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Yes I Had A Huge Crush On Martha Hall Findlay A Decade Ago

Added: Saturday, December 7th 2019 at 7:15am by wesleyonrot

Should Have Become Prime Minister

Should Have Become Prime Minister
Older women are beautiful

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When I was trying to fall in love with Ruby Dhalla and Belinda Stronach, I thought if they did not want me, I needed a backup plan. Back then I did not know who Kirsty Duncan was so I did not try to love her. So I found someone else. {#angelgirl.gif}

However it did not work, she hates me and she lost her election same night as Ruby and moved to Calgary to work for a think tank, Yes Canada has them like America.

I miss her so much, was not just about her feet, I loved everything about her. {#crying.gif}

Why do I always try to fall in love with Liberals? {#help.gif} Well at least I don't love Socialists. {#apploud.gif}

Martha, I did not agree with you on every political issue, but if you had become party leader, you would have been a great Prime Minister. {#iagree.gif}

I always respected you, I wish you had respected me at least a little. {#broken_heart.gif}

Even your first election when you lost to Belinda. As much as hated the Shitberal party, I did not hate you at all.

It was so close

2004 Canadian federal electionNewmarket—Aurora PartyCandidateVotes%±%   Conservative Belinda Stronach 21,818 42.42 −2.43   Liberal Martha Hall Findlay 21,129 41.08 −9.48

I guess because you are 60 now, you don't want a 37 year old like me loving you. But if I can't find anyone else to love, will you be my best friend? {#friend.gif}

Oh My GOD I pray you are now single. {#blush.gif}

I always wanted to be with you and Ruby and Belinda and Kirsty. I failed, what went wrong? {#goodbye.gif}

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