletal remains were found.  Janet informed me at the time those remains were found, that the forensic pathologist indicated those remains were that of a FEMALE based on the PELVIS.

I will detail how my prior posted visions CLEARLY showed me this FEMALE body would be found and that they would LIE about the identity as a cover-up to protect the real killer.  Do not be fooled.  Do not be misled.  Do not believe the information presented blindly for that is steering your thoughts away from looking at the truth.  News media have notoriously taken misinformation and RAN with it without being thorough enough in their own investigations to make certain that what they are indeed presenting is the TRUTH.   This is ILLINOIS, the most CORRUPT State in the Nation!  Always remain objective for if not, you will blind yourself and be incapable of seeing the truth for what it is.   LISA STEBIC’S remains WERE FOUND and there was a COVER UP.  I’ll detail more as the day goes on and into tomorrow.

This is the SMOKING GUN that will eventually lead to finding the remains of Stacy Peterson, John Spira and one other.  That will lead to finding the remains of and the truth in the identities of many more of the missing.

Happy New Year 2013.  2013 is when the TRUTH will be REVEALED.


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