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Our Democracy Won't Survive 6 More Years With Mitch McConnell

Added: Friday, October 30th 2020 at 8:13am by whenwewerentlooking

Most Kentuckians do not realize the extent of McConnell's corruption and failings for Kentucky. From dismantling democratic procedures to stalling Covid Relief; from stifling innovation and job creation to stalling coal-pollution cleanup.  And then there's Moscow Mitch.  He doesn't stand for our countries values - not even the pro-life movement.

Please visit, read, and SHARE this important, thorough, accurate exposé.

Our Democracy Won't Survive 6 More Years with McConnell



User Comments

At least IF the democrats take over the senate he won't be the leader and keep tabling bills!

No doubt in my mind....nor will it last 4 more years with trump in the White House.


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