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Would you elect - and fund - a leader with no agenda?

Added: Sunday, August 30th 2020 at 6:34am by whenwewerentlooking


Check out this excellent essay which gives voice and perspective to the puzzlement many of us feel over the GOP's decision NOT to adopt a 2020 platform - in spite of a number of national and global threats:

Would you elect - and fund - a president with no platform?

This is not a year to sit out the election;  please VOTE!


User Comments

No agenda? {#rofl.gif}

As if no one knows what Trump will do? We all saw the progress Trump made in his first term... the platform the democrats have is one to setback and destroy America's progress and make us a 3rd-world country. 

Yeah, we'll vote, I'll vote. 

We aren't on the way to becoming a 3rd-world country; but we do have all the signs and symptoms of an autocracy...There's been lots and lots of writers trying to sound this alarm.  Divisive rhetoric, bullying, demonizing enemies and opposite party, rewarding sycophants and purging those who disagree including career government experts, vilifying the free press, covertly removing checks and balances that provide oversight like inspectors general, fortifying the White House, militarizing and deploying the police and National Guard against civilians, kidnapping peaceful protestors into unmarked vehicles, lying and spewing propaganda to citizenry about global health threats among many many other things, breaking laws like the Hatch Act and Emoluments Clause, encouraging insurrection against governors, enabling foreign inteference in our elections.  I'm sure there's more, but that's all I could come up with off the top of my head....  Mr. OpinionNateTed, You have to ask yourself whether we want the democratic experiment to end, because it's headed in that direction, toward a dictatorship.  Right now, today, you may be one of the desirables.  But what happens when your government becomes an authoritarian dictatorship and decides you are NOT?  And do you think that our country is healthy right now?  Because the majority of Americans think that we have lost our sense of care and devotion to our country, our patriotism; and instead, we are a divided nation full of hate and caustic language for those of the opposite party, and who refuse to wear masks during a global pandemic to save fellow citizens.

YOU are a leftist spin doctor spinning leftist (communist) propaganda. Your entire reply to me wreaks of The pot and the kettle.  

ALL of what you just said is EXACTLY what the democrat party has been doing for decades.

You've been indoctrinated.

The fact that you called my perspective communist shows your own indoctrination, as being a progressive has nothing to do with communism. 

As for my indoctrination, I can assure you that as a freelance writer who is held to a strict code of ethics and accuracy, my information comes from FACTS garnered not just from the mainstream corporate news media outlets but also from global sources and public media as well as first-hand accounts from people on the ground both here and across the globe.  Can you say the same?  If you can't, then you may yourself be the victim of indoctrination.  I challenge you to listen to the BBC and NPR and PBS exclusively for one week; that means, NO news from Facebook/YouTube/Fox/Breitbart/Limbaugh/The Federalist, etc.

Really? You may want to compare the Progressive platform with the communist CPUSA platform and tell me where they differ. 

One only need look at the censoring taking place on facebook, Google, Twitter, and youtube to see and understand how your "FACTS" are skewed. 

HA!!! I watch NPR, PBS, and the BBC all the time... ANT-TRUMP 24/7/365 with every last "expert" being totally left or an occasional RINO. Yeah, you're INDOCTRINATED... people like you are referred to as USEFUL IDIOTS.

Definition of useful idiot



: a naive or credulous person who can be manipulated or exploited to advance a cause or political agendaIt is one task of the KGB [in 1982] to apply its skills of secrecy and deception to projecting the Soviet party's influence. This it does through contacts with legal Communist Parties abroad, with groups sympathetic to Soviet goals, with do-gooders of the type that Lenin once described as "useful idiots" … .— The Wall Street Journal


So, you think that all Trump supporters are QAnon supporters? {#rofl.gif}

It's not that he has no agenda, ,it is that the agenda is damaging to everything the United States supposedly stands for

I will be sure and read the whole article a little later in the day.

Lovely, then please tell the rest of Us what's up...am distractable as I ever was.

Well, the RNC has decided that despite racial injustice, and a pandemic rampaging across the country, they don't need any kind of platform for this year...not only nothing to indicate any policy to dealth with the many problems that have gotten worse in the last 3 1/2 years, but nothing else either.

Pretty good question all around if you ask me. :)

Do you suppose that maybe party platforms are outdated?

I don't know....but I would like to think not...because they give us at least an idea of what the party stands for....or should.


See, I kinda prefer the abolition of political parties. To force candidates to run on their own merits. To remove Choose Lesser of Two Evils kind of thinking from the ballot box.

I would not be horribly opposed to that...but in addition, we need to get the money angle out of the political decision making.  As friends of mine say "don't hate the player, hate the game". 

Right now, there is temptation to take big money from special interest groups, no matter which party one is part of in order to get the funds to run a campaign that ends up being all about how much money they have in the coffers.

I may be down for a Constitutional Convention. After I've learned to negotiate with rather than malign perceived enemies. See, some of my perceived enemies may perceive me as the Kind that Ought Be Exterminated. Dire stuff.

Yet overall we love that the process for a Const. Conv. is in...the Const.

And furthermore love that it requires ratification by 3/4 rather than 2/3 of the States *PHEW*

Hello, scene! 

Nate is right - of course, but the Democrat Party - strangely decided to not talk about their Platform, and the Advertisers - the mainstream Press (including Fox) aren't talking about it either; none of them really want the average American to know what they actually intend on doing. Biden is publicly repudiating things he has put his signature to, claiming he is for the same things Trump is for as he denounces Trump for actually doing what Biden says he will do if made POTUS. Biden and Harris are hiding who, and what they are, hoping Americans don't find out until it is too late... 

Cordially, tjd

Well done, keep it up, WWWL, that's your nickname for at least 3 seconds now.

Humbled.  Thank you!  Yes, it'd be great to get rid of the two-party system and add more.  It'd also be REALLY cool to do rank-choice voting; that idea blows my mind and is much more fair and accurate.  Finally, yes, we need to get rid of money in politics, because the person with the most visibility (i.e., money) wins.  Publicly funded campaigns would level the playing field.

I go (what I'm given to call) even deeper with it; with getting rid of money in politics. I feel that perhaps once-upon-a-distant-time, money, or currency, was indeed a great medium of exchange.

Whether is used to be? I just think it no longer could possibly be anything other than harmful. "Money" ought be Transcended; put it that way. Isn't transcendence of Money one of the things that so-called digital currency accomplishes? I dunno, maybe digital currency portends far worse for future generations?

Ah! Something just clicked. Your flattering "Humbled..." comment? I'd have seen it in my roster of commentary if you'd chosen to click the "Reply" on my own remark of " MisterCox on Sunday August 30th 2020 at 10:41am • Link • Reply "


Rank choice voting has been talked about extensively by many of my progressive friends here locally.  I really am not sure if that will or can solve the problems without also getting the huge donor class out of the decision making process.  Right now the person with the most money, buys the election by controlling the propangda.

If the profit motive was removed from out elections, the people might just have a chance to get what is in THEIR best interest instead of the "corporations are people too" bullcrap that we currently have with Citizens United.

Some here can't see your link. A common problem here. Pls include a url? 

Tell 'er what a url is(?) Methinks she may be New to Cybermedia...look up at recent commentaries...

I think the links aren's "visible" because the text isn't blue and underlined.  I tried to make it blue and underlined, but it didn't hold.  Must be a Blogster formatting thing.  It is there, if you scroll over the title of the article, "Would you elect..." https://whenwewerentlooking.com/2020/08/would-you-elect-and-fund-a-leader-with-no-agenda/

Does anyone know why the URL link to the article is rerouting toward a Home Improvement site?  I have fixed it multiple times, and it still does it.  ??? 

I fixed it, but I don't understand it.  It's a Blogster thing.  It's adding http:// at the front of my URL links, even though I already had https:// on my links.  How were any of you able to read anything, if the links weren't even working!?  Major fail on my part.

Whenwwerentlooking: Yes, blogster adds the http to the begining of the link.  The way around that is to delete the s from the link as you type it in, and then copy and paste it, without the s, into the link formating signified by the button that shows up on the comments after the underlying and the smiley face.  Copy the entire link as typed (without the s) keeping it hightlighting, copy it into the space that results when you click on that icon...

It will work perfectly and take viewers to the very site without the s just like it does with it other places.  I know this because I have a long history of using such links on most all of my blogs.

by the way, I tried the "would you elect" green text and it worked as a link.  Not sure if you changed the source on that or what.

{#basic-smile.gif} {#thumbs-up.gif}

This may sound stupid but just thinking, why would Trump need an agenda? He has been president for a term of 4 yrs. Dont you think he still stands for the same thing as he did four years ago? I think he has been an excellent president. I plan on voting for him again.

The GOP needs an updated agenda, because things have changed globally in the last four years.  Some examples are listed in the article.  To NOT respond to these changes is equivalent to sticking your head in the sand.  It's out of touch.   

It's amazing how one person can think he is an excellent president while others think he is the worst thing that has ever happened to this country.  The WORST.  We are on the brink of an autocracy.  His hateful rhetoric has pitted neighbor against neighbor and lifelong family members and friends against each other.  And he is the absolute worst role model for our children;  he behaves exactly how we tell our children not to.  Over and over, military experts say that he has made us LESS SAFE from both global and domestic terrorists!   Plus, read my reply to the first comment at the top for more detail.  Do you still believe he is the best thing for this country?  Will 4 more years make us stronger?  Vote your conscience....

WOW!!! He is not a failure as a "Role Model". I think Biden is more of a failure, Do you remember Benghazi? Biden was the VP at that time. Obama and Biden are the ones who have divided this country by Obama going around the country offering apoligizing for America. Obama, divided this country by race relations taking us back decades. You do not see the Republicans/Trump supporters rioting, commiting arson, murders, looting, disturbing the peace and tearing up other people 's businesses and homes. Trump unlike the left doesnt call for unrest, the libs could of stopped this Antifa and BLM but chose to ignore it. Now many want the taxpayers to rebuild their cities. Biden isnt fit enough to run this country but the left parade him around like the puppet that he is. Trump has been a strong and patient man out of all the obstruction these libs have thrown at him from day one. 

You are not going to change my mind, but I sure dont want to vote for a failure as Biden has been his 4o some years in Congress. Biden sniffing little children is sick, plain sick. If he was so good, he had time to fix things when he was VP. Trump is not perfect but he is better than Biden.


Trump :   “I moved on her and I failed. I’ll admit it. I did try and fuck her. She was married.

... And I moved on her very heavily....I moved on her like a bitch, but I couldn’t get there. And she was married. Then all of a sudden I see her, she’s now got the big phony tits and everything. She’s totally changed her look...You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful — I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. I just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything...Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.”


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