FREE, thank you, for all the help for the above answers..very helpful.
Now as to the one I am talking about...and I think you all might be friends, so I hope you do not get mad. The one I am talking about is (WC)..who on many occasions could be quite nasty. After leaveing here,..then I think she started a Find Stacy Peterson Site or something like that...that was eventually taken down.(Complaints over there also)(WC) has gone by so many names even to this day it is mind boggling. But she is very creative and I do believe in the
Graphic Design Business, amongst other things. She has made some beautiful pictures etc,..and seems to have toned down her previous rhetoric. I think, pretty much with her Computer knowledge etc...she is possibly behind the "Ashley" site. Just a guess on my part. There are some other things I have observed..but if she can help bring Drew down
and justice to Stacy and Kathleen, more power to her. Again, this is just
a guess. JMO